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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reasons Why Yoga For Diabetes Is Effective

By Penny Livingston

One important factor that causes blood sugars to be so hard to manage is stress. That is one reason why yoga for diabetes is effective. It encourages relaxation which relieves stress and ultimately improves the blood sugar level for diabetics.

When the pancreas for some reason stops working efficiently, or sometimes no longer works at all, diabetes is the result. The movement of the abdominal muscles during the relaxation and contraction of these exercises helps to stimulate the pancreas.

The postures that are used help to improve diabetic control. They are all beneficial for one reason or another. One of these reasons is the deep breathing they encourage. When body organs have more oxygen, they work better.

A study was conducted on forty volunteers. They used four different Asana poses. Blood tests performed at the end of the study showed the pancreas had increased sensitivity to glucose signals, which helped to control blood sugar levels.

Several different poses were used in the study. These were poses that are common and easy. All the included poses were grouped in pairs and rotated over the period of the study. They were repeated every five days in a random pattern.

Other poses have been directly shown in various studies to help keep blood sugar levels lower and more stable. These include: Sun Salutation, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra. Meditation used with them greatly improves the effect.

Weight loss is another benefit of these poses. This is recognized as being another great help in controlling sugar levels in the diabetic. The cortisol level, another controlling factor for the diabetic, has also been shown to improve.

Studies, both formal and informal, have shown that yoga for diabetes is effective in controlling blood sugar. Since it is easy to perform, and requires no financial outlay to perform, this makes it an excellent aid to the diabetic in controlling blood sugar levels.

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