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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Comfort of Diabetic Shoes

By Jaden Morgen

There is a condition in our body where it cannot adjust to the level of sugar that one takes in, especially glucose in the blood. Glucose is the type of sugar that energizes us so that we can do all the things we do every day. Insulin, a hormone found in healthy people, is the one controlling the amount of sugar in our bodies. Insulin comes from our pancreas. The glucose goes through our body by way of our blood into our vital organs with the help of insulin. Organs like liver, muscles and fat cells use the glucose as fuel. Diabetes comes in two forms; type 1 is when the body is incapable of producing sufficient insulin. Type 2 is when the body cannot make proper use of the insulin. Too much of something is never good, same goes with our organs, if there is a lot of glucose then there will be side effects.

Diabetes most often leads to diabetic feet, it is an abnormal condition that causes discomfort in walking and is painful. This also leads to arterial neuropathy, common cause of infection and inflammation on the feet. Worst cases is when the body cannot heal wounds fast or do not heal at all. Doctors and professionals strongly suggest wearing shoes that specializes in protecting the feet.

Buying good diabetic shoes requires expertise in selection. There are many things to consider when getting these shoes. For once, the toe box needs to be elevated and wide enough not to cause scrapes and compressing your toes. You need to make sure that you choose the size that perfectly fits your feet to prevent stressing out your feet. Also, when you plan to buy the shoes on your own, bear in mind that it is better to do it in the afternoon as your feet might probably be swollen in the morning. These shoes are engineered to make sure the toes do not come in close contact with the insole surface; they have special inserts and soles and are softer than other shoes.

These specialized shoes are not sold everywhere and they are commonly distributed by Medical Facilities or stores that sell medical supplies. Good thing is that we sell these shoes in our stores. We have a wide array of collection from socks, walkers and insoles. You would love the designs we have for the shoes; we have shoes for all types of occasion and activities such as formal black shoes, sports shoes, designs for casual day to day wear and crocs. There are available designs for both male and female.

Since the diabetic shoes are mainly designed for protection and avoidance of foot deformities many patients have considered using these. Diabetic feet develop lesions very quickly thus these shoes quicken the metabolism process, rejuvenate blood circulation and activate the anti-fungal activities of the body. These shoes also resemble oxy-generators and refresh the cells by helping stimulate blood circulation to avoid lethargy and fatigue. You can check out our store anytime.

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