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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Do You Feel About Wearing A Bikini This Summer?

By Derek DeSiva

It will be summer in a few months. Soon you will be wearing much less clothing. Your body will be more visible to everyone. Will you feel self conscious when you wear shorts and a bikini?

If you feel embarrassed or ashamed about being seen in shorts or a bikini this summer, there is still time for you to do something about it. You can look good and feel good about yourself this summer.

This article is about effective weight loss. It is about weight loss that is lasting.

There are some things you need to forget and some things you need to learn, if you want to achieve weight loss that is permanent.

You need to forget about fast weight loss diets. You need to forget about the latest fad diet that a friend has told you about. You need to forget all that you have heard about weight loss in the past. It doesnt work.

You need to learn to think about fat loss and not weight loss. They are not the same thing. When you lose fat, you lose weight. But when you lose weight, in most cases you dont lose fat. You lose something else.

By concentrating on fat loss, lasting weight loss occurs. Only exercise brings about fat loss.

Fat loss exercise falls into 2 general classifications. It is either cardio vascular (cv) exercise or strength training exercise. Cv exercise is also called aerobic exercise, while strength training is often called anaerobic exercise. Both forms of exercise burn fat.

Some example of cv exercise are running, walking at a brisk pace, bicycle riding, and swimming.

While cv exercise is effective at bringing about fat loss, strength training is more effective. You will lose more fat, and lose it faster, by following a strength training routine, because fat burning occurs throughout the entire day - even when you are inactive.

Your muscles will build from strength training. Your metabolism will increase, because muscle tissue needs more energy than other tissues in your body. The increased metabolic rate results in fat burning, to feed your muscles with the energy they need.

I know that strength training does not appeal to everyone. If it doesnt appeal to you, dont do it. An aerobic exercise routine will give you the fat loss that you want.

Exercise will need to become a part of your life from now on, if you want to achieve permanent weight loss. Your mindset needs to change. People who live an active lifestyle, dont tend to have weight problems.

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Duetact is Adequate Enough in order to Take Control Of Your Blood Sugar Levels

By Matiar Julenaw

All forms of diabetes can potentially hit men or women regardless of what their ages are, sex, as well as race. It truly is generally observed after the age of twenty nonetheless it may also have a very juvenile onset for a few folks. Its signs can trigger the reduction of hearing, vision or one or more limbs. It would likely actually take the actual lifestyle of their person in the instance that they are not really successfully medicated. A medicinal drug that may be regularly prescribed to particular person having type 2 Diabetes is actually termed Duetact. This is a medicine form prescription medication in which would help to manage the volume of blood glucose levels alongside a fantastic food intake and physical fitness plan.

This assists with kind 2 Diabetes. You'll find a couple of different kinds of Diabetes so the doctor would choose within the correct medicine and dosage depending on their findings. The particulars might be explained once the prognosis continues to be made.

You need to always make sure you might be taking the right medicines and specifically eating the proper meals. Due to the fact this is really a disease which is straight connected to your ingesting of particular types of food items with particular quantities of sugar in them, you may continually would like to keep a keep track of in your eating, your exercise as well as your blood sugar degree.

It is possible to actually buy a monitor at the drug store that can enable you to always keep a close observation in your levels. For those who have any other illnesses, you should make sure to mention this to your doctor, particularly if you are taking treatment to control it.

In case your physician is un-aware that you got a different health issues or are taking a different type of prescription medication, they could unintentionally prescribe something which has the same amount of the certain substance in them. If you should consume both the medicines, are going to be overdosing. This can be in no way an excellent factor, as it can cause harm or demise.

Diabetes mellitus is the sickness that will cause a person's body to respond improperly for the insulin inside the blood, not proding any or enough of it to sustain the body. With kind 2, it's doable to regulate it through diet, exercise and medication. Type two is much more prevalent than kind 1.

Many people men and women start using Duetact which will help control blood sugar levels. They need to minimize attacks, especially whenever they've been out in public and may possess a hard time finding assist. Type 2 Diabetes is without a doubt very best managed by way of the usage of medicines, those appropriate diet plan and a superior workout daily program.

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Actos Gets results in 2 Ways - combats Diabetes 2 and Boost Life

By Mikey Lopiccalo

All forms of diabetes can possibly affect regular people regardless of how old they are, girl or boy, or maybe race. It can be frequently seen soon after age of something like 20 however can also have a very juvenile onset for those unlucky folks. Its signs and symptoms can cause the loss of hearing, vision or one or much more limbs. It could possibly actually take the daily life of its person if they are simply certainly not correctly handled. A treatment that could be commonly prescribed to men and women having type two Diabetes is usually termed Actos. This is really a drug type prescription medication that would help to regulate the actual level of blood glucose levels coupled with a superb diet plan and working out strategy.

This helps with kind two Diabetes. There are actually several different kinds of Diabetes so the physician would decide around the appropriate treatment and dosage according to their findings. The details could be explained when the diagnosis has been made.

You should often be sure you might be taking the best medications and specially consuming the correct food items. For the reason that this is really a disease that is directly related in your ingesting of certain sorts of foods with certain quantities of sugar in them, you are going to continually need to keep a monitor on your consuming, your exercise as well as your blood sugar degree.

You'll decide to purchase a monitor in a drug retail store that may enable you to retain a close eye in the levels. If you have another ailments, you need to make sure to say this to your physician, particularly if you're taking treatment to regulate it.

If the medical doctor is unaware that you may have one more condition or are taking 1 more kind of treatment, they might unintentionally prescribe some thing that has identical quantity of a specific substance in them. Any time you use the 2 medicines, you are overdosing. This is never a fantastic thing, because it can trigger injury or demise.

This illness causes the body to possibly not create any or not produce sufficient insulin. With sort 1, there should be every day injections mainly because the physique simply refuses to produce the insulin on its own. The body feels this incredibly low blood glucose levels and is all of a sudden faint and hardly in a position to breathe. Blood sugars falling may cause fainting or passing out. The system is then suggesting that this needs insulin.

Actos is one of the medications that people get to assist their physique do that. It prevents attacks from plummeting blood sugar amounts and provides a much more safe sensation overall. In contrast to sort one Diabetes, which calls for every day injections of insulin, type 2 Diabetes permits for some leniency and aid from medications, physical exercise and diet. This is the a lot more prevalent sort of this illness.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is dieting healthy?

By Priyanka Wasbiz

On a daily basis, we are deluged with airbrushed images of unattainable bodies. It is virtually impossible to exist in modern society without being acutely conscious of body-image, so it's not at all surprising that many people feel intense pressure to lose weight. If you're thinking about bringing your weight down, the list of diet plans you can choose from is constantly growing. From the grapefruit diet to the baby food diet, there are countless books that promise to make you thin and countless celebrities that endorse these claims. But dieting is flawed as a concept, promoting a short-term approach to weight loss that is not just impossible to sustain, but actually more damaging over time.

Any diet that requires that you eat fewer calories than the amount of energy you expend should be avoided - your body won't be able to cope. Diets that don't allow you to eat any fat also come with health risks, as our bodies need fat to function (fat should account for as much as 30% of your diet).

You should also avoid diets that restrict particular food groups. Eliminating bread, pasta or fruit, for example, means depriving yourself of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. In the short-term, these kinds of diets can result in weight loss, but research has shown that when you continue eating normally you will most likely regain the weight, increasing your chance of diabetes, stroke or heart attack in the process.

The University of California published research a few years ago demonstrating that, for many people dieting eventually leads people to become heavier than they were when they started. As indicated, this 'yo-yo' pattern of weight loss and weight gain is associated with a number of potentially serious health problems.

In the work-focused, convenience culture we inhabit, we are conditioned to look for instant results. Rather than looking for a quick fix, however, the best option for your long-term health is to simply eat a balanced diet and take plenty of regular exercise.

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Omega 3 Fish Oils - Fatty Acids

By Owen Jones

Omega 3 essential fatty acids, frequently just referred to as omega 3 fish oils are known as essential, because they are very important to our well-being, but our bodies cannot create them in the quantity that we need them. Therefore, we have to eat them. These omega 3 fish oils are mainly found in oily fish like salmon, herring and mackerel.

Omega 3 contains two fatty acids that are very beneficial for human beings. These fatty acids are called DHA and EPA. So, the answer is to consume more fish, right? Well, yes and no. For decades, dietitians and doctors recommended eating at least two portions of oily fish a week. However, these days fish is polluted with heavy metals particularly mercury.

Mercury is highly toxic to human beings, so that is the dilemma. We should eat more fish, but many individuals believe that fish is now too toxic for us to eat. Scientists have stepped up to the breach and extracted fish oils from fish and then extracted the heavy metals from those oils.

This puts us back on an even keel. Now you can get your essential fatty acids DHA and EPA without poisoning yourself in the procedure . These omega 3 fish oils are normally put into capsules and sold as supplements.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been linked with the prevention and retardation of several very dangerous human diseases like cancer, diabetes, macular degeneration, high blood pressure, high degrees of cholesterol and atherosclerosis. DHA in particular is very important to the brain where it acts to reduce the rate of memory loss and decrease the chances of Alzheimer's

A low amount of DHA has also been linked with depression and schizophrenia. It is quite clear to doctors and dietitians that these omega 3 fish oils actually are essential to our well-being.

Despite being able to derive omega 3 from fish oil, fish do not produce it themselves either. Rather these fatty acids are present in the food that they eat such as algae and krill. Krill oil is a comparatively recently discovered source of omega 3. It contains less of the oils, around 63% of that in fish, but the beneficial effects are comparable.

Green-lipped mussels from New Zealand are another rich source of these fish oils. In fact they contain a slightly different blend of omega 3 which looks as if it will greatly help counteract inflammation. Inflammation is a key contributing factor in arthritis.

Other, land-based sources of omega 3, do not contain DHA or EPA, but they are useful anyway. Some of these sources are walnuts, pecan nuts, butternuts and some seeds particularly flax and hemp.

Grass-fed meat and free-range chickens and their eggs also have omega 3, but again, not the vital DHA and EPA acids.

How much omega 3 should you eat? Well, there is no 'recommended daily amount' (RDA) as with vitamins, but the American Heart Association (AHA) suggests 1.6 grammes/day for men and 1.1 grammes/day for women, but the absolute calorific value should be between 0.6 and 1.2% of your daily amount.

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids

By Owen Jones

Omega 3 essential fatty acids are frequently in the news, but they appear to drift in and out of public consciousness. Let us review the terminology, they are known as 'essential' because they cannot be created in adequate quantities by our bodies. In other words, we have to eat them.

The absolute importance of Omega 3 essential fatty acids actually came to light in the 1970's when a group of Danish scientists discovered than Inuits in Greenland had a far lower rate of cardiovascular issues than Europeans and Americans, despite ingesting a diet high in fat.

However, the difference between the diets was that the Inuits got their fat from sea creatures whereas the other nationalities got theirs from land animals. The significance of Omega 3 essential fatty acids was established

Once that original research had been verified, other studies on the same issue were carried out by other groups and they all confirmed the significance of Omega 3 essential fatty acids in our diets. These substances help avert heart disease, cancer, diabetes and macular degeneration and will also alleviate these conditions if you did not find out about them until it was 'too late'.

Our main source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids is oily fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel fish and other sea foodstuffs. Research backs up the age-old old wives' tale that fish is brain food. It really is, but it also goes further than that. Omega 3 can help stave off many of the so-called age-related complaints like memory loss apart from the ones already mentioned above.

Some research has also indicated that a deficiency in Omega 3 in children may lead to learning disorders like hyperactivity and attention disorders. There could also be a link to dyslexia. Other disorders that are more certainly linked to a shortage of Omega 3 are depression, some allergies and arthritis. This means that pregnant mothers ought to be watchful of their intake of Omega 3.

This fish oil has also been seen to reduce the seriousness of high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. It also appears to have a beneficial, anti-aging effect on the skin and wrinkles if taken internally as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Most dietitians would advocate eating oily fish twice per week, but that does not mean that you cannot consume it in capsules.

It is vital to see Omega 3 in relation to other essential fatty acids like omega 6. Omega 6 and omega 3 compete for the same place in our systems and that place is only so big. If you eat too much omega 3, omega 6 cannot get a look in and vice-versa. It is a broad subject, so you are encouraged to do more research or take the advice of a dietitian.

However, before you believe everything that they say, ask about the interaction of omegas 3 and 6 and see what they have to say.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guide Dogs And Aging

By Owen Jones

Aging has its advantages, like having more experience, having family and often having fewer financial concerns, but it also brings other problems with it as well, normally health problems. One of the health problems that older people worry about is their eyesight.

Most people like to be independent, but blindness causes you to be dependent, particularly if you go blind whilst you are older. At least whilst you are younger, you have a long time to learn how to deal with it.

There are several ways that you can lose your sight while you become older but one that effects 10% of those over 65 and 30% of those over 75 years is macular degeneration. It is often referred to as age-related macular degeneration, ARMD or just AMD because it tends to affect those people who are over 50 years of age.

However, macular degeneration only affects the centre 2.1% of your field of vision, so it is very rare for ARMD to be the cause of total blindness. The problem is that that 2.1%, centre field of vision is extremely important for recognizing individuals and for reading.

So what can you do about it, if you get ARMD? One choice would be to buy a guide dog, a 'blind dog', as they say in the UK or a 'seeing eye dog' as they say in America. A guide dog will help prevent you from bumping into things, which you might well do if you lose your central field of vision.

Most registered blind individuals are not totally blind. Some are worse off than others but sufferers of ARMD normally retain 97.9% of their field of vision, which is the peripheral vision. A guide dog would cover the remainder for you.

Guide dogs are taught as puppies so they will stay with their blind friends for seven or eight years or more This allows the dog and the owner to build up a wonderful relationship, as all people do with their dogs. However, the rapport of a blind person with a guide dog though is extra-special. The dog knows that it is being depended upon for its master' safety.

If you make a decision to go down the road of getting a guide dog, the best place to begin is your national association for the blind, the address of which you can find either at your physician's, in Yellow Pages or on the Internet. Some countries' organizations will charge you for providing a guide dog and others will subsidize your acquiring a guide dog and its training.

It would be a good idea to arrange a guide dog as soon as you are diagnosed with a disease that threatens your eyesight because that will give you more time to get to know and select a puppy as your future companion.

If you are lucky and your physician saves your eyesight, you have lost nothing and you have acquired a wonderful, intelligent friend, but if the worst comes to the worst, you will have an invaluable, seeing, protective, wonderful, intelligent friend. You cannot lose.

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What's Important To Treat Panic Attacks ?

By Craig Cummins

Panic attacks are actually agonizing making the individual extremely uneasy this might lead to a number of other critical problems. Though this condition could possibly be completely cured it is best to prevent some things that could actually prevent from any more inducing of the attack. Panic attacks prevention allows you manage the situation little more comfortably instead of causing much more panic.

Patients often feel that when they prevent specific places where panic attacks had occurred before they could keep away from having a panic attack too but that it is not true. Avoiding an issue or circumstances would not help the individual it just develops more pressure and anxiety on the patient which could result in a panic attack.

Behavioral therapy also helps people to face their worries like some might panic to travel in a bus but in behavioral therapy individuals are made to go through the fear and make them more aware of that environment so they could be at ease when they board a bus the next time or they might also take anti anxiety medicines after which travel.

There are some natural home remedies that you can follow to lessen the extremity of the attack. There are couple of simple points which you can do in order to relax like exercising regularly. You can undertake swimming, strolling and bicycling which could help to relax. The individual can perform some relaxation methods like yoga and muscle relaxation workouts. It is best not to consume coffee, alcohol, illegal drugs as well as smoking.

It is always safe to take medications only after it's referred by the doctor because many tablets have withdrawal signs and symptoms which could in turn result in a panic attack.In Several times it is caused because of breathlessness so it is preferable to learn breathing exercises which could assist you in deep breathing as well as try and hold the breath for a long time and exhale that will also help to tackle an anxiety attack.

Panic attacks are response to some circumstances which are called as fight or flight response so it's easier to look at the situation and recognize, express your emotions rather than having an irrational reaction. When you find any situation that you might feel to be a threat then, try to soothe yourself by stating that you can handle it with ease and take a deep breath. I really hope this short article on panic attacks prevention helps you to relax and battle your fear.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scientific Facts That Will Enable You To Lose Unwanted Body Fat

By Alexander Timothy Thorne

This article will be a great help to you, when you are ready to take effective action to lose the unwanted fat on your body - that you see in the mirror every day. If that time is now, dig into it right away. If not, save this article in case that time arrives for you at some time in the future.

It is likely that you will decide to go on a diet. This is the wrong thing to do, because you will not lose your unwanted fat by dieting. Diets do bring about temporary weight loss. However you are not after temporary weight loss, you are after fat loss. Only exercise brings about fat loss.

Aerobic exercise and strength training are the two broad types of exercise that bring about a loss of fat. As most people start with aerobic exercise, when they are novices at losing fat, the remainder of this article will be about aerobic exercise. Later on, some people replace aerobic exercise with strength training or they decide to do both.

There a several types of aerobic exercise. The most commonly done forms are jogging, walking briskly, swimming and bicycle riding. There is much for you to learn in order to burn fat, when doing aerobic exercise. In this article, you will learn enough information to get you started exercising for fat loss.

You will only burn fat from aerobic exercise, if you exert yourself at a certain rate that is right for you. That rate is based on your level of fitness. The more fit that you are, the more you will have to exert yourself in order to burn fat.

You will not burn fat, if you exert yourself too little or too much. To help you to find the right rate of exertion for your current fitness level, here are two telltale signals that you can use as a guide. You should not be gasping for air as you exercise; you should be able to converse with someone. There should be a few drops of sweat on the small of your back or the back of your neck.

You should spend at least 30 minutes each time you do your exercise routine. Fat burning does not occur for the entire 30 minutes. Before your body begins to burn fat, it goes through several stages. During the first 10 minutes, you will burn carbohydrates for energy. Only then does your body start to burn fat for energy.

You may be wondering how frequently you should do your exercise routine and when you will be able to stop doing a fat burning exercise routine. The answers will be based on the goals that you have set for losing fat. If you are after a permanent loss of fat, you will need to do a form of fat burning exercise for the rest of your life.

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Diabetes Testing - Three Important Aspects You Need to Understand

By Mark Rain

Fasting Plasma Glucose Test (FPG)

Because the name suggests, this kind of diabetic testing needs somebody to "fast" for a minimum period of 8 hours. During the fasting period an individual is able to drink water, but few other drinks are permissible. The method alone is straightforward.

Your doctor will draw a sample of blood from your patient after the fasting period and test the glucose levels in the blood. If the blood sugar level is 126 mg/dl (milligrams per decilitre) or maybe more, then your affected person is retested. And if your re-test reflect the identical result then your patient is diagnosed with Diabetes.

This kind of diabetes testing is the most convenient; however, it isn't always reputable, as well as the results are often border-line. If this is the case an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is administered.

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

This implies somebody to fast for 8 hours, and following the 8 hours a blood glucose levels level test is administered. After this initial test a glucose overflowing beverage is ingested by the individual. Then the individual is asked to wait patiently an hour to allow the beverage to become absorbed into the bloodstream. Following this waiting period, an additional blood glucose level test is carried out, plus a additional test will then be performed after another hour.

If a patient shows a blood glucose amount of 200 mg/dl (or more) after the 120 minutes, next the patient is diagnosed with diabetes. Repeated diabetes testing ought to be done to make sure that the initial outcomes before diagnoses.

This type of diabetic testing does present that inconvenience, yet it's more dependable than the Fasting Plasma Glucose test.

Random Plasma Glucose Test (RPG)

This diabetic test is conducted regardless of when an individual had his/her last meal.

Blood glucose levels are tried, and if the patient's blood sugar levels are above 200 mg/dl then other symptoms will also be analyzed. A health care provider will most likely examine whether the patient has shown the common symptoms associated with diabetes. These signs or symptoms include, but aren't restricted to the subsequent:

Improved hunger or thirst Quick weight-loss Blurred eyesight, fatigue, or nausea

If these symptoms are widespread along with the blood sugar levels shown by the RPG test are above 200mg/dl, then this Fasting Plasma Glucose test or Oral Plasma Glucose test will likely be executed.

From the previously referred to diabetic test, the Fasting Plasma Glucose test is one of frequently performed. This arrives mainly to the low-cost, and simplicity of the test.

Home Diabetes Testing

If someone else is diagnosed with diabetes, another kind of diabetic test can be executed by the individual to regularly monitor his/her blood sugar levels. This test involves the usage of a glucose meter and is done by the patient in the comfort and ease of his/her home.

The method takes a drop of blood to be utilized onto a test strip which is inserted to the glucose meter. The meter will display the individual's blood glucose levels.

It is critical for a diabetes patient to regularly monitor his/her blood sugar levels to ensure the levels are kept at a sufficient range doing typical home diabetes testing.

Diabetes Testing and Effects of Glutathione

It is also very important for diabetics to know the benefit of Glutathione (GSH) since your body's super antioxidant and quite a few powerful anti-inflammatory fighters.

Diabetics have high degrees of oxidative stress and lower levels of intracellular glutathione GSH.

Coupled with insulin resistance caused by inflammation, it is important any particular one understands the significance of diabetes testing and the effects of glutathione in the role it plays in aiding the healthiness of diabetics.

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Getting the Right Glucose Meter

By Robert Mann

Most diabetes patients prefer the ease of checking their blood glucose levels themselves rather than making frequent trips to a lab. If their condition requires frequent tests, having their own meter is definitely more convenient.

Picking the proper glucose meter, however, is not necessarily a straightforward process. A doctor should tell diabetes patients all of the things they need to take into consideration and what to look for when they choose their meter. For example, someone stricken with arthritis in their hands would find dealing with the small test strips a struggle. Some meters have smaller readouts than others, which would be difficult for those with failing vision to read. Everyone has specific issues or needs they must take into consideration.

Beyond personal needs, there other things to take into account before selecting a personal glucose meter.

1. Display factors: Having enough light and a large enough display is a key feature for the right meter.

2. Insurance considerations: The patient should always check with their insurance company first. Some health insurance companies cover only a certain type or brand of meter or may pay only up to a set amount. Knowing if the insurance coverage has limitations is important, along with ensuring that they will cover the test strips.

3. Expense: For someone with a fixed income or with no insurance, cost is big factor in the decision making process. An affordable meter does not necessarily mean the strips that go with it are affordable. When picking a meter, confirming the price of the strips is vital.

4. Extra features: Some people may want or require more special features in order to help them better manage their disease. These include:

* Providing rapid results: Some meters can have the results in as little as 5 seconds.

* Sample sizes: Because some patients can have difficulty getting a large enough blood sample for their meters to analyze, there are new meters that get accurate results with smaller sample sizes.

* Memory to store readings: If a meter can keep test results in memory, this can prove to be a great help for both the patient and the doctor for tracking glucose levels. Many meters can hold as much as the last 1000 results.

* Download of results to a computer: Being able to download test results to a computer provides a simple way to send the results to the doctor.

* Using alternate testing sites: There are meters that can take samples from other locations than just the fingertips, like the thigh, forearm, or the base of the thumb. This feature is good for patients who are required to test more frequently.

When purchasing the best glucose meters, diabetes patients should consider all of these things before deciding on the most appropriate product for their particular needs. Two of the most important things to think about is how well the patient understands the meter's features and how easy it will be to use.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Treating Hypertension

By Alex Blaken

Treating hypertension with lifestyle adjustments is the preferred starting point. This is because the drugs that are used are very strong and usually have nasty side effects. It is much better to treat high blood pressure naturally.

Stop Smoking The single greatest enhancement you can make for your wellness if you smoke would be to cease. There are many problems that can be enhanced by preventing smoking. Most people are aware that people who smoke have raised danger of cancer of the lung, difficulty in breathing and some other cancer. Not so many people are aware that smoking also increases your danger of heart disease. About 30Percent of cardiovascular disease fatalities in the U.S. could be tracked to smoking cigarettes. Giving up cigarettes could make you healthier and could make you really feel healthier. You may also look better after giving up, your olfaction and taste will enhance - and you'll cut costs!

Physical exercise An inactive (also called inactive) way of life is among the large risk elements for High blood pressure. Getting energetic will advantage much more than just your blood pressure level. A regular programme of exercise might help in many ways: * It will help you lose weight and maintain it. * It can help reduce stress and depression * It can improve your rest and energy levels * Increased health and fitness is lord for your heart, circulation, muscle tissue and bones Getting energetic does not necessarily mean that you have to sign up for a costly fitness center. There are lots of choices %u2013 for example actively playing golf ball with your children. Another good technique could be to walk a dog twice every day, every single day!

If you have been non-active for a while it is important to begin slowly and gradually increase your activity. You ought to be targeting twenty-30 minutes of energetic exercise 3-four times per week. Your physician can provide advice, and if you can sign up for a gym then they will have professional trainers accessible who will help you develop a program simply for you.

Diet plan The National Coronary heart, Lung and Bloodstream institute allow us a special diet plan - the DASH (Dietary Methods to Cease High blood pressure). Researchers discovered that by using the dietary plan blood pressure could be reduced within two weeks. This diet contains plenty of fruits, veggies and grain products Percentu2013 and very little meat, dairy products and fats. This diet is low in sodium and high in blood potassium, along with other important minerals and vitamins.

The Splash diet is also good for people who require losing weight naturally. The most important nutritional alter that you could make is to decrease the amount of salt or salt in your diet. The typical American takes in greater than the suggested upper limit every day.

Especially good meals to beat high blood pressure are: Drinking water, Apples, Don't forget your asparagus, Cabbage, Oranges, Tomato plants, Bananas, Kelp, Alfalfa, Let's eat some onions, Garlic, Parsley, Oranges

Foods to avoid: Smoked meats and cheeses, Added salt, Fats, Sugars, Caffeine, Alcohol

You have to carefully browse the nutrition labeling on processed and packed meals as they often are full of added salt and sugar and often include higher levels of fat. You could also be thinking about adding to your diet with Coenzyme Q10.

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Life Expectancy and The Golden Years

By Janine Sanderstine

According to preliminary results of figures released on March 17, 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people in the United States are living much longer than ever before. The CDC reported that the death rate for the U.S. population for 2009 was 741 deaths per 100,000, which represents a 2.3% decrease from the 2008 rate.

"This marks the tenth year in a row that U.S. deaths rates have declined," the center said in a statement. From 2008 to 2009, oveall life expectancy rose from 78 years to 78.2 years. Death certificates from all 50 states were analyzed to get the data for the report.

During this same year, there was a 3.7% drop in heart disease, a 4.2% drop in strokes, a 4.1% drop in Alzheimer's disease, a 4.1% drop in diabetes, a 1.1% drop in cancer and deaths were down for this entire range of conditions. The agency speculates that better medical treatment, vaccination campaigns, and public health measures against smoking are likely driving these trends, and plans to more closely analyze the reasons for the decline when final data is released later this year.

No doubt about it, we will likely live longer lives than our parents and grandparents. Medicine has been improved due to the scientific advances made in recent years. Modern medicine can prevent or treat heart disease, diabetes, bacterial diseases and even cancer. Because of that, we'll all live longer on average. While these conditions may no longer killing us in the percentages that were the norm years ago, we now will live longer, increasing the odds that we will suffer additional ailments in our later years.

With the baby boomers now coming fully into the retirement age, it becomes easy to understand why we are now developing options that will allow us to live a full and creative life in our golden years. The time is now, and communities, businesses, families and friends are all devising alternatives for seniors that did not exist in the past.

Look into the adult education classes that are available locally. Everything from financial management, photography to crafts is offered specifically for seniors. Look into classes offered by your local parks and recreations departments. Tai Chi, aerobics and even chair exercises are offered - there is something for every senior. These classes are geared for everyone from the very athletic senior to those with special needs. The classes offered meet the various needs of today's seniors. And don't forget to check out your local senior center. The opportunities for social and recreational activities are too numerous to mention.

Yes, your senior years can be an exciting time to learn and grow, expand the boundaries of your experiences and make new friends. But, while you are doing this, who will do the shopping, prepare the meals and clean your home? How will you manage if you are no longer able to drive or are impaired physically or mentally in any way?

Luckily, there are now a variety of senior living options available to you, depending on where you live. Most states and communities now have assisted living facilities available for seniors who want to enjoy their lives to the fullest. They offer a secure environment with all the basic needs provided. Assisted living facilities can often provide additional services with varying degrees of care, should you become ill or require additional help.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Would you reverse your diabetes with food?

By Steven Gluyas

The detection of diabetes is on the rise. Did you realize that by digesting the appropriate foods, you can decrease or even reverse a diabetes diagnosis? There has been a lot of confusion about food for diabetics and we should all know that eating right is the answer to efficiently managing your diabetes. But if this is true, why do so many people have trouble choosing the right food for diabetes?

Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are all food stuffs for diabetes, but you do not have to do away with your favored foods. You just have to understand how they apply in conjunction with your overall diet, and you have to indulge them in moderation. A healthy diabetic diet promotes plant foods and cuts back on your refined carbohydrates and sugars. You should choose healthy fats, and consume them in moderation. You need to establish that you are remaining acceptably hydrated, and consuming enough water, not the caffeine or sugary drinks that you may have a preference for.

One should make absolutely sure that you are consuming your food for diabetics at the proper periods. and it is absolutely essential that you eat dinner or a snack every few hours throughout the day, to prevent surges in your bloodsugar. Watch your portion size. No matter whether it is a healthy meal, if you consume too many calories you will still gain weight.

By choosing to adopt a diabetic diet, just do not forget that there are no special food requirements. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, grains, and low in refined sugars and carbohydrates, and that's eaten in moderation, will result in greater control over your blood sugars. If you combine this with moderate exercise, designed to assist you in dropping weight, you very well are able to counter the diabetic diagnosis that you may have obtained. No one wants to remain on medication for the rest of their lives, when diabetes can be controlled by what they eat.

There really are a fair amount tools available to outline the right food for adult onset diabetes, either through your physician, a diabetes support group or online. Choosing the right foods, is the first step to regaining control over your life and your health and wellness.

About the Author:

Diabetes Diet: Things To Learn About

By Ryan Foo

Things have changed today as many people do not now feel that they are going to miss out on tasty foods the moment they are diagnosed with diabetes. What most people feared in the past was not even being diagnosed with diabetes but the dietary restrictions that would come with that. But with time, more and more people are learning and the importance of a healthy diet and as much are embarking on such diets. Today, healthy diets are not a thing for the diabetics only but also healthy people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

But why was diabetes diet viewed with such a negative light? The major reason is because the diets in the past were lacking in flavor. Once someone was diagnosed with diabetes, they knew that that is the end of enjoying sweet food. The good thing now is that this is no longer the case. Diabetes diets available these days are without the harmful ingredients but as flavored as any other meal can be. As a result, people can now take healthy diets while enjoying flavored foods.

Most diabetics know the importance of observing proper diet but a few benefits that might not be clear are worth mentioning here. Many people now know that there is a given level that is recommended for blood sugar. This level should be maintained at all times, meaning, the level should not go so high or drop so low. That is the essence of diabetes diets; to maintain the recommended levels and not essentially to reduce the glucose level as many people would want to imagine.

When one is first diagnosed with diabetes, they have to start on medication immediately as they also embark on a healthy diet. After some time, if the patient observes a healthy diet strictly, it can be possible to reduce the amount of medication they need to take considerably. This is a major benefit of a diabetes diet.

Overweight people are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes. In fact, an overweight person with diabetes has more challenge managing the disease as compared to someone with a good healthy weight. A diabetes diet will not only help in managing diabetes but would also help the patient lose weight.

Now that it has become clear that diabetes diets need not be tasteless, what should they include so that the benefits of the diet are still realized? The fact is there is no particular guideline that dictates the ingredients that must be present in a diabetic?s diet. The only thing that one should avoid is high carbohydrate foods like cookies and refined sugar. Fats are also readily concerted into glucose thus when considering protein sources, go for fatless sources such as fatless milk and lean meat. Fresh fruits, whole grain cereals of high fiber content and vegetables should essentially what the diet should consist of.

Visiting a dietician for professional advice on what diet to go by can be the best thing to do for a diabetic. There are however many other sources of such information and sample diets for a diabetes diet. There are some very reputable websites from which one can get a wide range of diabetes diet samples. A lot of care should however be taken when seeking information from the internet as many websites could be unprofessional and just out to make money from unsuspecting diabetics.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Things You Should Know About Florida Medicaid Coverage

By Christine Andrew

Florida medicaid is for low income households or someone which gives you or your family admittance to medical treatment. To qualify you must meet some criteria like certain income requisites like, your age, disability condition and whether or not you are currently a legitimate resident. The profits take on the ability to visit a Doctor for scheduled check ups and prenatal care for those that are pregnant. This way you get the insurance coverage you need that keeps you and your family secure.

Medicaid is a type of medical coverage that is for low income family units or individuals. It allows various medical services such as prenatal care and vaccines for kids. This way you are still able to visit a physician even if you don't have much income and can't afford health insurance.

To qualify you must be below a certain income level. This can be a single person's income or a household as a whole. To obtain coverage you have to meet certain requisites that are supported on some factors including if you're currently expectant, your age, whether or not you're handicapped and if you are a U. S. Citizen. Please make a point to ask a representative of the Dept of Children and Families if you think you qualify.

Medicaid grants a family or a single person the coverage they need so they can get to meet a Doctor. In addition coverage gives you admission to things like pregnancy care, vaccines, and x-rays. This way you can be sure to get the required regular check ups to retain you and your family substantial.

The office in Florida provides it's occupants all the information they need to apply or get answers to their inquiries. For anyone wanting to apply for benefits you can do so on-line, or at a local branch office in person. To determine where a local service center is in your region you can simply locate this on the web or by calling directly.

Florida medicaid allows those with a low income the healthcare they need including Doctor visits. This grants anyone who qualifies get medical treatment, check ups and even antepartum care. To be worthy you must see particular income levels for you and your family. Regardless where you live in the state of Florida there's a local service center that is there to assist.

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Medical Alert Bracelets and Everything You Need to Know about Them

By Michael Eke

Medical alert bracelets are used by people who experience health problems that cause them to be impaired or senseless. These bracelets contain information about the problem of the person. Sometimes, these bracelets can save your life. There are a lot of reasons for you to use them. They are made of metal so this jewelry can be easily detected. This is especially important for medical alert bracelets. If someone unconscious has such jewelry, the medical emergency units can use it to help him.

If there is an individual who cannot talk anymore, bracelets provide the important information needed during emergencies. This saves lot of time and with the right timing, the proper treatment can help dictate the life or death of the person.

This type of jewelry is not just for those that may become incapacitated. Anyone can find themselves in an emergency situation. You may be on your way to the grocery store, on a sunny afternoon. Suddenly, a car may swerve in your direction and hit your car head-on. This may be the last thing that you remember for days or weeks. You may not have any serious health conditions. Yet, you may be allergic to medicine like penicillin or other medications. This is very important information for emergency medical personnel to have. You also may have a rare blood type, and this can be important information if you need blood.

When you get into an accident and you become unconscious, you will find it difficult to communicate. A medical alert bracelet can tell other people what they need to know to be able to help you and give you the proper treatment.

The personal information found on the bracelet can also be very valuable. Your bracelet may contain a lot of personal information like your name, address, telephone number, and person to contact in case of emergency. If you ever experience an accident, some people might be very worried about your condition. If they see your bracelet, the emergency team will be able to contact your relatives. For instance, if you always pick up your kids after school and today you did not show up, someone else should be there to tend to them. It is much safer for your kids if there is someone who can immediately assist them in times of such emergencies.

It may be very important for children to have this type of jewelry, too. The child may have health conditions or allergies. If anything happens at school, the school nurse will have the necessary information.


Medical alert bracelets are more than just jewelry. These are very valuable pieces of accessories that contain information which can save time and in times of emergencies, it can be very useful. The sooner the information is given to health workers, the higher the chances that the individual can survive. People who have serious health problems should also consider using such bracelets. People who have allergies should also try it. As a person, we may also experience emergencies. The important information which can be found on your bracelet can save your life. It is also an indicator of contacts for medical assistants.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diabetes: Understand it to Eliminate

By Carol Summers

Diabetes is a chronic and incurable disease. It results from a body's inner imbalance, related to blood sugar disorder. It is also called Diabetes Mellitus, where the term mellitus is a Latin word for honey, since the urine of a diabetic patient has a sweet taste. From the written we can foresee that diabetes has something to deal with increased blood sugar, which is inappropriately supplied into body cells. Why is level of blood sugar increased and what causes it?

In diabetes, it's all about a hormone, called insulin. It keeps blood sugar balanced in our body by regulating uptake of glucose from blood into most cells. But what if our body doesn't produce enough insulin? It means that blood sugar stays in our blood circulation instead of being supplied to muscles and other appropriate cells. This kind of situation is called type 1 diabetes. Normally it occurs in a childhood and makes a person an insulin-dependent.

Patients would need an insulin injection because the body fails to produce enough insulin. Then there is another type of diabetes. In this form of diabetes patients, their bodies are able to produce enough insulin themselves but their cells don't respond effectively or at all to this insulin. Because of this the sugar remains in their blood and does not travel to body muscles and other parts of the body. It would happen in adult age. This may be because of inherited disorders or unhealthy lifestyle.

Gestational diabetes: Gestational Diabetes is mainly related to females during their pregnancy. It is important for women to check their sugar levels as per the advice of the medical practitioner. Mostly women during pregnancy get this kind of diabetes if the disease exists in their family history .

We did discuss it above that diabetes is an uncurable disease. However, one can improve their chances of survival. First type of diabetes that is described above should be dealth with an injection of insulin. The second and third type can be made better with proper exercising, a healthy lifestyle and a good diet. Patients should avoid high carbohydrate diets as sugar is delivered to our blood by the food we eat. One should eat products that are without sugar or can add artificial forms of sugar. This should help them control their blood sugar.

So far, we know that by diabetes some blood sugar remains in our blood circulation. Since it can't be supplied to cells, which need it, a part of glucose is carried out from our body through urine. That is why urine of a diabetic patient has sweet taste. Increased level of glucose in urine causes kidney overwork, which results in increased urine production and consecutively dehydration and thirst. Besides the main diabetes symptoms, patient can also suffer from vision problems, breath smell and increased hunger.

Type 2 and Gestational diabetes once affected can be kept under control with a planned diabetic diet and regular exercise. The diet plays an important role for diabetic patients. It is better to follow the instructions of doctor. The food should contain those items maintain the blood sugar levels.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

What Is Diabetes Mellitus?

By Randy Gonzalez

Anyone who knows diabetes knows that this is a medical disorder which causes your system to produce too much urine. It doesn't end there though; in addition , you get to suffer much pain because your organs aren't getting enough of insulin so they aren't operating correctly. Never a good sign, that one. But luckily however, these days there are very effective treatments that assist to maintain the condition in order. Taking and making use of these right treatments along with avoiding the types of foods that you ought to avoid, can all work to help you to maintain your situation at bay.

Sure, having learned that Grandpa or Grandma suffer from diabetes, you could have think it is a condition only older folks endured. You couldn't be more mistaken. I remember when i came across a thirty year old guy who couldn't eat some foods anymore ever since the doctor said they'd kill him. He was affected by diabetes!

To keep a long story short, diabetes destroys when it gets uncontrollable or when it gets complicated. If you suffer from it, you want to do everything in your capability to see that this doesn't come about. Everything within your capacity!

Sugar has a role to play in your body, but you know that too much of a good thing can be harmful at times. Too much of sugar in your blood is called hyperglycemia, and it is not that farfetched from diabetes. You might want to keep a simple life that will not let that happen to you.

Sugar is good for your body because it is a good source of energy. Too much energy, however, is what became the nuclear bomb, which if blown goes out of proportion; and too much energy in your body is what often turn into fat, and then conditions like diabetes. Watch out for that.

Diabetes causes excessive urination in people who suffer from it. In additions, it also results in excessive thirst and a hunger that knows no match. I tell you, this is not a disease that you want to live with. If there are ways to keep it off, you want to learn them and put them into practice. No jokes here.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Health With Blu Cigs Coupon Code

By Leigh Mae

By this time, many people are now aware of the many negative effects that cigarette smoking brings forth to our health. But not all people see this as a big problem for they still continue to smoke despite government's warning. Despite the many warnings about smoking, many people still de-stress themselves through smoking. Well, if smoking is one way for you to relax, then who are the masses to tell you otherwise, right? Unfortunately, you can't automatically blame them because their only main concern is your welfare. That is why there are a lot of inventions being made to deliver you safe smoking like the blu cigs coupon code..

We should be cautious when smoking tobacco cigarettes. For one, it can cause a variety of cancer, specifically lung cancer. Getting cancer is the worst of all sickness you can get from smoking tobacco. There are chemical properties contained in tobacco that can cause sickness, and this is not a good situation you want to be in. One way for you to avoid this is by quitting or getting some alternative cigarettes to smoke with. This way, you'll prevent further damage to your body.

Make sure to have the best electronic cigarette reviews. Another downside of smoking tobacco is diabetes. This happens because smoking can decrease the body's ability to absorb insulin. If this happens, you'll be experiencing a lot of rules to follow just to stay alive. You have to stay away from a lot of sweet food; hence, you'll get frustrated in the long run.

For those couples who are planning to get pregnant, consider going to a doctor to get a fertility test, especially if you're a heavy smoker. This is because smoking can cause infertility. You'll find it very difficult to get pregnant if one or both parties don't have the ability to do so. Lastly, smokers are most likely to get cardiovascular diseases as opposed to non-smokers. Getting a heart disease is very difficult to cure because of so many dos and don'ts you have to follow. Imagine living your life with utmost care because of the many things you can't do with this kind of disease.

With just one stick or even one puff of a small stick, it can bring forth so many dangers to the human body. As such you have to be cautious in indulging yourself with this product. To be able to enjoy smoking without having to worry about the dangers, try blu cigs coupon. With these, you wouldn't have to feel guilty when smoking. This way, you'll be a lot safer and greener when you do so. So beware of smoking tobacco cigarettes, otherwise you might end up having diseases as mentioned above.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Insulin and Diabetes

By Randy Gonzalez

Knowing the correct thing can help you with this situation. Not to mention, not being aware of what needs to be known will likely be detrimental to you too. The truth is, with diabetes, a good exercise program may help to turn your diabetes into nothing more than an unpleasant allergy that itches only once in a while. All of the discomfort reduces, and you're simply better able to handle it. However, you do still have to stay close to the rest of your medications. Doctor's orders.

There are various kinds of diabetes, and possibly the most common is diabetes mellitus. This one works by causing you to generate excessive urine as a result of lack of the insulin hormone secretion. Don't even begin to think of the condition as one that is all to easy to handle because a lot of people go through it these days, and they are generallyfar from happy about it. People that put up with diabetes have their pancreas producing insufficient quantities of insulin. This does not appear to be a big issue because you don't know very much about what this insulin hormone does. I'll make that an assignment; read up on it, and you'll find out why nobody wants to go through diabetes. Sure, having learned that Grandpa or Grandma are affected by diabetes, you may have thought it was a disease only older folks endured. You couldn't be more wrong. One time i ran into a thirty year old guy who couldn't eat some foods anymore ever since the doctor said it would kill him. He was suffering from diabetes!

There is a way of life you have to lead once you have been diagnosed with diabetes. This lifestyle is among the care and caution, a situation one could have accomplished earlier to keep the condition away. In any case, you now are stuck with it, which means you cannot get away; you live with it.

Sugar has a role to play in your body, but you know that too much of a good thing can be harmful at times. Too much of sugar in your blood is called hyperglycemia, and it is not that farfetched from diabetes. You might want to keep a simple life that will not let that happen to you.

Sugar is good for your body because it is a good source of energy. Too much energy, however, is what became the nuclear bomb, which if blown goes out of proportion; and too much energy in your body is what often turn into fat, and then conditions like diabetes. Watch out for that.

I have always been one more in favor of preventing a disease than curing it. I pretty much think that diabetes should be treated in the same way. How? Engaging in the right workouts as often as you can will surely help. And eating only the right kinds of diets can help as well. Sometimes it's really as simple as these.

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An Overview of the Signs, Remedies and Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

By Mark Rain

At the moment over 200 million people from all quarters of the world are already identified as having Diabetes Mellitus, and this number has being projected to increase to 380 million by the year 2025. Diabetes Mellitus is not an obscure disease that no one has discovered; the widespread nature of the disease has impacted lots of people. This frequency has resulted in the increase of awareness of the disorder on a worldwide scale.

"Diabetes Mellitus" is the medical expression for what is clearly known in layman's terms as "Diabetes". It is a condition that is seen as an increase in blood glucose levels. The physiological reason behind Diabetes Mellitus is caused by two distinct dysfunctions in the body, namely:

1. The body's inability to produce sufficient insulin

2. The body's cells become non-responsive towards the insulin that is produced

Insulin accounts for the regulation of glucose metabolism and energy within the system. It keeps the body from using fat as an energy source, and when there's a bodily dysfunction regarding insulin control, this may lead to the onset of Diabetes Mellitus.

Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms

Affected individuals identified as having Diabetes show certain symptoms which might be common, but the presence of these conditions doesn't necessarily mean that you have the disorder. The recognizable Diabetes Mellitus symptoms are:

* Constant urination

* Heightened degrees of thirst

* Increased levels of hunger

* Blurry eyesight

* Frequent Abdominal muscle problems

* Constant vomiting and nausea

* Sudden Impotence

* Weight loss or gain

* Retention of fluid within the legs and feet

* Slow recovery of skin abrasions

* Infections to the skin

This number of Diabetes Mellitus symptoms is not inclusive however it does reflect the most common symptoms exhibited by individuals identified as having the disorder.

Diabetes Treatment

Since diabetes is seen as a high sugar levels, the best method of medication is to keep one's sugar levels at a satisfactory level. Consultation with a medical doctor is imperative to gain a comprehension on the sugar levels are acceptable. More common forms of Diabetes Mellitus treatments revolve around medicinal and non-medicinal approaches that directly alter or manage somebody's sugar levels.

A practical method of Diabetes treatment will be for that patient to take hold of a healthy lifestyle. The Diabetes sufferer ought to get rid of all food enriched with high sugar content, and embraces a stable diet full of natural vitamins and minerals. Daily exercise is also pivotal to help keep a Body Mass Index (BMI) that's inside the stipulated range, also to guarantee the overall functioning of the person is at an optimal level. Alcohol should be avoided no matter what.

Diabetes Mellitus treatments for patients who had been identified as having a serious sort of Diabetes necessitate the using medication. The medications frequently applied to patients are:

* Insulin Injections: Assists in improving the stages of insulin in the event the body cannot produce a sufficient amount.

* Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors: regulates the intake of sugar into the bloodstream.

* Sulfonylurea drugs: stimulates the natural manufacture of insulin within the body

* Thiazolidinediones: causes body tissues for being more sensitive to insulin.

Other medicinal Diabetes Mellitus treatments do exist, however these would be the most typical. Typically a combination of medicinal treatments is administered with respect to each patient's receptiveness, and severity level. Proper diagnosis and prescription of medication from the professional is applicable, quite a few of such drugs carry severe side-effects.

Being identified as having Diabetes Mellitus isn't a death sentence; by using a healthy lifestyle and by using medications the problem can be managed effectively.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

How To Lower Cholesterol Levels By Dieting

By Owen Jones

I have heard people say that they want to lower their cholesterol levels in order to lose weight. The reason for lowering your cholesterol levels is not because you would like to lose weight. That is putting the cart before the horse. You probably only have a few grammes of cholesterol in your body, so reducing that amount is not going to make you look any slimmer.

The reason for losing weight can include wanting to lower your cholesterol levels; it can also include wanting to reduce your blood pressure; it can include wanting to take weight off your knees and it can include wanting to look better.

But there are several other reasons as well: losing weight will raise your general feeling of well-being, making you feel better and happier in general and reduce your likelihood of getting diabetes.

This piece is concerned with cholesterol and how to lower the amount of cholesterol in your blood. So, first of all, what is cholesterol? The first thing to do is clear up the misconception that all cholesterol is harmful. It is not. There are two types of cholesterol: LDL cholesterol is not good for you for certain, but HDL cholesterol is good for you because it assists mop up LDL.

In fact, not all LDL is bad either, your body needs some LDL to produce bile, vitamin D and maintain the right balance of hormones, particularly in women. So LDL gets a very bad press, but it is not a total villain. The worries start when you have excess. It is like guests at a party, you have to have some, but too many and there are problems.

If you have excess LDL, it can obstruct your arteries, causing your heart to have to pump harder, increasing blood pressure and consequently increasing the danger of kidney failure, strokes and heart attacks.

How do you get too much LDL? Most LDL is taken into our bodies by eating saturated fats (animal fats) and hydrogenated or trans fats (normally discovered in junk food).

HDL picks up our surplus LDL and takes it back to the liver where it is dealt with. HDL is to be found in nuts, grains, pulses, fish oil and mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fats. Therefore, the strategy in a nutshell is, if you are attempting to lower your LDL level through diet is to eat less animal fat as discovered in red meat and dairy products and eat more vegetarian food and fish.

In particular, LDL is to be found in high quantities in beef, pork, milk, cheese, butter, cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato crisps, potato chips, et cetera and HDL is to be found in fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, fish, whole grains, soya et cetera.

There are also a few myths. Some individuals say that eggs, liver and prawns are high in LDL, but the British Heart Foundation says that humans cannot access cholesterol from these foodstuffs, so they are safe to eat and others say that coconut is high in LDL as well.

It is hard to find concensus on coconut, but it appears that it raises LDL and HDL, but HDL by a little bit more than it raises LDL. So, not healthy for you if you have high levels of cholesterol, but good if you have low levels.

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My Experience With The Atkins Diet (Part 2).

By Owen Jones.

Some people have to try to make your life miserable, if you let them. It was obvious to everyone that I looked and felt better, but some people just have to try to spoil it. I was told: lots of people have died of kidney or liver failure after being on Atkins I read it in the newspaper; you will have a heart attack, it's not natural; your cholesterol will climb sky high and you will need your toes amputated or you will have a stroke; it will affect your eyesight. All sorts of rubbish. So, I went to see my GP, who admitted that he did not know anything about the Atkins diet, but he also added that he had heard nothing bad about it either. He sent me for a series of tests at the hospital and the results were all satisfactory. He was happy that I'd lost 18 lbs and so was I. Six weeks later, I went for another cholesterol check-up, because of the high fat levels in the diet and, although my cholesterol level was up very slightly, the doctor said there was no cause for concern at all.

The book warns that you might suffer from bad breath (halitosis). I don't know whether I did or not - no-one mentioned it, but I started brushing my teeth four or five times a day just in case. I guess that's another benefit of Atkins: increased awareness of oral hygiene. It also warns of constipation. I didn't get that either, although I didn't give up black coffee, which has always had a laxative effect on me. But how can you become constipated if you're allowed to eat well over 1lb of greens a day? I wasn't eating that well before the diet! So my two main concerns were unfounded.

A couple of weeks later, I was getting bored not going out so much. I was still happy with the diet, but because I am single and am used to going out and drinking beer. So, I decided to go about this scientifically. One day, after work, I drank three pints of Guinness and felt great - the taste was wonderful. Before the diet, I would have drunk five or six pints. To my surprise and delight, the next morning the ketone stick told me that I was still 'on the diet'. Over the following weeks, I really enjoyed experimenting to find out what would 'work' and what would not. I discovered that even a small amount of cider would ruin the Atkins diet; some beers and some lagers were all right; red and white wine were OK. Consuming alcohol does not knock you off the Atkins diet, but it slows down your rate of progress. Even slow progress is progress, I say. Better than giving up the diet or not going out.

Don't let people encourage you to 'just have a little bit'. They don't understand or don't want to understand the trouble they're causing you. One's body can hold two days worth of carbohydrates: one square of chocolate, one slice of bread, a bowl of cornflakes or one sugar in your coffee will cost you TWO days to clear out of your system. Don't let people do it to you. This is not a diet that you can stop and start when you like, in fact I think that it probably could be dangerous to keep allowing your ketone and other levels to fluctuate wildly. There are also the high fat levels in the content of the Atkins diet, which is not dangerous if you keep to it, because you body devours fat and cholesterol in the absence of carbohydrates.

The story ends so far, with me having got down to under 16 stone and keeping it there, until very recently when I moved to the Far East to live. Once I get used to the food and my own house and own kitchen, I will go down to 15 stone, I know I will " with very little effort.

Well, there you have it ... My grateful thanks to you, Mr. Blackwell, wherever you are these days, you changed my life and my understanding of food and drink with that book and thank you, Mr. Atkins too.

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Medical Alert Systems: An Option that is Worth Sparing

By Michael Elliot

Medical alert systems can be a life saving decision. However, not all companies are created equal, and have the same offers. There are certain things to look for when you shop these systems. Here are some important items to check, before you sign any papers.

Response Center

Be certain you know precisely what comes about if you want help. Discover what the standard reply time is for their clientele. It is also imperative to be acquainted with test procedures. For example, how frequently do they test tools and how are the tools tested? It is also a fine thought to inquire about training methods for the reply staff. Find out if they are taught fine in emergency reply actions. Make certain that the service is available seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, and holidays as well.

Activation Fees

Makes sure you know what the total costs are. Some services may charge you an activation or setup fee. Sometimes these things are not advertised upfront. Check into any other "hidden charges" that may appear. Make sure you only have to pay the advertised price.

Customer Support

Check into their customer support system. They should have people that can answer any questions that you may have. This is very important for setting up your equipment. It is also important for testing your equipment.

Trial Periods

Discover if they present any complimentary trial periods. This is an immense way to assess a service. A number of services may present your first thirty days free. Some trial periods may furthermore contain a complimentary setup or activation fee.


Make sure that you know what type of transmitter is available. It should be something that you can keep with you at all times. Transmitters should be easy to see and to operate. If the battery gets too low, you may not have any service. Make sure that you know how the battery life is monitored. Some services will monitor the battery life and send you new batteries when you need them.


In some cases, things can interfere with the transmitter signal. It is important to know this ahead of time, before you have any problems. Before making any final decisions, inform the service that you wish to test the transmitter. Make sure that it works in the bathroom, bedroom, outdoors, and any place that you may be.

Shop Around

Make sure that you look at several different systems. If you talk to one service and they attempt to rush you into signing, walk away. This is too important of a decision to rush into. Also, if someone rushes you, they may not want you looking at other services, that may be better.


When shopping for medical alert systems, find out what their average response time is. Also make sure that their staff is well trained. Ask about hidden extras like activation fees, and ask about any special offers or free trial periods. Make sure that you test the transmitter in all places of the house, and outdoors. Your transmitter should work everywhere that you plan to be. Shop several services and do not let anyone hurry you. This decision is too important to rush into.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gestational Diabetes Explained

By Paul Partridge

A form of diabetes that affects pregnant women is called gestational diabetes. A lot of women will find that once they have had the baby that their blood sugar levels get back to normal and the diabetes goes away. Around four percent of pregnant women will develop gestational diabetes and those with risk factors will be more likely to develop it.

Gestational diabetes is believed to start because of the hormones produced in pregnancy. These hormones tend to reduce the woman's insulin receptivity, which leads to high blood sugar levels. The action of insulin on the mother's body can also be blocked by the hormones which help to develop the placenta.

This is known as insulin resistance. The amount of insulin that a pregnant woman needs to remove glucose from the body is three times as much as those who are not expecting. So once the body does not use insulin because of insulin resistance, the mother develops gestational diabetes.

Effects on baby

Late in a pregnancy, gestational diabetes can affect the mother and the baby. Despite the fact that insulin does not cross the placenta, glucose still does. When this glucose passes through the placenta it can lead to high blood glucose levels in the baby.

The baby's pancreas then have to create more insulin to get rid of this excess glucose and this puts a strain on them. Moreover, as the baby's body receives more energy than it requires, the extra energy is stored as fat to lead to a macrosomia or a 'Fat' baby. These babies can have problems when they are born such as hypoglycemia and breathing problems.

Treating the condition

Care must be administered as soon as gestational diabetes is diagnosed as it can cause problems. The emphasis in treatment here lies in maintaining normal blood glucose levels. This will involve the mother following a healthy eating plan with some physical exercise. Blood glucose testing should be done on a periodical basis, and if required, insulin injections may be prescribed by the doctor.

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A Diabetic Sufferer Can Regulate Blood Sugar Levels Through Diet.

By Bert Malone

We can all benefit from a good diet but if you have diabetes, a balanced and nutritional diet can add value to our daily well being and provide an additional quality of life.

Should you suffer from diabetes it's important that you regulate your diet for a number of reasons, probably the most important being to regulate and maintain blood sugar levels.

Staying on a strict diet is not easy and will require work and considerable effort in the beginning, but the results both from a medical and general health point of view will be worth it in the long run.

As you get into a regular daily routine following a diet for diabetes will become easier and more natural, and as your knowledge increases you will be amazed how normal your diet actually can be.

An additional benefit to regulating your diet is that depending on the type of diabetes you suffer from whether its type 1 or 2 you may reduce the need for additional insulin from an outside source.

A diet high in good carbohydrates and lean meat will help reduce the requirements for extra insulin.

Everything that's consumed and digested by us will have an effect on our blood sugar levels and you will clearly understand what's good and bad, go for things like vegetables and fruit but stay away from sweets.

Should your blood sugar levels raise too much, a further condition known as hyperglycemia may manifest itself.

This is a serious condition and if not treated we can damage our internal organs.

As time progresses and your knowledge level increases you will live a very normal life, and with all that healthy and balanced eating you should expect to lose a few pounds into the bargain.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diet Controlled Diabetes: The Basics on Diabetes

By Danna Phillips

One of the top dreaded diseases is diabetes. Diabetes incidence is still significantly high in spite of the latest in medical technology. This calls each one of us to re-examine our knowledge of this disease. With a firm knowledge on this disease, people will be more capable of fighting it off.

Looking through Diabetes

Many people assume that diabetes is as simple as having elevated blood glucose or sugar. This very simplistic explanation fails to capture the true seriousness of this disease. True comprehension of diabetes goes beyond just knowing that it can result to increased glucose.

The underlying mechanism of diabetes is a disorder in how the body regulates or controls glucose. Glucose or simply blood sugar is a product formed from body metabolism and an essential need of the body. Without glucose or when glucose in the body Sugar becomes so low, you get weak and dizzy. Even if glucose is a bodily need, it should not exceed the normal range. Diabetics could be divided into these three subgroups.

First category of diabetics are those with a genetic defect in the pancreas, making it unable to produce the hormone insulin that the body needs to regulate glucose. This insulin is needed in the body to bring the blood level of glucose down because insulin lets the glucose enter the cells to be useful for the body. This defect is inborn hence it is not the diet controlled diabetes type.

The next diabetes category is the one where diet can help a lot. Through diet and exercise, diabetics can control their symptoms.

Third is artificial diabetes like condition that occurs in pregnant woman. This happens because in the pregnant lady, a hormone is produced which has a combative effect on the insulin which is responsible for regulating glucose.

Diet's Role in Diabetes

Control on diet is one of the best recommended activities to combat diabetes. Diet is actually one of those listed in the triad of treatment against diabetes namely: diet, exercise and medications. Diet is also a suggested strategy to fight diabetes type 1 and pregnancy induced (gestational) diabetes. Simple controls in eating can do so much to lessen diabetes symptoms.

Through dieting, people can also avoid obesity and the accompanying risks from the said condition. Being obese especially around the abdominal region can make a person more prone to diabetes. When too much fat is around the waist area, it makes the pancreas less able to produce insulin. When insulin production is compromised, diabetes can worsen and lead to several complications. While trying to find ways to control diabetes may be hard, inclusion of proper diet can make the ordeal easier. When diabetes is controlled at the early stage, it has more chances for success. Letting the condition grow without treatment will make control of symptoms almost impossible. Make the burden of diabetes easier by following diabetes diet restrictions.

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Diet Controlled Diabetes: Eradicate it Diseases are common to human beings but some diseases like Diabetes, once affected , last till death.

By Lila Swanson

Diabetes is a disease which is spreading its wings all over .It usually catches persons of middle age but nowadays children are overweight because of which this monster is spreading its hands towards them. Many kids are also suffering from diabetes. This proves that obesity is the main cause of this disorder.

There is no special rules to follow to control diabetes. Dieticians say that Diabetes can be kept under control by setting some personal rules to your intake of food. That means taking food in small amount at regular intervals of time. This way one can control the intake of food at a time which may lead to obesity .In order to maintain the sugar levels the medical practitioners always stress on taking the food on time everyday. The food should not have high nutritious value. The food should contain good fiber and easy to digest.

Some Diabetes symptoms include: a) Increased Fatigue b) Weight fluctuations c) Blurred vision d) More quantity of urine passage etc., If a person has these symptoms it is better on the advice of doctor start with a diabetic diet.

1- Take as much fruits and vegetables in your meals. Add those vegetables to your fried food and make it more delicious and healthy. Also take these as your lunch.

Some things that are to be kept under consideration: a) Regular intake of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits which are good for diabetic patients.

b) Say no to sweet stuff. As too much intake can cause fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. The first thing any doctor would suggest is to lessen or say no to sugar.

c) Fiber rich food is an added advantage. Fiber rich food has a quality to clean the bowels and keep the stomach free. The intestines function well and release the waste properly with the intake of fiber rich food. This is very important for diabetic patients. Fiber rich food includes whole grains , beans etc.

4- They should eat the fiber rich food too. It is present in vegetables fruits and in several seeds, they help out to decrease the activity of intestine to absorb of glucose. Kidney beans are the food with maximum soluble fiber. Other is carrots, bran, nuts, whole grains. This all works as intestinal scrubbers.

5-Weight loss can lessen the danger from this disorder. Many diet controlled diabetes plans are conducted by various health experts. They take in high-fiber, low-fat or high protein calorie limitations and also make the patients to follow his procedure.

It is a common question eating every one's brains is how long the diabetic diet should be maintained. The answer is simple. It is always safe to ask a doctor first and stick to the advice. After all health is wealth. Saying NO to odd stuff should not be a matter of importance as no control on food may lead to disturbances in life. So it is always safe to control your diet to maintain levels in the body after a person gets affected with the disease.

Another very common query is that how long one has to follow the diet plan and for how long it can be controlled. I think there should be no big problem to follow it for many years if it is for our benefit. Medically it should be continued. Stay active and enjoy healthy life.

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