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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tips And Strategies On How To Care For Yourself When Having Diabetes

By Merrie Reuter

Diabetes is one of those diseases that will not discriminate. People can be affected by this disease as a toddler and have to spend their entire life controlling their insulin levels and dietary habits, or it can strike you later in life. If you have diabetes, you need to read these great tips in the text below.

Diabetics need to avoid ketchup like the plague. I know it's tasty, I love it to death, but it's so full of sugar both from the tomatoes and the high fructose corn syrup that it's more of a curse than a pleasure. I like to replace it with yellow mustard as it has little to no sugar added.

Just like you're able to buy generic diabetic prescriptions and stay healthy, generic food items can be just as good as their brand name counterparts. Saving money is important to everyone, especially when you're on a relatively strict diet. If you're going to buy the generic brand, compare the ingredient list and nutrition data to the brand name to make sure you're getting the same quality.

Take a thyroid test! If you are diagnosed as Diabetic, find out if you've had your thyroid checked recently. Sometimes thyroid conditions can cause the pancreas to lower its production of insulin! So, getting a blood test to make sure that your thyroid is doing fine is a good idea - before you go on any medications for Diabetes.

To avoid complications with your diabetes, pay attention to the amount and the type of carbohydrates that you eat. You do not have to eliminate them completely from your diet, but it is important to choose carbs that break down slowly, giving your body energy throughout the day. In particular, whole grains, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables are good choices.

Making the switch to high fiber foods will help lower your risk for diabetes. Try to eat only whole grains, they are packed with fiber that allows your body to digest foods without getting a spike in blood sugar which is what happens when you eat mostly refined carbs (white bread and any type of processed foods).

There is no treatment in the world that is as effective at controlling Diabetes as a good laugh! It lowers your stress levels, makes you FEEL good, and can give you a bit of exercise to boot. Laughter is known to cause great relief in many different conditions, so give it a try.

Although monitoring your blood glucose levels and keeping them in the normal range can be a time-consuming process, it is well worth the effort. When your glucose levels are normal you feel more energetic and optimistic. Making the effort now also decreases the possibility of suffering side effects of diabetes such as kidney and eye diseases.

Without the proper care of your body when you have diabetes, you are just traveling down a road that can't take you back from where you came. Now that you have read this article and gotten the information you need to keep you from going down that road in the first place, make sure you are taking care of yourself.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Diabetes Tips You Can't Afford To Ignore

By Merrie Reuter

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of people. Left untreated, it can be deadly. Diabetes can strike people of any age. Therefore, it is imperative that you recognize the symptoms of this disease so you can get immediate treatment for yourself or a family member, if necessary. The following article provides you with answers to all of the questions you may have about the different types of diabetes and how they can affect your life.

If you have diabetes, check your blood sugar often. This is especially important first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and after meals. Tracking your blood sugar can help you to stay informed about your condition. Sharing the information with your physician can help him to adjust insulin or other medication dosages appropriately.

A great tip that can help you control your diabetes is to only eat half of your meals and save the other half for later. This is great if you want to keep your blood sugar in check, and you're worried about portion control. You can always finish the other half later.

Meet with an expert. Diabetes is very serious. It usually requires a major lifestyle change on your part. To ensure that you are doing everything you can to keep your diabetes in check, take the time to educate yourself. A doctor or nutritionist should be able to give you thorough and trustworthy advice.

Do not walk barefoot if you are diabetic. In some cases, nerve damage or neuropathy will occur in the extremities, especially your feet. Always wear shoes with soft, clean socks or slippers. Be vigilant about checking your feet daily; the lack of sensation in your feet may have blisters, calluses or bruises go unnoticed. Keep your feet safe by following these steps.

Make sure to keep your diet high in fiber. A high fiber diet for a diabetic will help reduce your risk by improving your blood sugar control as well as promoting weight loss by helping you to feel full. Good foods for fiber are whole grains, nuts, seeds, and certain fruits and vegetables.

You may find it more difficult to control your blood glucose when you are sick. Illness causes stress, and any kind of stress may raise your glucose. When sick, take extra care in monitoring your blood glucose. The ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommends that glucose and urine ketone levels be checked every four hours.

Diabetics who notice that their fingernails and toenails are becoming very thick and even pulling away from the nail bed may actually have a fungal infection. Fungal infections are more common in people with diabetes; diabetes may also make them more likely to suffer liver damage from common anti-fungal medications. If your doctor prescribes an oral medication, be sure to have regular blood work during therapy.

Although it's too late to prevent diabetes now, it's not too late to take the steps necessary to rise above this disease. Learning how to deal with your diabetes is only half of the battle here. The onus is now on you to put a plan together in order to fight this disease.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Keeping Fit At Home

By Lala Tom

Healthy living starts with diet and exercise. Eating right and exercising can help your body feel better. To keep your body in top fitness shape, consider working out at home or at the fitness center. Many use machines to assist them in their workouts. Treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes are the most well-known machines to exercise on. Jump on one of these and make your own workout or follow a pre-programmed one. Check out one of these machines and see what people are talking about.

Treadmill workouts can give you intense workout sessions. Workouts of this kind get the heart beating pretty fast. Choose to jog at a comfortable pace or push yourself with sprints. A lot of today's treadmills come installed with workout apps that can help guide you to specific fitness goals. Certified fitness trainers have designed these programs. There's a variety of different fitness apps to choose from. You can even follow your workout progress by tracking such metrics as your heart rate, calories burned, and distance run. Treadmills have gone high-tech these days. Treadmill manufacturers make their machines according to different specifications. It's best to do some research before purchasing a machine. A good place to get some basic information is a treadmill review. Use treadmill reviews as a resource when deciding which machines are best for you.

Another popular exercise machine is the elliptical trainer. If you're looking for something less hard on the body in terms of impact, you'll love an elliptical. Because of the smooth elliptical movement of the pedals, which imitates that which is found in walking, workouts on an elliptical trainer seem natural and are comfortable. There's no impact of the body on the machine itself like there is on a treadmill. There will be less bodily aches, if any, after an elliptical workout. Get a complete body workout when you combine arm exercises with elliptical arm movements. Ellipticals come with a handful of pre-configured workout programs, just like treadmills. If you're not sure where to start, select one of these fitness programs and let the program guide you through a session. Choosing an elliptical for yourself can be a challenging task. For example, there are rear-drive ellipticals and front-drive ellipticals. Help yourself by seeing what other people have to say about favorite ellipticals in elliptical reviews and forums.

The last of the three machines we'll talk about is the exercise bike. Those who enjoy cycling will love working out on one of these machines. You have typically have three choices when you select to workout on an exercise bike. Select from one of the three designs: upright, indoor, and recumbent. They each are engineered for a specific purpose. If you enjoy simple rides on a road bike, you'll like upright exercise bikes. The majority of people will easily be able to operate one of these. The indoor cycle is more appropriate for those in training. The position is more hunched over, allowing for the legs to stand and drive through the pedals. If you're in rehab for some form of injury, a recumbent exercise bike might be the best choice for you. You'll find the position taken on these bikes to be very comfortable.

Sustaining a good and healthy way of life should be a goal for everyone. Regular exercise will keep you on that path. Treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes are good tools that can be used to keep you fit. These fitness machines will make it easy for you to get into shape. Hop on one of these and you'll see how fun your workout sessions can be. Treat your body right, keep it in good shape, and you'll feel better because of it.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Learn Sleep Apnea Side Effects and The Dangers of Them

By Sam Kappel

Over 18 million Americans have some form of sleep apnea and that number is growing. There are dangerous and even life threatening sleep apnea side effects if it's left untreated. One of the major causes of sleep apnea today is obesity. Over 50% of people with sleep apnea are obese. This number is increasing and due to the side effects it is important to get sleep apnea treated.

Below I am going to share some of the more common side effects of sleep apnea. There are many more that are associated with sleep apnea, but I am going to stick with some of the more dangerous ones. These side effects are dangerous and can even be life threatening.

1.) Stroke

2.) Stroke

3.) Obesity

4.) Diabetes

5.) High blood pressure

6.) Stroke

7.) Loud snoring

8.) Loud snoring

9.) Depression

10.) Foggy head and thinking

11.) Imbalance of hormones

12.) Weight gain

13.) Hormonal balance problems

14.) Angry bed partner

15.) Neurological disease and issues

16.) Not so happy sleep partner

17.) Spinal injuries

18.) Tired during the day

With sleep apnea the airway becomes blocked and this causes a person to stop breathing. A person can stop breathing several time throughout a night and this causes problems. When breathing stops the body becomes deprived of oxygen. When the body is lacking oxygen it can causes major health issues like the ones I described above.

One of the biggest causes of some of these nasty side effects is stress and the hormones that come with it. The lack of sleep and irregular sleeping patterns puts stress on the body. The hormone most associated with stress is Cortisol and this is a major cause of weight gain. Stress can cause major problems with health, including heart issues.

It is important to get diagnosed If you do not know if you have sleep apnea. If you do have sleep apnea it very important to treat it before any of these side effects cause major health issues.

Every sleep apnea treatment out there depends on the person and what they are comfortable with. There are many treatment options and it's important to find one that is comfortable and works. To help avoid sleep apnea side effects it's important to treat it sooner than later.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Look Fabulous and Shed Extra Pounds -- Easy, Effective Tips

By Kayla Milliway

As one gets older, exercising and eating well are parts of life that are easy to forgo. It is easy to let the stress of work and family life crowd out the need to exercise. If you are enduring a similar problem, the following advice has been written with you in mind. These tips will bring you back to your teenage shape. As you get older, it can be easy to let your fitness and activity level slide. Daily stresses and pressures may take time away from fitness. If you are ready to get fitness back into your life, then take a look at the simple tips presented here. Utilizing these tips can get your body into the trim shape you have always wanted.

Although it may cause initial discomfort, it is good to exercise an injured muscle once you have been cleared to do so. Not exercising during an injury can cause muscles to tighten or lose tone. You do not have to do anything intense. Try using an ice pack on the sore area when you are finished, make sure until then that you don't overwork it. Try stretching sore muscles and only exercise lightly during an injury. If you fail to do this, your other muscles have a greater chance of tightening up. Keep the activity light. The key is to ease back into physical activity of the affected area. Go at a slower pace and use ice on your injury when you are done.

Before you go climbing, be sure to purchase proper footwear. If you shoes are more flexible and have more traction, you will climb much better too. Climbing requires footwear with excellent traction and high sensitivity to maintain balance. This is likely different than what you are accustomed to when searching for shoes for running and walking. Climbing requires that you have good, supportive shoes. Climbing shoes have better traction and are more flexible, which will help you while you are climbing. When climbing, you need shoes that are skid-free and can improve balance.

In the field of fitness, there is a large disparity between men and women. Men usually want to put on muscle, while women usually want to take off weight. Woman normally have a higher body-fat percentage and lower metabolism; it often takes longer for them to lose weight. Oftentimes, men and women have different objectives when approaching a fitness routine. Women are primarily looking to thin down and tone trouble areas, while men are looking to build muscle mass. Men tend to see results a bit faster than women because they generally have less body fat and higher metabolisms.

To get the most out of each workout, having the right gear is essential. The right footwear is especially important since it absorbs shock and by extension protects your lower body from injury while you work out. With the wrong equipment, your work out can cause you harm and become a dangerous activity. Choosing the right clothing is crucial to maximize a workout. Only workout footwear gives you the shock absorption and traction that you need to support the muscles in your legs and feet. If you wear athletic shoes that don't fit properly or are not the correct style for your workout, you run the risk being injured.

In addition to the normal ab workouts, great looking abs require free weight compound exercises. Basic lifts like squats and dead lifts will work your abs by forcing them to work to keep your posture up. Abdominal muscles can look and feel great. Try exercise techniques that isolate the abdominal muscles and couple that with weight training as well. Common exercises like squats and dead lifts build your abs because doing these exercises requires your muscles to contract, which builds endurance.

Work slowly to improve your level of fitness faster. What this means is to slow down the contraction phase of the lift when you're lifting weights. You will be able to see improvements faster if you take 10 seconds per repetition instead of 2 seconds. Expect to see visible results in about six weeks. For improvement in muscle strength and fitness, going slowly gives faster results. Specifically, during weight lifting, perform the contraction phase very slowly. Change the time it takes to do each lift from two seconds to ten seconds, and you will see some drastic improvement! After trying it for six weeks, noticeable results should be evident.

These tips show that getting back in shape is not as hard as you think it may be. If you have the time, work ethic, determination and patience, then you have what it takes. These are attributes that are beneficial for all facets of life. If you find success in other areas of your life, there is no reason you cannot do the same for your fitness goals. Just start working! The tips in this article can show you that getting back in shape is not as impossible as you might think. Great fitness takes time, patience, and work. You can lose weight by applying the same character strengths you use in other areas of your life. Getting fit is not nearly as difficult as being a good parent, spouse or worker; just a fraction of the dedication you apply to those things will make your fitness program a breeze. Just go out there and get busy.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

When It Comes To Weight Loss You Are Going To Find That Slow And Steady Wins The Race

By Johanivo Gustavy

In relation to losing a few pounds many individuals want to accomplish this as quickly as they can. You will recognize that if you lose some weight as quickly as possible the chances of you maintaining this weight loss are slim and that it can also have negative effects on your health. Some folks have already learned that in order to achieve success with weight loss and keep it off it is important to do this steadily and slowly. And by shedding weight this way it's going to be much easier for you to maintain the losses that you have achieved. As you read you will find out why it is so bad to try and lose weight as fast you can.

Believe it or not there's a lot of people who decide they would like to lose weight fast and the strategy they take is to just stop eating. Many people don't understand that this can in fact have terrible affects on their health while they might be able to drop some weight quick. One thing you need to remember is that your body needs nutrition every single day to be able to function properly and while you are not getting it you're causing detrimental affects on the organs inside your body. And if this is a thing that goes on for a prolonged amount of time certain organs inside your body may actually wind up shutting down.

There is needless to say another way that men and women drop some weight quickly and that's by utilizing a zero carb diet. While this sort of diet allows you to eat, mostly meats and eggs, all of the nutrition that you need to have is really not realized in these sorts of foods. Fruits and vegetables carry the minerals and vitamins that people need for a healthy body, but this diet doesn't enable you to eat them which cause your body not to function properly. So as I'm sure you have already figured out when it comes to shedding weight this isn't a diet planet you need to follow.

You are going to also discover that a lot of the new fad diets that hit the market will also not be providing you the proper nutrition. One more thing I ought to point out just so that you understand, is that when you wind up dropping weight incredibly fast you'll usually wind up putting this weight back on just as fast. If you ever find a diet plan that doesn't permit you to eat vegetables and fruits you're going to find that you will be missing loads of the nutrition that you have to have for healthy weight loss.

Obtaining the proper nutrition with vegetables and fruits is extremely important in any weight loss system, of course, if you wish to lose weight, cut back on your calorie intake. 1 pound of fat is around 3500 calories, so if you can burn off 3500 calories more than you consume every week, you'll drop some weight. With time your body will be used to the reduction of food that you're eating each day, so you are going to actually not be as hungry after you reach your weight loss goals. By following the suggestions that we have laid out in this post you will see that you'll have the ability to drop some weight and maintain this loss for an extended time frame.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Guide on how to stay healthy for all ages

By Kimrose Pianote

Whatever age group you fall into, good nutrition is still the key to feeling your best. By keeping to a basic nutritional foundation, you will be able to create quality meals. The advice provided in the following article can help you eat well for optimal health.

Make sure you take the time to learn about carbohydrates. A common misconception is that carbs are universally unhealthy. This is an inaccurate statement. For your brain and body to function properly, complex carbohydrates are essential. Knowing these differences can help you to figure out what choices to make the next time you go grocery shopping.

Many people want to eat healthy, but feel that they don't have the time to do so. Cooking at home may be your answer. Eating healthy is so much easier when you have a refrigerator packed with tasty and nutritious homemade food that you can pack for lunches or quickly heat up. If you invest a little time over the weekend, you can easily stock your fridge with enough food to last the week. You can enjoy healthy, nutritious meals all week long.

When you eat a salad, you should avoid unnecessary additions. For example, croutons, bacon bits, and lashings of dressing do not provide any nutritional value. Instead, they turn a perfectly good salad into an unhealthy meal. Add an extra kick of flavor to your salad with egg whites, low fat cheeses and citrus juices without adding extra fat.

Fruits, seeds and nuts are healthy, nutrient-rich snacks. Proteins, minerals and compounds are all contained in seeds, nuts and fruits because they are needed to help them to grow into plants. Their nutritional elements are essential to support and sustain healthy living. This is what makes them nutritionally valuable. To get more seeds, nuts, and fruit in your diet, try a homemade trail mix.

Serotonin is a chemical that increases your energy and makes you feel good. Serotonin levels are boosted by baked potatoes, whole wheat pasta and bread, brown rice, oatmeal and bananas. These foods also contain a lot of fiber; that will keep you fuller longer. Remember that indulging in sugary foods may give you an instant kick, but ultimately ends with a crash. When you replace junk food with healthy food, your body feels better over time.

Adding soy to your diet can work wonders in keeping your cholesterol down and your body healthy. Tofu, soybeans, soy protein powder, and soy burgers are all good originators for soy. Make sure you add these to your diet.

There are alternative spreads, such as soybeans, sunflower seeds and almonds, that are tasty if your child is allergic to peanuts. These butters can also be used as a cooking substitute.

Be smart about using nutritional supplements. As vitamins and minerals work alongside each other, an excess or decrease in one can cause an effect on others. Some supplements, such as B vitamins, are not meant to be taken in mega doses. Unless you are specifically advised to take more by a doctor, it's best to limit yourself to a single multivitamin each day.

No matter what, everyone should consider nutrition. It is basically about eating and drinking properly to become fit and healthy. Sometimes eating nutritious meals can be difficult, but review the ideas from this article, they will help you make good choices.

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