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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Science Based Meditation For Beginners

By Elizabeth N. Jennings

Slowly, meditation is detaching from its image that it is a strange spiritual custom practice by ascetics and monks in Asia. Some famous people and personalities who meditate include Gwyneth Paltrow, Rivers Cuomo, and David Lynch. Meditation helped military veterans deal with their post traumatic stress disorder. An increasing number of research shows that meditation has a noticeable effect on human's brain that promotes different types of health and wellness. People who are interested may need to overcome the hurdles of meditation such as the perception that it is hard, painful, time-consuming and complicated - and religious.
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Through reconnecting your soul to the spiritual source, the principal ambition in meditating proves to be relaxing both mind and body. The mind is able to calm down, when the body is calm. This can literally help the body to improve in health. A second advantage to be gained through meditation centers on the fact that it is a method for permitting yourself to think clearly. Your mind simply becomes conditioned into a relaxed and calm state that carries forth in your day-to-day life, allowing you to better handle situations as they may arise. Of course, you need to make it a regular practice, and not just meditate on days you "think" something bad may happen.

Find some free time in a calm and quiet place as you can at least 20 minutes or more. Meditating with interruptions from your gadgets and computers will not really work. Some traditions use the physical position lotus position or also known as Indian sit. In Sanskit, this is known as mudras - the famous sitting position in the ground. If you are not comfortable with this sitting position, you can sit on a chair instead. Do not just sit but try as much as possible to do something. Don't start immediately with meditation but let your body and mind settle first before starting. Life is already stressful as it is, do not add stress by doing meditation in a hurry. Try to pick something and gently draw your attention into it. It can be an image - mental or physical - or your breathing which works easy and natural. You can meditate with eyes closed or open, whichever works for you. A mantra may also aid you during meditation. It is a voice or sound that you build in your mind. When your mind starts to wander, slowly go back to the present condition. During your meditation, you will feel that your mind gets quieter than before.

In breathing meditation you will have to focus on your breath and only on your breath and in that way still your mind. But in the beginning it may be difficult not to get distracted by your own thoughts trying to steal your attention. But as anything else, it takes practice. But luckily the progress is quite fast and you will be able to see your own development after only a couple of day's meditation. Of course when you make it a habit and practice daily, you will really be able to feel the benefits of meditation and hopefully reach your goal.

Medication techniques for novice are not as hard as you imagine. It is a wonderful experience that will change your life in many ways. Meditation helps treat anxiety, stress and depression. It provides inner peace without the aid of chemicals and medical treatments. Binaural beats and sounds help beginners in their meditation. Focusing on your breathing is one if the simplest technique that you can master in meditation. All you have to do is base your breathing on the sound and feeling of your breath. Do it in a quiet place where do will not be distracted.

Results. Of course, it is impossible to measure the results in a scientific way. What I can tell you is that I noticed I was sleeping through the night after regular practice of the techniques I learned in the system (and I used to wake up several times a night with anxiety). I also felt more positive throughout the day. That's the best way I have of describing it: I simply had less negative and detrimental thoughts. Lastly (and perhaps this is the most tangible indicator of my success): I finally accomplished those personal goals I'd set for myself the prior year, which up until that point had been mere fantasies. That in itself was enough to convince me of the power of meditation, and of the effectiveness of this course."Simple Meditation for Beginners" is a great program for getting started in meditation. Although it does not reach into the broader spectrum of meditative practices, it does provide you with a great foundation to build upon. If you are looking for a fast and easy entrance into the world of meditation, then this could be the perfect program for you.

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