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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diet Controlled Diabetes: The Basics on Diabetes

By Danna Phillips

One of the top dreaded diseases is diabetes. Diabetes incidence is still significantly high in spite of the latest in medical technology. This calls each one of us to re-examine our knowledge of this disease. With a firm knowledge on this disease, people will be more capable of fighting it off.

Looking through Diabetes

Many people assume that diabetes is as simple as having elevated blood glucose or sugar. This very simplistic explanation fails to capture the true seriousness of this disease. True comprehension of diabetes goes beyond just knowing that it can result to increased glucose.

The underlying mechanism of diabetes is a disorder in how the body regulates or controls glucose. Glucose or simply blood sugar is a product formed from body metabolism and an essential need of the body. Without glucose or when glucose in the body Sugar becomes so low, you get weak and dizzy. Even if glucose is a bodily need, it should not exceed the normal range. Diabetics could be divided into these three subgroups.

First category of diabetics are those with a genetic defect in the pancreas, making it unable to produce the hormone insulin that the body needs to regulate glucose. This insulin is needed in the body to bring the blood level of glucose down because insulin lets the glucose enter the cells to be useful for the body. This defect is inborn hence it is not the diet controlled diabetes type.

The next diabetes category is the one where diet can help a lot. Through diet and exercise, diabetics can control their symptoms.

Third is artificial diabetes like condition that occurs in pregnant woman. This happens because in the pregnant lady, a hormone is produced which has a combative effect on the insulin which is responsible for regulating glucose.

Diet's Role in Diabetes

Control on diet is one of the best recommended activities to combat diabetes. Diet is actually one of those listed in the triad of treatment against diabetes namely: diet, exercise and medications. Diet is also a suggested strategy to fight diabetes type 1 and pregnancy induced (gestational) diabetes. Simple controls in eating can do so much to lessen diabetes symptoms.

Through dieting, people can also avoid obesity and the accompanying risks from the said condition. Being obese especially around the abdominal region can make a person more prone to diabetes. When too much fat is around the waist area, it makes the pancreas less able to produce insulin. When insulin production is compromised, diabetes can worsen and lead to several complications. While trying to find ways to control diabetes may be hard, inclusion of proper diet can make the ordeal easier. When diabetes is controlled at the early stage, it has more chances for success. Letting the condition grow without treatment will make control of symptoms almost impossible. Make the burden of diabetes easier by following diabetes diet restrictions.

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  1. The bicycle crunch exercise tops the list as the best abdominal exercise. When the feet are lifted it takes away some of the arch in the lower back and takes some pressure off the joints.