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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leading edge Sharps Diabetic Needle Disposal System Delivers Complete Safety for All

By Matthew Walker

Over 1.4 billion syringes are used by patients at home and on a tight schedule each year. Suitable disposal could be a problem, with approximately 385,000 accidental needle stick injuries annually in the United States. Post Medical, Inc. Manufactures and markets a patented sharps disposal system for home injectable medicines, The Voyager, providing a total diabetes needle disposal solution that gets rid of random injury and potential exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

"Post Medical has a commitment to providing uninterrupted, eco-friendly and safer sharps disposal solutions that improve the safeness of health-care workers, patients and the community," expounded Matthew Walker, President and Chief Operating Officer.

The Voyager is large enough to accommodate over 100 needles, yet sufficiently small to slip into a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase. It offers discreet sharps disposal anytime or place it's needed. Many matching products simply clip the used needle, leaving a tiny bit of it still observable. The Voyager is specifically engineered to sever the needle and center from the rest of the syringe barrel, effectively stopping any reuse of the syringe. The Voyager holds 100-120 insulin syringe needles and the container can be placed in regular household trash in some states. Check local and state rules for proper needle disposal.

The Voyager accepts 1/3cc, 1/2cc and 1cc insulin syringes, with most lancets and glucose test strips. There's never any danger of family, buddies, youngsters or pets accidentally being stuck by a used needle. It also gives a safe solution for waste handlers and others in the chain of disposal that are in danger of needles placed in hazardous containers such as bleach bottles and coffee cans.

Patients with diabetes remain active players in a wide range of activities, and the Voyager diabetic needle disposal system by Post Medical, Inc. Allows them to enjoy life to the fullest, without being concerned about the disposal of their medical supplies or inflicting accidental needle sticks. It is an ideal home and travel solution that offers complete safety for family, buddies, pets and disposal workers.

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High Blood Pressure - More Than 65 Million Americans Have It!

By Ricardo Henri


High blood pressure or hypertension refers to high pressure (tension) in the arteries. It does not mean overly excessive emotional tension, although emotional tension and stress can increase blood pressure temporarily. Hypertension normally has no symptoms, but it can create serious problems such as stroke, heart failure, heart attack and kidney failure. It causes the heart to work a lot harder and can harm the arteries, causing them to narrow a lot faster. It can also damage other parts of the body and is a major health problem in North America affecting 33% of Americans, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).


Hypertension, most commonly referred to as "high blood pressure", HTN or HPN, is a medical problem in which the blood pressure is chronically elevated and is considered to be present when a patient's systolic blood pressure is consistently 140 mmHg or more, and/or their diastolic blood pressure is routinely 90 mmHg or more. It can be designated as either primary or secondary and is one of the most common complex disorders, with genetic implications averaging 30 percent.

Hypertension can be a short term or lifelong disease, depending on the reason and is dangerous because it causes the heart to work harder than normal. Pre-hypertension is high blood tension between 120 and 139 for the top number, or between 80 and 89 for the bottom number. For example, blood pressure readings of 138/82, 128/89, or 130/86 are all in the pre-hypertension range. Should your blood tension be in the pre-hypertension range, it is more probable that you will end up with hypertension unless you take action to stop it. If you have this form of hypertension, you may not necessarily require medicine.


Many people may not be aware they have HBP until they have problems with their heart, brain, or kidneys. If it is not found and treated, it can cause the heart to get larger, which can lead to heart failure. With HBP, the heart works harder, your arteries take a beating, and your chances of a stroke, heart attack, and kidney problems are increased. If you don't have hypertension by age 55, you have a 90 percent likelyhood of developing it at some point in your life, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Left untreated, it will cause the heart to eventually overwork itself to the point at which serious damage can occur. About 50% of people having first-time heart attacks and 67% of people having first-time strokes suffer from HBP.

Did you know, laughing heartily 100 times every day gives the same cardio results as exercising for 20 minutes?


Treatment is focused on lowering water retention and lowering HBP to normal bounderies. When you first start treatment, your physician may want you to come to the office on a regular basis. Your physician will review the information with you and determine if your treatment program is working or if you need to make changes to it. Among the sixty one percent who are under treatment, only thirty five percent have their blood tension adequately controlled. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, talk to your physician.


Hypertension is called the silent killer because it usually has no signs and is a risk factor for heart and kidney disease and stroke. HBP is not proportionly distributed throughout the population and occurs disproportionately more often in minority groups. High blood pressure rates are also rising among American youth, along with an epidemic of obesity. Hypertension in adults will usually be measured on at least two different doctor appointments before a diagnosis is ascertain. It can be treated with both lifestyle modifications, usually as the first step, and, if needed, with drugs. Diuretics work in the kidney and flush excess water and sodium from the body. Nearly 33% of American adults have high blood pressure. Once It starts, it often lasts a lifetime. Fortunately, it can be easily found, and once you know you have it, you can work with your doctor to control it.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dog Allergies - What Causes Them

By Wayne Harley

Allergies are starting to be more and more common with humans and dogs, particularly food and scent allergies. Can you prevent them? What are some clues your dog could be allergic to something?

Common dog allergy symptoms can include: Itchy, red, moist or scabbed skin Incessant scratching Infected ears Itchy, watery eyes Itchy back or base of tail (most often this is a flea allergy) Itchy ears and ear infections Sneezing Throwing up Diarrhea Snoring from an inflamed throat Paw chewing/licking/swollen paws Rubbing his face Non stop licking

The most destructive of these is scratching, since your pet can sometimes even scratch herself raw, which can potentially lead to secondary infections, excessive shedding, and hair loss.

What Can Dogs Be Allergic To? Tree, grass and weed pollens Cleaning chemicals Prescription medication Dust mites Mold spores Dander Feathers Rubber and plastic materials Cigarette smoke Food products Fleas and flea-control products Perfumes Fabrics Shampoo products

How to Tell What Your Dog is Allergic to Are your dogs allergies seasonal or do the allergies for your dog seem to happen all year round? If the symptoms are all year round, one method you can try is to switch out your dog's food. The most noticeable symptoms for dog food allergies are licking, scratching, and different types of skin problems.

Have you recently made a change in your dogs routine since the allergy problems started? You may need to sort through the above allergy list one by one and possibly make changes until you have narrowed down the reason.

Remember, even though your dog could have the above symptoms, he may not have allergies. He may be suffering from any number of other possible medical conditions, such as fleas, worms, or hormonal disorders. Contact your veterinarian just to be safe.

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What happens when my dog has worms?

By Wayne Harley

As your pup sniffs, barks, and scratches its way through life, not a care in the world, eating everything it wants, rolling around in unpleasant things, doing all the things that make being a dog fun. Then out of the blue, you might notice unwanted visitors hanging around for the ride. One such unwelcome hanger-on could be worms.

Thankfully, you can look for and guard your dog from worms early. This can keep them from progressively getting worse, which makes life better for you and your dog.

Some of the signs your dog may have worms:

* Diarrhea, especially if you perceive blood in it.

* An itchy rear. If you notice your dog scratching its rear on the floor or against furnishings, it may be irritated by worms in this area. Another possibility is that they are having issues with glands in these areas, not with worms.

* Worms or eggs in the dog's feces - Yes, this is the most common way to notice if your dog has worms. Keep in mind, though, that not all types of worms can be seen by the naked eye.

* Vomiting, perhaps even with visible worms.

* Dull fur

* Appetite loss

* Dehydration leading to more drinking and as a result, the need to urinate more often.

* Noticeable worms in the fur or in the vicinity of the rear - Tapeworms might look like small moving segments in these areas, which can later dry out.

* Weakness, more hunger, weight loss - If your dog is infected with worms, the worms are robbing your dog of necessary nutrition. Your dog could be eating but still be fragile or constantly hungry, and even could be dropping weight.

* Bloated belly - This is a common sign when puppies have had worms transmitted from their mother.

How dogs can acquire worms:

Heartworms frequently are transmitted from mosquito bites. Tapeworms can come about from ingesting contaminated fleas or other insects. Hookworms can come from ingesting their eggs or larvae. They could be transferred from inside the womb of an infected mother. If the larvae are in water, drinking contaminated water can end in hookworm infection. Watch where your dog gets its water from and prevent it from drinking dirty water. Roundworms can contaminate a mother's fetus. Consuming contaminated dead animals can also lead to roundworms. Whipworm infection occurs from eating or drinking contaminated water or food.

Preventing worms in your dog: Ask your vet to test your puppy early on, as early as three weeks after they're born. They could already be infected with worms and need immediate action. Take your dog to your vet annually for an exam and have a stool sample taken. Regularly give your dog products that prevent roundworms and heartworms. Use products that keep fleas off your dog. Fleas can give your dog tapeworms if they ingest them. Keep your dog away from wild animals or other potential sources of parasites, like drinking from puddles or other dirty water sources. Stop your dog from consuming dead animals. Carcasses can spread worms. Keep your home and carpets clean. Keep your dog from consuming feces. This is the most typical way a dog can get intestinal parasites.

If your dog shows symptoms of being infected with worms, please visit your vet to figure out what the issue might be. Treating your dog with the best care can keep your dog healthy and prevent problems in the future.

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Diabetics Must To Stick To A Diabetes Diet

By Warren Tattersall

A lot of what you used to eat when you thought you were healthy you have to change from when you get diagnosed with diabetes. The diet is now going to be something with a lot less sugar and calories, and big on other minerals, vitamins and proteins. Don't ever let yourself forget that.

Never embark on a diabetes diet if you don't know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. You cannot just buy and indulge in certain foods because you feel they should be right for the condition. You need every decision, every choice, to be guided by professional influence.

Most foods can still find a place, even in your diabetes diet, but at your own peril. My suggestion is that you adhere strictly to whatever you have been advised to eat by your physician. You know you cannot afford to allow your condition to deteriorate.

Whatever you eat when you suffer from diabetes, they must be eaten in moderation. Gone are the days when you get to eat with abandon; this time, you are answerable to your blood sugar level. The next time you eat to glucose excess could easily be your last.

A diabetes diet is the kind of diet that keeps you healthy when you suffer from diabetes. You see, certain eating habits have been known to contribute to a worse diabetic condition, but with the right kind of eating, you can still stay alive while the rest of the treatment goes on.

You need to undergo some testing from time to time, even though you are on the diabetes diet that your doctor recommended. Since you need to regulate your insulin intake courtesy of the food, you cannot be too carefree about it: the more informed you are about it, the better you can regulate your diet and still enjoy your feeding.

You know, even with a diabetes diet, there are some common foods you can enjoy. You might not see them readily, but that's because you are still fuming about it. Settle in and quit seething for a moment and it might come to you without a dieticians help.

Certainly, taking on the new diabetes diet is not going to be easy. Already you are used to eating the dangerous way; it must have contributed to you having the disease in the first place. However, you do need to break those old habits and take on the new eating ones. I'm talking about your life here.

In a diabetes diet, you have got to be very meticulous about the portions that are given to you in the physician's instructions. If they say you can only have carbohydrates once a day, you are going to have to keep it that way, no compromise.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

No Person Is Ever Too Busy To Begin Living Healthy

By Jameson Xiansan

In this short article, we will point out why it is important to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly, the connection between exercising and High Blood Pressure, and we will discuss one specific method (amongst others) of reaching both your goal to workout and to Lower Blood Pressure Fast.

If you want to feel better, then other than diet, the single most important decision you can make right now is to exercise regularly. If you are looking to get more information on: reduce blood pressure quickly, this article will give you some very important information on why it is so important to exercise

If you are not exercising often enough, chances are it is because there aren't enough hours in the day for you to do so, although exercising is good for your wellbeing, and good for lowering blood circulation pressure particularly.

Many people always find reasons for them to not do a thing and many of these types of excuses are ridiculous. Oftentimes, these can be entirely genuine but if we are honest we are often choosing an easier option rather than taking action in a certain area of our life. This is particularly true in the area of physical fitness and this is even when we know a healthier lifestyle is good for us. One of the main reasons that many individuals give is that they have a hectic lifestyle and just do not have the time to devote to getting fitter. In this article we are going to show you precisely how to find the time to get in to shape and to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Planning is one of the main things you will likely need to do if you plan on getting into good shape. In your distinctive line of work, there are probably many occasions when you need to prepare for a meeting or presentation and the preparing you put into this is essential to your success. To discover the time to get fit, you'll want to take a look at your regular day and decide when you could best fit in some form of exercise. You may find that in the morning you may have a little extra time where you could be getting some physical exercise or for some it would be after work. For those of you who choose to hit the gym after work you ought to actually go to the gym on the way home rather than having to go back out again as soon as you get home.

You may also use this same sort of preparation for your eating routine. In the event you prepare everything you should be able to have yourself a healthy breakfast and in addition bring a variety of healthy snacks with you to work. Just about everybody I know has stopped somewhere to grab a candy bar or even a bag of chips because they are really hungry. If you're able to replace this with a banana or apple for instance this is a healthier option and can sustain you for a longer time also. See if you can get someone to exercise with you as you may well be more apt to stick to it when there is another person doing it too. In this way, you can keep one another motivated which means you are more inclined to keep going.

Some men and women have to travel for their jobs, but that should not stop you from living healthy. It doesn't matter how much you travel just about all hotels and motels have pools and exercise rooms, or you might make sure you plan your reservations out that way. If you have a choice of hotels to stay in you can select one with good fitness facilities. But if your boss ends up reserving you the cheapest place he can find you can still invest in an exercise machine that's portable so you can bring it together with you to the hotel. By doing this it is possible to still get your physical exercises in and you will in addition have a fantastic way to help you pass the time when your stuck in the room for a long time.

Of course when all else fails remember that you have the entire Internet that will help you find great diet and exercise programs. The initial thing you have to do is to decide if you actually desire to live healthier and if the answer is yes, and your serious about it, you'll find the time.

Changes made to the lifestyle help to efficiently reduce blood pressure. It is necessary that you keep yourself well informed. As an illustration be sure to understand more about lowering blood pressure information. For numerous people who have problems with high blood pressure the long-term answer to the problem will be daily pills and frequent monitoring from your doctor with corrections to your medication dosage or changes in your tablets as necessary.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Diabetes Diet Can Help You Manage Better

By Warren Tattersall

Most diabetics after diagnosis leave the hospital with a list of do's and don'ts. On that list, you are bound to find something on diets. Read it, memorize it; because that is going to be how you live your life from that day henceforth. And it's very important to really adhere to these. It doesn't matter how much you love eating friend chicken. If it's on the list as one of those things to avoid, then you have to pay attention to and adhere to this if you are serious about living longer and healthier, that is.

There are foods you can eat that lower your tolerance for proteins. You need to identify these foods and not eat them so often. Added to the fruit and vegetables you are going to have to eat a lot of from now on, that is an added way to manage your diabetes diet.

See your diabetes diet not as a pain in the neck, but as a blessing. The doctor has found out why you have been ill all this time, and had prescribed that you go easy on some foods, and indulge in others for your own health. You should be grateful, not gloomy.

Foods that are apt to lower your tolerance for proteins are not healthy for you when you suffer from diabetes. Get a list of them from a dietician and let your wife have them. Those are the foods you don't want to be eating a lot of since you suffer from diabetes.

In truth, the doctor does not have the time to run you article by article through the foods that you can eat, and the foods that you can't because you suffer from diabetes. You are the person who is going to have to do some research on your own and discover what all those minerals and diet constituents translate into. So go online now and find that out.

Whatever you do as a diabetic, you cannot be guilty of chronic overeating. This is what got you sick in the first place; the doctor ought to have told you by now, don't eat too much. Eat small from time to time; say about three to four meals a day. Stay healthy in spite of the disease.

When you think of milk in a diabetes diet, you need to be thinking skim milk and not whole cream milk. In the same sense, everything else; you need to think low-calorie, low-fat. Seriously - you shouldn't take tips like this lightly. You should begin to get very serious about what you should eat and what you shouldn't eat.

When you get your list of 'new' meals for a diabetes diet I suggest that you write them all down in a list. And ask the doctor to specify how far you can starch your choices. Then break them down into days of the week and meals of the day. And when you cook make a feast of each meal! It doesn't all have to end because you can't ever eat a king's burger.

As a diabetic, you need much fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Some of them contain sugar and starch, and you should keep those to the minimum so that you don't react adversely. Otherwise, indulge yourself away; life can still be fun, even with diabetes.

Glucose is the sugar in your food that your system cannot handle when you have diabetes. This is happening because the insulin you need is either not being produced, or not being handled well by your system. You can try for other sugars in your diet, such as fructose, found in fresh fruits. Those don't need insulin for absorption.

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Will My Dog be Having Puppies?

By Wayne Harley

It's usually not easy or evident to tell when your dog could be pregnant or whelping (a dog-specific term for birthing). She won't be "late" and you can't just purchase a home pregnancy kit from the corner drugstore for her. Not to mention, it would be a moderately difficult task to get her to pee on a stick. The best way to find out if you'll have newborn puppies in your home soon is to take a drive down to your veterinarian's office. A basic blood test and X-ray is all that she'll need. But if your female dog is not spayed and you suppose that she may be pregnant, there are some signs and symptoms that you can watch for on your own.

Is she behaving any differently? Has her mood changed?

If your dog is normally on the go but no longer has a lot of energy, that's one clue she may be pregnant. If she is having a hard time getting peaceful or sleeping, this can be a clue.

She may also become more aggressive about her territory.

Watch for vaginal discharge, this is an expected symptom of pregnancy.

Watch for changes in your dog's eating program. Is she eating on a regular basis? If she has a decreased appetite or isn't showing as much joy and attention to her food as she usually does, she could be having morning sickness.

A female dog's nipples will become engorged while preparing for nursing her pups.

Watch your dog's stomach to see if it looks blown up or swollen. This happens half way through the pregnancy. You may even be able to gently touch for the puppies also.

Your dog may not want to be near people or animals as much as she used to, but she wants her own space during this time.

Your dog might start "nesting," or getting prepared for the delivery and care of the puppies. She may scuff and claw at the floor or the blankets as if to fluff them.

How to keep yourdog from getting impregnated:

If your dog isn't presently pregnant, and you don't want puppies in the future, there is a obvious, clear-cut answer. As Bob Barker often said, "Have your pet spayed or neutered." Mobile pet clinics are making this more reasonably priced and easily accessed all the time.

If you wish for your dog to give birth in your home you will want to help make her stress-free and comfy. Provide her with some older blankets in a calm, quiet area. You may want to have plenty of newspaper close at hand also. Dogs as a whole prefer dark and quiet places to birth, which is most likely why most dog births occur during the night. The labor can last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. To prevent any unpleasant dog symptoms, make sure she is getting a proper diet, including plenty of vitamins and minerals. This will ensure she has plenty of energy for this process.

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Symptoms in Dogs with Allergies

By Wayne Harley

Allergies are becoming more and more common with people and dogs, particularly food and scent allergies. What are some symptoms your dog could be allergic to something?

Widespread dog allergy symptoms can include:

Itchy, red, moist or scabs on the skin Increased scratching Ear infection Itchy, watery eyes Itchy back or base of tail (most often this is a flea allergy) Itchy ears & ear infections Sneezing Vomiting Diarrhea Snoring caused by a swollen throat Paw biting/licking/swollen paws Rubbing the face Incessant licking

The worst of these dog symptoms is scratching, because an animal can scratch himself raw, which can possibly lead to secondary infections, excessive shedding, and loss of hair.

What Might Your Dog Be Allergic To? Tree, grass and weed pollens Cleaning chemicals Prescription medication Dust mites Mold spores Dander Feathers Rubber & plastic materials Cigarette smoke Food ingredients Fleas and flea-control products Perfumes Fabrics Shampoo products

How to Identify What Your Dog is Allergic to

Are your dogs allergies seasonal or do the allergy symptoms for your dog seem to happen all year round? If the symptoms are all year round, one thing you can try is to switch out your dog's food. The most noticeable symptoms for dog food allergies are licking, scratching, and a variety of skin problems.

Have you made a recent change in your dogs routine since the allergy problems started? You may need to sort through the above allergy list one by one and try to make changes until you have narrowed down the cause.

Remember, even though your dog might have the above issues, he may not have allergies. He may be suffering from any number of other medical conditions, such as fleas, worms, or hormonal disorders. Check with your veterinarian to be safe.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are my dogs ears infected or just red?

By Wayne Harley

Has your dog been acting like he has something in his ear that is driving him nuts? Is he using cotton balls frequently, like he is trying desperately to lose his wax buildup? Is he bending his head to the side, shaking it like he just jumped out of the swimming hole? Your dog might have an ear infection.

Your Dog's Ear Infection Symptoms

* Your doggy is scratching or rubbing at his ears * Tilting his head to its side, or down, shaking his head. * Ear discharge or crustiness. * Dog's ears look bloody, waxy, bright red inside or swollen. * Your dog may yelp or be overly sensitive when his ears are touched.

If the early stages of your dog's ear infection goes without treatment it can get deeper into the ear. This causes your dog's lack of comfort to increase sharply. Following are more dog symptoms if the infection gets worse:

* The dog may hold his head as still as possible, and to its side. * Opening his mouth or touching his head will cause pain in your dog. * Dizziness. Dogs can become dizzy, with poor balance and coordination, as the infection travels to the inner ear. * Dog may walk around in circles. * Vomiting.

What's Behind Dog Ear Infections

* Wet ears not dried after swimming or bathing. * Ear canal growths. * Ear wax building up. * Removing hair from ears during grooming. * Ear mites going untreated * Using cotton swabs to clean ears (can force things further into the ear canal) * Allergies from grasses or ear medications.

Take the time to check your dogs ears on a regular basis. If you decide you're going to clean your dogs ears yourself, please be extremely careful so as to not create worse problems. Finding an ear infection early on can prevent your dog a lot of pain. Your vet can give you the best medication to relieve your dog's infection.

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Why Isn't My Dog Eating As Much?

By Wayne Harley

Worried because your dog isn't tearing into his favorite food like he used to? I know if my dog ever lost her appetite, it would be a sure sign something might be not quite right. Currently she tap dances on her hind legs with sheer joy as we carry her scoop of food from its container to her bowl. Next she inhales it like its about to disappear then immediately begins asking for more.

While a loss of appetite can be a sign of something wrong, it doesn't always. It is an area for concern. Below are some possible causes why your dog isn't eating.

Sickness. If your dog isn't eating the quantity it usually does it is often a sign of sickness. Appetite loss in dogs is typically noticed along with other symptoms at the same time. Fast veterinary attention is necessary because it could be a sign of significant sickness, possibly including infections, cancer, dental disease, pain, liver problems, and kidney failure. If you're concerned your dog's loss of appetite may be because of illness, read some of our additional articles on the possible illnesses connected with dog appetite loss.

Recent vaccination. Dog vaccinations can sometimes have negative side effects. This can consist of a temporary loss of appetite in dogs.

Travel and unfamiliar surroundings. If your dog's appetite was normal until you brought him on a trip or moved to a new house, it might be that your dog will not eat because of traveling or the strange environment. This is actually pretty usual. Our dog is very unwilling to any variety like this, and it takes her quite some time to get adjusted when taking her to a new location. Some animals may get motion sickness, and others get nervous or unsettled in new places.

Pickiness or conduct concerns. Our dog is a huge eater, but there is a particular flavor of chow she just won't consume. It was quite amusing observing her eat it then spit it back out when you take into account some of the other strange items shes consumed that she shouldn't have. Some dogs are just picky, so you may need to switch to an alternative food. Another explanation for why they may not be eating is because they're being fed in situations where they are uncomfortable, such as close to an aggressive dog or from a bowl at an uncomfortable height level.

Due to the fact that your dog's loss of appetite may be caused by illness, don't delay to have it looked into. If you don't believe any of the above seem like it could be the cause, and your dog is in agony or becoming sicker or weaker from not getting enough food, visit your vet right away.

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Can the Effects of Type 2 Diabetes Really Be Reversed?

By Murphy O'Toole

There has been a recent breakthrough in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, that could significantly impact the lives of those diagnosed with the condition, particularly those recently diagnosed. The number of people effected by type 2 diabetes has been steadily increasing in recent years, largely because of the changing eating habits of many of us. In the UK alone, 2.5 million people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the recent findings will be most welcomed by all affected.

The pancreas produces a chemical called insulin, which regulates the body's blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes can develop when the body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin that is produced is ineffective in breaking down the glucose within the blood. If this is the case, glucose can build in the bloodstream and have serious consequences on health.

However, researchers at Newcastle University recently discovered that people who had been recently diagnosed with the condition had the chance of reversing its effects under a strict, eight-week diet that consists of a daily intake of just 600 calories; less than 25% of the recommended daily allowance of an adult male. The two month long diet consists purely of liquid diet drinks and vegetables with minimal starch content.

The research was carried out on 11 participants, all had been diagnosed with type diabetes within four years of the research. Of the eleven participants, seven were completely clear of type 2 diabetes within three months. These figures were quite staggering and give new hope for people diagnosed with the condition, particularly those recently diagnosed.

After the strict, eight-week course of dieting, blood sugar levels would return to safe levels. After just one week, pre-breakfast glucose levels had returned to a safe level in most participants. After three months of the diet, participants could return to eating normally, under a new regime of portion control and balanced diet. Under these constraints, type 2 diabetes could be kept at bay, adding weight to the argument that weight loss and a balanced diet help to prevent diabetes in many cases.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Quick Overview How A Very Efficient Weight Loss Program Can Help You Lower Your High Blood Pressure

By Jameson Xiansan

Welcome! As you start to go through this article, you can expect to understand the actual link between High Blood Pressure and Obesity. In order to achieve your goal of taking on both challenges, you will accompany us on a quick journey providing a few particulars concerning just how one specific fat reduction plan might also enable you to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly.

If you would like enjoy a healthy life, maintaining your weight in check must be on top of your priority checklist.

Obesity is known to be the cause of countless diseases and health challenges. A prime example of this is High Blood Pressure which can indeed be greatly affected by being overweight.

That you need to slim down in order to avail yourself of the best likelihood of dealing efficiently with Hypertension is of course unquestionable as it is important that you Lower Blood Pressure Fast

Perhaps you're one of those individuals that are overweight and you have been looking for a weight loss program that is effective. You can obviously find a variety of systems both online and off line. You might actually end up being amazed about all the systems you can find, they seem to be limitless. You have to watch out for programs promising the moon and still provide you with absolutely nothing, as they are out there. Therefore in the following paragraphs we will be examining the Burn The Fat program.

This system lets you know right off the bat that you will not shed the excess weight you want overnight. It really is nice to see that type of honesty in today's world, most other programs you'll find will tell you the opposite. You will be told why and how fat loss really should be something that is gradual if you want more long term results. Another thing you will soon discover is that this is a 49 day program, this is the proper time necessary for real and permanent weight loss.

Being a professional fat loss coach, Tom Vennto has also been accepted as "Honest" in the Oprah magazine. You will additionally be told exactly what you must do, and when you follow the system you will achieve results. And so you will be able to follow this weight loss plan without confusion you will be thrilled to know that every thing is explained in layman terms.

When setting out to lose weight, protein is one of the elements you will have to have to help achieve your goals. When you get a number of of these other fat loss programs your told to simply eat protein, or even worse, they tend not to even tell you that you need a lot of protein. I like the fact that they don't simply explain the necessity of protein, but they even tell you the correct amount of protein you should be taking in daily to get the best fat burning results.

Effort and will power will undoubtedly be something that you will have to have in order to complete this program. The point that this program isn't something that you don't need to work at means that it may not be well suited for men and women looking for something easy and quick. The weight loss plan however, is merely 49 days long, so if you can stick it out for that long you will observe some amazing results. Contrary to other programs which claim to be quick and effortless but don't work, Tom informs you right off the bat that this is not the scenario with this program. The end results with this weight loss plan are achievable for the reason that Tom is upfront about everything straight from the beginning.

If you continue with the program, you'll be able to lose the extra body fat and you will see proof of how well this system works on his website. And Tom is also not looking to rake you over the coals as he is simply asking for $39.95 for the full program. Another highlight is an 8 week, refund policy for any person who is a little hesitant about the system, so you can try it and if this doesn't happen to work for you, you get your money back..

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Teen's Lives Improved With A Gluten-Free Diet

By Allen Cardoza

Discussing the value of developing dietary and lifestyle changes for teenagers, Gini Warner joined Allen Cardoza and Dr Melody Foxx on L.A. Talk Radio.

By changing diets, a wide variety of medical conditions can be cleared up. People who have broken free from gluten have shown improvements in conditions like headaches, seizures, emotional imbalance, cognitive impairment, joint and muscle pains, skin rashes, anemia, liver and gall bladder disease, and intestinal inflammation.

Testing for a gluten allergy should be done routinely. There is no need for invasive procedures since a gluten allergy can now be assessed with blood testing alone.

After receiving her Master's Degree from New York University in Health Education and Nutritional Science, Gini decided to specialize in gluten intolerance, celiac disease, diabetes, and weight loss.

Gini believes that the key to making successful lifestyle changes is being able to maintain balance. She strives to help her clients find that key.

She calls her educational system, "Eating Awareness Training". Her goal as a dietitian is to help people learn more about the foods that work for them. She teaches her clients how to prepare meals for themselves and their family. She also teaches them how to dine out and how to make a mind-body connection with food.

Despite a full complement of clients from all walks of life, she is particularly interested in helping teenagers succeed in life by making sure that they pursue a healthy diet.

She helps teen become more aware of how to normalize their food challenges. She guides them on how to fit their new diet into the the rest of their lifestyle. As the counseling relationship grows, she introduces her "Eating Awareness Training" which helps teenagers reach their dietary goals.

Gini views her on-going support to teenagers as a serious obligation. She artfully designs a program of dietary recommendations specific to her client's highly personal needs and circumstances.

Questions on how to improve dietary and lifestyle health for teenagers can be asked via phone or email.

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Flavoring Concentrates With Zero Carb Sparks Flavor Trend

By George Napoli

Flavoring trends add new flavors to the industry. What was once an obscure flavor like pomegranate joins the mainstream as restaurants bring them to their recipes to deliver fresh new ingredients. As the new flavor is seen and used more, the more popular it is. Suddenly, or so it appears, it plays a second horn to the next flavor that is popular.

Leading companies are always looking ahead. These companies are trying to anticipate the next big break through in flavorings that we will like, while others are hoping to establish a favorable pattern that will ignite the popularity of a fresh new flavor.

The sequence is not very easy nor exact; however, it is right on! Predicting the future for what's coming next requires a systematic process that uses sources from the food, beverage and restaurant industry just to mention a few of resources. New flavors are continually reviewed until patterns develop.

Here's how new flavors transition from being a new flavor to developing into a mass appeal. As a new flavor becomes more popular in a wide range of industry vehicles, like being used on menus, in cocktails, in beverages and foods, its use is varied slightly to help each new product deliver a unique taste. That drives the flavor profile into the public's attention.

The more popular benefits of the ingredient are highlighted, the more they peak excitement. Let's review pomegranate, a food that recently made the transition from an unfamiliar flavoring to a popular ingredient. Up to 2002, pomegranate was relatively not known and not available in typical markets. Pomegranate was mainly used for its functional attributes in supplements as well as hair and skin care consumer products.

Pomegranate then began to gain notice as an ingredient in everyday beverages, juices and cocktails. From there, it its growth started to a more popular approved flavoring. It appeared in drinks, in recipes and in specialty sauces. It was usually mixed with more basic flavors such as blueberry. Using the new flavor with the old lets people build experiences with a new flavor and create a comfort level.

What's next on the radar for new flavor trends? Soon "yumberry", to mention one, will be displaying its new flavor in flavoring profiles.

For now, all the top flavors like pomegranate, acai and blueberry are available in flavor concentrates that you can use to flavor water, beverages, foods and cocktails. One day soon yumberry will be popular in demand, and it will develop into a favorite flavor concentrate.

George Napoli is the author of the article and CEO of yumdropsflavoring.com and has researched flavor trends and flavor concentrates for over 5 years. Natural flavor concentrates are used to enhance the taste of water, tea, coffee, dairy and dessert products. Alcohol flavorings with no alcohol enhance virgin cocktails and are great for dieters, diabetics, and designated drivers.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mosman Personal Training: Personal Trainer - Advantages of Hiring One

By John Roney

For many people, losing weight, toning up or simply improving their fitness level is a challenge. They do not have the motivation that they should have. They do not understand the best routines they should follow or they do not know the proper form for the exercises they do know. They may not know how nutrition and exercise work together for a healthy and strong body. That being said, there are people who will do things their own way, injure themselves, and give up. There are those who will read books, watch DVDs, or follow along with others and try to pick up proper technique that way. And, finally, there are those who really care about their health and safety, who want to learn about their fitness and will work to learn the skills that they need. These people will find and hire a personal trainer for at least a few sessions, learning everything that they can in the meantime.

Natural elements are a valuable workout tool for multiple reasons. Large rocks, benches, hills and trails can all be used to effectively work your body into shape. Outdoor workouts challenge your body allowing for more range of motion than gym equipment. It pushes your body to work harder, which produces faster results.

Besides certification and education, you will want to make sure that the trainer you hire agrees with you on philosophy and personality. If you find yourself canceling more appointments than you keep, you probably have hired the wrong personal trainer. Look for a trainer who has a pleasing personality but one who will actually get results. If you are spending too much time chit-chatting and barely breaking a sweat, you are not getting what you are paying for. If you are working beyond your capacity, then the personal trainer is not really doing their job, either. It is important that you work hard, but not so hard that you are overwhelmed or too sore to move the next day. A little bit of ache is one thing while you are first getting started; bone crushing pain is entirely different.

With each New Year comes the promise of getting in shape. However, due to life, being too busy or a lack of motivation individuals find themselves making the same promise year after year. One common excuse is not knowing where to start this can be remedied with a qualified NYC personal trainer.Mosman personal training not only know where to get started but also know how to keep you motivated.

With the help of a skilled personal trainer NYC you can learn how to train your body to use its own weight and strength to develop muscle. Your body uses more energy using its own weight energy that burns more calories with each workout session. You feel your muscles working immediately and you can see your results much faster. The other benefits of an outdoor or studio workout are the amount of room made available to you and the convenience. You do not have to stand in line waiting for equipment. It's less crowded at a park so you can get your workout done in less time.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Lower Blood Pressure Quickly - Have A Terrific Body And Be Fit With Swimming.

By Jameson Xiansan

Without a doubt, daily exercises are excellent for anyone looking to improve his or her health. If you are looking to get more information on: what lowers blood pressure quickly, this article will give you some very important information on why it is so important to exercise.

One of the considerations for any type of fitness regime is the cardiovascular exercise you will do and there many options available. It may be that you use a combination of different workouts and what you choose is often based on what you enjoy. The benefits of a cardio workout are many such as improving the health of your heart and an increase in your energy levels.

There are many activities you can do indoors and outdoors that can help to get your blood pumping. Let's go over the benefits of swimming, one kind of cardiovascular workout you may not have thought about.

Swimming has sometimes been referred to as the ideal all-around exercise as you get to work all of your body with the least amount of stress as you are supported in the water. If you think about running, for instance, there is the danger of putting strain on your joints although the modern running shoes have helped to reduce this.

Alas, with numerous types of cardio exercise, you run the risk of injuring your body whether it's a minor sprain or a more long-term injury. With swimming, though, this is not an issue and, for this reason, you'll oftentimes see professional athletes take up swimming to help them stay fit while recuperating from an injury.

It is quite easy to get started with swimming although there is some preparation and planning needed. The type of swimwear required is different if you want to swim seriously and you will need a good pair of goggles and possibly a swim cap also. In addition, you will need to find a pool where you can swim lengths with little interruption and this may restrict the times you can go or require a private membership of a club. However, once you are ready, you should try to go two or three times a week and the progress you make will depend on your current ability.

Try doing various swimming strokes to help you hold your interest and to work on various parts of your body. For instance, there may be days when you swim as fast as you can and other days when you do short sprints interspersed with fast swimming. You also have the choice to use different swimming strokes and even add swimming aids to your program as you get better.

You may be able to include certain exercises in the gym portion of your cross training fitness regime that can be beneficial to your swimming program also. By directing your focus on your efforts on certain muscles and flexibility, your swimming technique will improve and, alongside it, your motivation to keep on with your swimming exercise plan. A huge plus that you will experience is developing a terrific swimmer's body which will bring you a feeling of good health.

How to lower your blood pressure quickly is a subject of the greatest significance. The reality is, high blood pressure is not known as the silent killer lightly. Despite its unenviable tag, high blood pressure is a problem that may be handled somewhat easily.

Without a doubt, swimming has terrific cardiovascular benefits as well as the certainty that your body is in its best form.

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Could you be at risk of diabetes despite leading a healthy lifestyle?

By Andre M. Ortiz

When most people think of someone with type 2 diabetes, they picture someone who is overweight, inactive and addicted to fatty foods. The link between obesity and diabetes is well known, but less well publicised is the fact that 20% of people with type 2 diabetes don't fit the normal stereotype.

Indeed, many diabetics haven't had the condition diagnosed, simply because they're not aware that they are at risk. People who look perfectly healthy may still have internal ('visceral') fat around their vital organs, which means they have a higher chance of developing diabetes.

Treating people with diabetes currently costs the NHS 3.5 billion every year. Over the next decade, the number of sufferers is expected to double, which means the financial burden for the health service will soar even further. Already, there are more than 350 million people with the condition globally. 10% of those cases are type 1 diabetes, with lifestyle not being a factor in those cases. By 2025, there will be 4 million diagnosed cases of diabetes in Britain, according to the charity Diabetes UK.

Many people who don't consider themselves as being at risk of diabetes don't realise that symptoms such as increased thirst, fatigue and frequent urination could be indicators of the condition. The condition can remain hidden for years until the pancreas is no longer able to produce enough insulin, or in some cases not able to produce any at all. Rising glucose levels will then affect circulation, and the chance of heart attacks, strokes, blindness and amputation increase.

Warnings about diabetes have primarily been targeted at those who are overweight, and some experts believe this has led to the rest of the population being excessively complacent about the disease. There are also concerns that, as the condition has become more common, it has become increasingly normalised, and not something that people worry about.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dogs and Diabetes

By Wayne Harley

How can you decide if your dog might possibly have diabetes? In the vast majority of cases, it is not very likely for younger dogs to contract diabetes, but if your pet is more than 4 years old and is exhibiting other symptoms, then the possibility for diabetes could be a real one. Diabetes in dogs is quite a bit more common in females. Many of a dog's symptoms are a lot like those of diabetes in humans.

Symptoms for Dogs that have Diabetes

* Canine diabetes can begin with an out of shape, obese dog. This is not always true though; in some breeds it can be in the gene pool. Being obese can be a dangerous sign though.

* Diabetes typically occurs in dogs around the ages of 7 to 9.

* With bigger dogs there is more of a possibility to get diabetes than there is with a littler breed.

* Watch for unending thirst. If this occurs, do not try to limit your dog's water intake. This is important because your dog will require all the water it wants to help keep from getting dehydrated.

* Drinking so much means he/she will need to use the bathroom more often. Your dog, the one you've worked so hard to house train so well could start having accidents more often on your carpet. Why? They are not used to transporting so much water in their bladder. Much like the chicken and the egg, and the debate of which arrived first, the need for water or the need to urinate has been debated both ways.

* Your dog may begin dropping weight quickly and unusually, even though she is eating more and could begin moving slower and showing signs of being worn out, acting very tired.

* Your dog may begin losing their eyesight, having issues seeing.

Preventing dog diabetes:

1. If you see your dog beginning to gain weight, or if they are already overweight, lower the number of carbohydrates they consume. Yes, much like humans, a large number of carbohydrates add to to weight gain, which adds to the probability of diabetes. Many common dog foods have ingredients that include as much as 98% carbohydrates. Read the food labels and gather as much information as you can about your dog breed to make sure that he is receiving the correct amount of nutrients. Making the switch to a healthier dog food can be an enormous step towards the right direction.

2. Get plenty of exercise! A lot of dogs get diabetes that could be completely avoided if they had kept exercising and not gotten out of shape. This is where you and your family can pitch in, as the dog owners. If your dog stays lazy and out of shape, he can contract diabetes even if he is not a breed that is typically at risk.

As of this writing there is not a cure for diabetes. Work together with your vet to ensure that your dog gets the proper treatment and the correct medication to continue to have a normal life. Sometimes diabetes will remain all the way through your dog's life course. To prevent diabetes symptoms in dogs, do your best to keep your dog's weight appropriate, get him abundant exercise, and give the dog its medication on a regular basis along with adequate water.

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Lower Your Blood Pressure with Martial Arts?

By Jameson Xiansan

When you make up your mind to get in good physical shape, a whole world of choices opens up for you. For a lot of people, it is tough to find an activity that they enjoy well enough to keep doing it until it pays off. Usually people will give up on their new fitness routine before they experience results because they didn't choose something that they would continue to love doing when it was no longer new and exciting.

It is generally recognized that lower blood pressure quickly is greatly facilitated when exercises is incorporated into our daily lives.

One exercise type you may not have considered is martial arts although this is something which is easier than ever to get involved in. Keep reading so you can learn about a number of the benefits you will experience when you practice several forms of martial arts.

Most probably, you have heard of Karate and Taekwondo, oftentimes thought to be more difficult forms of martial arts. The term "harder" merely means that besides mental conditioning, these forms concentrate on physical conditioning more. A good reason that a lot of men and women sign up for these classes is to learn self-defense.

Still, following these training methods will significantly improve your overall fitness and conditioning. This occurs as muscle strength and flexibility are needed to reach a good level of fitness.

In the classes, you will find that you become mentally stronger and are encouraged to go to the next level of training. Being rewarded at every level with various colored belts pushes you to continue reaching for the ultimate coveted black belt.

Taking part in competitions will motivate you to stick with your training. Engaging in these kinds of martial arts will give you a level of physical fitness and strength that you're not apt to find with any other exercise programs.

There are gentler kinds of martial arts such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung and these have a lot of health benefits that include greater energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing. With the help of these methods, you'll most likely notice that you feel less stress and anxiety, since you are practicing a form of meditation fused with physical exercise. Nonetheless, the physical benefits are fantastic also, since the movements are designed to let energy run through the body and you will have a stronger and more flexible build.

In addition, you'll notice benefits in other facets of your life, not just the martial arts training. The qualities of discipline and respect will help to improve your career prospects and personal relationships. This training concentrates equally on inner and outer strength and will offer you a total sense of overall health and fitness that is unmatched by other training methods.

And so, if you are looking to increase your fitness and confidence, martial arts may well be the answer you are looking for. You may also very well have found an excellent method of lowering your high blood pressure.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Metformin in Five Decades of Diabetic Treatment

By Emma Taylor

Metformin had been in the marketplace because the 50s and had its share of ?ups and downs? due to the development of insulin and its life threatening side effects referred to as lactic acidosis. Apart from these marketplace threats, you'll find doctors who referred to as Metformin as a ?wonder drug? within the treatment of diabetes for adults and young children. Right now, close to 50 million prescriptions had been served in a variety of outlets all over America not counting the rest of the world marketplace for said drug.

Whilst Metformin is employed to treat type 2 diabetes or non-insulin diabetes but when taken within the appropriate dosage, it prevents the development in men and women at risk of diabetes and it has mechanisms against obesity or weight reduction. It delays intestinal absorption of glucose (sugar inside the blood) thus preventing weight increases, an obsession in a beauty pageant culture like America. Prescribing the drug therefore has an inherent motivational factor but perfect for diabetes prevention.

As a treatment for sort 2 diabetes, Metformin does not increase insulin in the blood and decrease glucose below normal level thus controlling hypoglycemia (the need to take a lot more sugar orally) which impedes regular functioning of the body. It rather increased sensitivity of liver, muscles, fats as well as other tissues that efficiently regulates bodily insulin and sugar inside the blood. No wonder, millions of American patients are benefiting from Metformin.

Metformin prevents complications leading to cardio-vascular diseases, blindness, kidney illnesses but prior to taking but before taking the drug, patient ought to undergo physician supervised blood testing.

It really is safe during pregnancy but the physician ought to be informed ahead as this could harm infants throughout lactation. Probably the most harmful side effect of Metformin may be the improve of lactic acid which trigger symptoms of unexplained muscle discomfort, weakness, breathing troubles coupled with abnormal heartbeats, stomach discomfort, light-headedness and feeling cold. This eventually could harm the kidney and heart and can result in death.

Metformin is a wonder drug but its intake needs to be doctor?s prescribed and its side effects closely monitored. Whilst it prevents complications leading to major heart, kidney and liver challenges, these are the quite organs which it will destroy of taken arbitrarily.

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What You May Not Not Know About Pre Diabetes

By Martin Dunn

To be told that you are a pre diabetic, can rock your world. Quite frankly, it should.

Alarm bells should be ringing, if you have been diagnosed as having pre diabetes. Pre diabetes becomes type 2 diabetes, if you do not take steps to prevent it from happening. Believe me...... you dont want to have type 2 diabetes. It is horrible.

I know something first hand about type 2 diabetes. My mother lost her foot because of it. With the onset of type 2 diabetes, you risk more than just the loss of a foot. It can also cause kidney failure, loss of eyesight and even early death.

The cause of pre diabetes is not known, but researchers know that overweight people are prone to it. Excess fat, especially abdominal fat, and inactivity seem to play an important role in who becomes pre diabetic.

There is only one way to prevent pre diabetes from becoming type 2 diabetes. You must lose weight and keep it off. Permanent weight loss can only be achieved by doing regular exercise, on an ongoing basis, and adhering to a good diet for the rest of your life.

Most pre diabetics are overweight because their diet is poor and they live inactive lives. To prevent the onset of pre diabetes, you must change your diet and you must become more active physically.

This means that pre diabetics have to change their lifestyle. This is hard to do.

You have a choice to make now. You can either change your diet and become more physically active, or you can carry on with your current eating patterns and activity level.

If you carry on eating and living as you have been doing, there is a good chance that you will develop type two diabetes. If you follow a good diet and exercise regularly, you will lose weight and prevent the onset of diabetes.

To stay free of diabetes, you must not regain the weight that you lose. Therefore you will have to remain physically active and eat well for the rest of your life.

The subject of exercise for weight loss is well covered elsewhere, as is the subject of diets. Just be alert to the fact that most popular diets are not designed to give permanent weight loss. They are geared to providing fast weight loss. You will not achieve permanent weight loss by doing a fast weight loss diet.

You can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Now you know how to do it. Dont allow type 2 diabetes to develop. Once you have it, it is irreversible.

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Your New Blender Has To Be Blendtec!

By Bob Mac Richard

Vitamix Vs Blendtec - Which one is the better of these two? If you are searching for a response to that, you've come to the right place. Let's check out the functions of both the blenders and find out the one that does better.

Both are excellent individually. In some cases, Vitamix will prove to be a more sensible choice and in other instances, Blendtec. In any event, you must pick something depending on your needs. If Vitamix meets your needs better, go with Vitamix. In case Blendtec fits your needs better, choose Blendtec.

Okay, so without wasting any more time, let's get started.

The first issue, if you are purchasing any appliance, is the price tag. Both these blenders have a large price tag, however, relatively you won't see noticeable difference between the prices of these two. There is, however, a point that distinguishes these two. With Vitamix, one would need to buy extra products for grinding, etc. Blendtec already has that integrated. So, on the whole, each of them will cost about the same.

Both these blenders feature a seven year warranty, so that offers you confidence. Additionally, it implies that the manufactures support their product and are confident in it. They are both a league apart from their $100 competitors, in terms of longevity. And, needless to say, they actually do much more!

Next, let's discuss their ui. For a few people, it is necessary that they're able to use the device without touching the user manual. In my opinion, Blendtec is the winner by far in terms of interface and simplicity of use. Why you ask? Despite the fact that Vitamix offers you manual control, it can be tough to clean at times. On the other hand, Blendtec includes a push-button interface which is easier to both use and clean. It also features menu for soups, juices, ice-creams, milk shakes, etc.

Those two are at almost the same level for many other requirements, however, those are by and large unimportant. They've been marketed on the web enormously. If you've seen the 'Will It Blend' campaign, you'd know what we're talking about!

Overall, strictly based on their performance, I can't declare a definite winner. Vitamix vs Blendtec - it totally depends upon your requirements and pocket. If you'd ask me, I'd personally select the Vitamix blender however, that's just me.. Your needs might be different and you should focus on those.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alcohol Flavoring Enhances Mocktails

By George Napoli

Alcohol Flavorings Have 0 Alcohol, 0 Carbs For Dieters, Diabetics And Designated Drivers New Products Announced

Yum Drops Flavoring just announced 4 new natural alcohol flavorings. Their new natural flavor concentrates, provides the entire alcohol flavoring of familiar coffee cordials and liqueurs with no alcohol and no carbs.

It's a known fact, when it comes to dieting, diabetes, designated drivers as well as health conscious consumers, alcoholic beverages and this group of consumers, just does not mix. This group of people, typically avoids alcohol or the calories from alcoholic beverages, and is looking for alternatives to virgin cocktails. What they need and want are the flavor of an alcoholic beverage with no alcohol, no carbs and no calories.

When we talk about virgin cocktails, this is what we actually mean by the description we call non alcoholic beverages. A non-alcoholic beverage is a drink which does not include any alcohol. Non-alcoholic mixed cocktails include: punches, virgin cocktails, or mocktails, and are often drank by kids, dieters, diabetics and designated drivers. It also includes everyone wanting to enjoy alcohol flavoring with no alcohol.

Here are some examples of what is available today when you search for non-alcoholic beverages. Examples include near beers, Shirley Temples, Virgin Mary, and virgin-style pia coladas. The category includes drinks that traditionally have no trace of alcohol such as sodas, juices, and sparkling ciders. It also includes drinks that have undergone an alcohol removal process such as non-alcoholic beers and alcohol free wines. Non-alcoholic beer can contain a small amount of alcohol (the exact percentage varies by country), so purchasers of non-alcoholic beer in some US states must be at least 21.

Yum Drops introduced new complete product offering of natural flavor drops with no carbs and no calories the end of July. These natural flavor additives improve the tastes of water, coffee, teas, dairy and dessert products and contain just a hint of natural stevia to enhance the flavor and not sweeten it. This new line of natural alcohol flavorings has had a lot of success, having been introduced earlier this month. The new flavorings have been accepted and approved with dieticians and nutritionists for their dieters and diabetes patience as well.

The new natural alcohol flavor concentrates contain no stevia and 0 carbs, 0 calories, 0 fats. That's a big deal when people are counting the carbs that alcohol beverages deliver. These new products include four popular flavors: amaretto, Irish Creme, dark rum and coffee liqueur. The products are doing so well, tequila, bourbon and brandy are already in development stages.

Now, dieters, diabetics and designated drivers can order a virgin mojito or Coke and add natural dark rum flavoring to blend their own cocktail flavors. These flavor concentrates won't get people intoxicated, but they will swear their cocktails smell and taste just like the real thing. Today more then ever, consumers are looking for natural flavorings. Natural flavor drops are all about flavoring.

Visit their website to see their full line of natural flavor concentrates available, as well as their new line of natural alcohol flavorings.

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Important Information About Diabetes and Your Diet

By Athena Hunter

The truth about the diabetic diet is that it does not exist as a particular diet that only includes certain foods. This diet, which refers to what you're eating, can be perfect for anyone.

Diabetics are often pointed to foods that have a lower glycemic rating and there is a reason for that. Foods with a low rating on the glycemic index won't cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is the key.

It is important to pay attention to the glycemic index for foods if you are diabetic. Knowing this can give you instant feedback on whether a certain food will be harmful to you. Your blood sugar is something you have to consistently watch, and the glycemic index will tell you how a certain food will impact this. Foods will differ on this scale depending on the type of carbohydrates they contain. If you want to know more about this, you can ask your doctor or nutritionist. You can find tables that list glycemic index ratings of many foods in books as well as online, and this can be useful to use as a guideline.

There are special considerations with diabetes and artificial sweeteners. To limit the amount of carbohydrates in your daily diet, it is recommended that you use these sugar substitutes. It is, however, not a guarantee that you will not ever get extra carbohydrates by just using artificial sweeteners. Getting into the habit of looking at food labels before purchasing or preparing food will help you prevent extra carbs from getting in your diet. You may even consult a table for glycemic indexes of artificial sweeteners. You want to pay particular attention to the gram amount of carbohydrates per serving.

The diabetic diet has many important aspects to it. While none of it is difficult to learn, you can get help from your doctor. The above strategies can give you a certain amount of freedom in your meals.

One diet that's often recommended for diabetics and anyone with high cholesterol is the TLC diet. By following this diet, you can bring your cholesterol under control, which is especially important for diabetics. While you're watching your diet, of course, you should also be making other changes that will support this. By exercising consistently, you can help to reduce your weight as well as your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. As you may know, there are two types of cholesterol, and the kind you want to reduce is LDL cholesterol, the harmful kind. HDL, or good cholesterol, on the other hand, is something you should try to raise. You can get more specific nutritional and lifestyle advice from your doctor, who will take into consideration your specific case. Managing diabetes can be achieved thus allowing you to live a normal life. You will need to ensure that you pay attention to your diet so your condition does not get worse. As a diabetic, you have to become something of an expert on nutrition by necessity. You don't necessarily have to follow a single diet to the letter. What counts most of all is maintaining a healthy blood sugar level at all times.

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How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Quickly

By Jameson Xiansan

High Blood Pressure is definitely a subject matter of the uppermost seriousness. If truth be told, high blood pressure is not recognized as the silent killer lightly. Fortunately, and irrespective of its unenviable reputation as a silent killer, high blood pressure is a problem which can be taken care of and controlled quite effectively.

Hypertension and High blood pressure are the leading cause of death by heart attacks and strokes and it is estimated that nearly a third of all people in the USA have this condition and in many cases don't even know they have it! Conventional methods of treatment and prescription medications doctors routinely write for their patients are efficient but they can also come with the risk of significant side effects and even a diminished quality of life. Natural and organic approaches to treating high blood pressure are far more sensible and even suggested by the American Heart Association.

Lowering your blood pressure is not as hard as it sounds. In fact a visit to your doctor will certainly put your mind at ease with regards to any anxiety you might feel about your condition. A healthy diet and exercise is probably something that will be suggested during your visit with your doctor as well as a suggestion that you should try to lose weight if you carry a few extra pounds or more. Make sure to ask about alternative options as well.

One of the most important aspects to consider while looking for ways to lower high blood pressure, is always to check for the causes of high blood pressure and endeavor to stop them or perhaps remove them. The most frequent factors behind high blood pressure are generally unhealthy weight, smoking cigarettes, alcoholism, anxiety, age, exercise-free life-style, and so forth. For that reason, when you make an effort to reduce the causes, you're going to be successful in lowering blood pressure by natural means. Today I want to have a look at the techniques in greater detail.

1. Stick to a healthy diet plan

2. Ensure that you exercise frequently

3. Decrease anxiety

4. Give up smoking

5. Reflect on your lifestyle and make the necessary changes that impact your health

Adjustments made to the approach to life help to efficiently bring down blood pressure. It is essential that you remain knowledgeable. Make sure to find as much information as you can about this condition.

In summary, we live in a day and age where websites abound with information about just about anything. Whilst these resources are extremely valuable and we do indeed suggest a couple of them ourselves, nothing can replace the knowledge of a medically trained doctor who should be your first port of call.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Too Much Fat Intake Can Be Related To Rising Levels Of Sugar

By Jane Withers

A healthy diet is an important part of overall health and well-being. Generally, a healthy diet is also a low-fat diet. Consumption of too much fat can lead to unhealthy weight gain and to heart disease. For diabetics, the need to limit fat intake is even more pronounced, because consumption of too much fat can also have a negative effect on blood sugar.

There are different types of fats, with some being less healthy than others. It's important to limit fat intake regardless of type of course. But, there are good fats and bad fats, as well as saturated and unsaturated fats. Different fats affect the body in different ways.

Interestingly, the effect of fat consumption on blood sugar is not immediately obvious. When you eat a high-fat meal, your blood sugar will not necessarily spike right away. Fats slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, however. Hours after you have eaten, you may experience elevated blood sugar as a result.

Managing this delayed elevation in blood sugar can be tricky. Most of the time, foods that affect blood sugar do so much more quickly.

Be sure to carefully read labels on foods, to ensure that the majority of your fat intake is healthier unsaturated fat or oil. These are the healthier fats, although you should still consume them in moderation.

If you do consume too much fat, even healthy fat, you will gain weight. Excess weight also affects blood sugar. When you have too much body weight, this taxes your body systems and impacts its use of insulin.

You can find healthy fats in a variety of foods: sesame seeds and oil, olives and olive oil, peanuts and peanut butter, avocados and avocado oil, salmon. Peanuts and peanut butter, and salmon, are also excellent sources of protein.

For more detailed information on types of fats and correct portion size, consult your family physician.

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Some Benefits Of Vegetarian Recipes

By Rebekah Glinkman

Anyone who is interested in improving their health needs to look into vegetarian recipes. These meal plans can be an amazing way to improve your health and also lose weight. There are countless people out there in the world who are looking to become healthier. The best way to do this is to increase your healthy meals.

One of the most interesting things about these recipes is that you will improve your health. There are many different meal plans to choose from. Some people like to eat Mexican food, while others would like to make Indian foods. The great thing about these meals is that they are healthy as well as being inexpensive.

Time is also a big thing for anyone who is thinking about moving over to making a vegetarian meal. They might think that these meals will take a long time to make but this is not the case. In fact there are many meals that you can use that will not take a long time at all.

Take the time and look into developing a menu and then making these foods and you will see how much better you look and feel. These diets are very popular the world over. It is because they are inexpensive and nutritious.

In addition to reading books on the various different ethnic cuisines you can try some recipes on your own. Many people love to experiment. There is nothing better then to look into this and see all of the possibilities.

There are all sorts of vegetarian recipes that you should look into. Once you have tried a few out on your own you can then begin to make changes and use these to help improve your life. When you eat these foods then you will be improving your life and health.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Recommended Treatment of Type II Diabetes And Diabetic Cures

By Joseph C Youngman

As Jocelyn Elaine Hewitt, MD at the Diagnostic and Medical Clinic of Mobile, AL might tell you, type II diabetes is the most common of the two types of diabetes. With this type, which about ninety percent of all people suffering from diabetes have, the diabetic does not need insulin and has a host of different symptoms. Some symptoms may include sexual impotence, burning sensations, difficulties in healing wounds, numbness, fatigue, abnormal thirst, yeast infections, increased urination and blurry vision.

Non-insulin dependent diabetes generally affects adults, and does so for several reasons. These reasons include genetics, obesity, and many other elements. There are many different diabetic cures for Type II diabetes that a person who is diabetic should consider.

Diet and Exercise

One of the better methods to help control your Type II diabetes is to eat the right foods and maintain a good cross training program. Maintaining the right weight for your height is important to control your diabetes. Obesity is one thing that will make your diabetes worse and initiating and sticking to the correct diet is one of the best ways to make medication unnecessary and can sometimes stop diabetes in it's tracks altogether. You will want to begin a diet that is not only healthy, but also one that will help your body deal with the insulin and how it is used.

Exercise plans not only helps you diminish your weight, but also helps you use insulin properly.


Medication is necessary when exercise and dieting is not aiding in the control of the sugar levels within your blood. On the other hand, if you fail to start any type of exercise program and good diet into your daily life, you will have to take prescription medication. There are many different types of medication that your doctor may prescribe. For example, oral medications such as Meglitinides, Thiazolidinediones, Alpha-Glucosidase, Biguanides, and Sulfonylureas are frequently implemented to treat diabetes.

However, if your oral medications do not work or you have some sort of reaction to them, your doctor will likely prescribe possibly several types of insulin instead. The majority of people choose to try to control their diabetes in other ways, without the use of injections or other medication.

Natural Remedies

There are numerous natural remedies that may help you in treating diabetes, these remedies include home remedies, as well as supplements. Before you choose to treat your Type II diabetes with natural remedies, you must make sure that you research all options and make the right choice with your doctor.

Finding diabetic cures and choosing the right treatment of Type II diabetes means understanding all options and alternatives available to you and picking the that sounds right and is most effective for your diabetes.

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Florida Health Insurance - Best Health Plan at Low Monthly Cost

By Sean Johnson

If you are just beginning to look for health insurance, then you probably have some questions about which is the best health plan. Even if you are in great health now, you will want to have the insurance in case the worst will happen. As you grow older, however, it becomes apparent that you cannot put it off any longer. Health insurance is one of those things that you will need to have peace of mind. It might just seem like another bill that you can put off until you can afford it. When you are young, it may not seem like you need health insurance. No one wants to shop around for health insurance, but the truth of the matter is that it is necessary.

There is no best health plan that works well for everyone. The reason is because we all have different needs. This means that we all make different amounts of money, have different states of health, and have different health needs. Even if you are in perfect health, you may want to make sure that you have vision coverage if you wear glasses. If you have a condition such as asthma, then you are going to want to have coverage that will help you pay for the medication that you need. All of this means that the health coverage you need will depend on your individual situation.

You may have to sacrifice some of the little pleasures, such as that expensive cup of coffee in the afternoon, which will add up to enough to help you pay your insurance bills. It may be tempting to try and keep this as cheap as possible, but keep in mind that health coverage is important. This will tell you what you can afford to pay in terms of a premium. When you begin to look for the best health plan, you will want to start by getting a good perspective of your financial situation.

In other words, if you are in great health and don't think that you will need to go to the doctor's office very often, then you will probably be able to get away with a low premium for awhile. If you know that you will be going in for tests and treatment, however, then you are going to want to make sure that you have a reasonable deductible. What's important to remember about premiums and deductibles is that you should pick payments and rates that are going to work for your income and health.

A good way to begin searching for the best health plan is to use the internet. There are a number of wonderful resources on the internet that will help you determine which plans are out there and what you can afford. You should start by getting some free quotes. This is a great way to do some comparison shopping so that when you finally do decide on a health plan you can be sure that you are getting the absolute best rates for the coverage that works for you.

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