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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diet Controlled Diabetes: Eradicate it Diseases are common to human beings but some diseases like Diabetes, once affected , last till death.

By Lila Swanson

Diabetes is a disease which is spreading its wings all over .It usually catches persons of middle age but nowadays children are overweight because of which this monster is spreading its hands towards them. Many kids are also suffering from diabetes. This proves that obesity is the main cause of this disorder.

There is no special rules to follow to control diabetes. Dieticians say that Diabetes can be kept under control by setting some personal rules to your intake of food. That means taking food in small amount at regular intervals of time. This way one can control the intake of food at a time which may lead to obesity .In order to maintain the sugar levels the medical practitioners always stress on taking the food on time everyday. The food should not have high nutritious value. The food should contain good fiber and easy to digest.

Some Diabetes symptoms include: a) Increased Fatigue b) Weight fluctuations c) Blurred vision d) More quantity of urine passage etc., If a person has these symptoms it is better on the advice of doctor start with a diabetic diet.

1- Take as much fruits and vegetables in your meals. Add those vegetables to your fried food and make it more delicious and healthy. Also take these as your lunch.

Some things that are to be kept under consideration: a) Regular intake of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits which are good for diabetic patients.

b) Say no to sweet stuff. As too much intake can cause fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. The first thing any doctor would suggest is to lessen or say no to sugar.

c) Fiber rich food is an added advantage. Fiber rich food has a quality to clean the bowels and keep the stomach free. The intestines function well and release the waste properly with the intake of fiber rich food. This is very important for diabetic patients. Fiber rich food includes whole grains , beans etc.

4- They should eat the fiber rich food too. It is present in vegetables fruits and in several seeds, they help out to decrease the activity of intestine to absorb of glucose. Kidney beans are the food with maximum soluble fiber. Other is carrots, bran, nuts, whole grains. This all works as intestinal scrubbers.

5-Weight loss can lessen the danger from this disorder. Many diet controlled diabetes plans are conducted by various health experts. They take in high-fiber, low-fat or high protein calorie limitations and also make the patients to follow his procedure.

It is a common question eating every one's brains is how long the diabetic diet should be maintained. The answer is simple. It is always safe to ask a doctor first and stick to the advice. After all health is wealth. Saying NO to odd stuff should not be a matter of importance as no control on food may lead to disturbances in life. So it is always safe to control your diet to maintain levels in the body after a person gets affected with the disease.

Another very common query is that how long one has to follow the diet plan and for how long it can be controlled. I think there should be no big problem to follow it for many years if it is for our benefit. Medically it should be continued. Stay active and enjoy healthy life.

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