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Monday, March 11, 2013

Learn Sleep Apnea Side Effects and The Dangers of Them

By Sam Kappel

Over 18 million Americans have some form of sleep apnea and that number is growing. There are dangerous and even life threatening sleep apnea side effects if it's left untreated. One of the major causes of sleep apnea today is obesity. Over 50% of people with sleep apnea are obese. This number is increasing and due to the side effects it is important to get sleep apnea treated.

Below I am going to share some of the more common side effects of sleep apnea. There are many more that are associated with sleep apnea, but I am going to stick with some of the more dangerous ones. These side effects are dangerous and can even be life threatening.

1.) Stroke

2.) Stroke

3.) Obesity

4.) Diabetes

5.) High blood pressure

6.) Stroke

7.) Loud snoring

8.) Loud snoring

9.) Depression

10.) Foggy head and thinking

11.) Imbalance of hormones

12.) Weight gain

13.) Hormonal balance problems

14.) Angry bed partner

15.) Neurological disease and issues

16.) Not so happy sleep partner

17.) Spinal injuries

18.) Tired during the day

With sleep apnea the airway becomes blocked and this causes a person to stop breathing. A person can stop breathing several time throughout a night and this causes problems. When breathing stops the body becomes deprived of oxygen. When the body is lacking oxygen it can causes major health issues like the ones I described above.

One of the biggest causes of some of these nasty side effects is stress and the hormones that come with it. The lack of sleep and irregular sleeping patterns puts stress on the body. The hormone most associated with stress is Cortisol and this is a major cause of weight gain. Stress can cause major problems with health, including heart issues.

It is important to get diagnosed If you do not know if you have sleep apnea. If you do have sleep apnea it very important to treat it before any of these side effects cause major health issues.

Every sleep apnea treatment out there depends on the person and what they are comfortable with. There are many treatment options and it's important to find one that is comfortable and works. To help avoid sleep apnea side effects it's important to treat it sooner than later.

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