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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diabetes: Understand it to Eliminate

By Carol Summers

Diabetes is a chronic and incurable disease. It results from a body's inner imbalance, related to blood sugar disorder. It is also called Diabetes Mellitus, where the term mellitus is a Latin word for honey, since the urine of a diabetic patient has a sweet taste. From the written we can foresee that diabetes has something to deal with increased blood sugar, which is inappropriately supplied into body cells. Why is level of blood sugar increased and what causes it?

In diabetes, it's all about a hormone, called insulin. It keeps blood sugar balanced in our body by regulating uptake of glucose from blood into most cells. But what if our body doesn't produce enough insulin? It means that blood sugar stays in our blood circulation instead of being supplied to muscles and other appropriate cells. This kind of situation is called type 1 diabetes. Normally it occurs in a childhood and makes a person an insulin-dependent.

Patients would need an insulin injection because the body fails to produce enough insulin. Then there is another type of diabetes. In this form of diabetes patients, their bodies are able to produce enough insulin themselves but their cells don't respond effectively or at all to this insulin. Because of this the sugar remains in their blood and does not travel to body muscles and other parts of the body. It would happen in adult age. This may be because of inherited disorders or unhealthy lifestyle.

Gestational diabetes: Gestational Diabetes is mainly related to females during their pregnancy. It is important for women to check their sugar levels as per the advice of the medical practitioner. Mostly women during pregnancy get this kind of diabetes if the disease exists in their family history .

We did discuss it above that diabetes is an uncurable disease. However, one can improve their chances of survival. First type of diabetes that is described above should be dealth with an injection of insulin. The second and third type can be made better with proper exercising, a healthy lifestyle and a good diet. Patients should avoid high carbohydrate diets as sugar is delivered to our blood by the food we eat. One should eat products that are without sugar or can add artificial forms of sugar. This should help them control their blood sugar.

So far, we know that by diabetes some blood sugar remains in our blood circulation. Since it can't be supplied to cells, which need it, a part of glucose is carried out from our body through urine. That is why urine of a diabetic patient has sweet taste. Increased level of glucose in urine causes kidney overwork, which results in increased urine production and consecutively dehydration and thirst. Besides the main diabetes symptoms, patient can also suffer from vision problems, breath smell and increased hunger.

Type 2 and Gestational diabetes once affected can be kept under control with a planned diabetic diet and regular exercise. The diet plays an important role for diabetic patients. It is better to follow the instructions of doctor. The food should contain those items maintain the blood sugar levels.

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