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Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Boost Your Metabolism

By Phil James

That's the question, how to increase metabolism. To lose weight we have to speed up the metabolism in our body. A great definition of what metabolism does is that it burns what we eat and causes our body to create energy and dump the waste that we do not need.

In the States we've got a disposition to be overweight. Why is this? One of the number one reasons is perhaps because fast foods are so easy to get and eat. I cook daily and I'm of the opinion that there are times that I just don't want to... It's one of those nights that "let's go out honey" comes up. If you are working a full time job outside the house and then have to cook each evening, it becomes really straightforward to point out "let's go out honey" or "let's bring something home that's already prepared." Sadly those foods have lots of hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup in them as well as preservatives, artificial colours and salt. All of which add to our belly fat and being obese in general and not being healthy in general.

Speaking of belly fat there is a lot of study out there that discusses buckle fat leading to more redness in our body. Inflammation leads to all types of illnesses, for example coronary disease, diabetes, cancer, and the list keeps growing. If we can keep our weight down, especially around our middle we'll be all the more healthy for it.

What are some of the stuff we have to do to discover how to extend our metabolism?

1) Eating correctly, fruit and vegetables naturally but also meats that do not come from a grocers. They're full of hormones, dyes and chemicals. If you can buy organic foods, do therefore or you can join a natural foods co-op to be able to get better food at less cost.

2) Have you ever given thought to going grocery buying one time per week and preparing your food for a whole week all at the same time? It can be done and it sure saves a substantial amount of time and energy in the week if all you have got to do is to drag it out of the refrigerator in the morning and pop it in the oven at night.

I know that most people don't prefer to think about exercising but it can actually help. Try and find things that are fun... Like playing with your kids in movement games. Chances are your kids need the exercise also if they have been at school all day. Be creative and you and your kids will have plenty of fun and you will all feel better later.

It doesn't have to be hard and I will be writing more suggestions in other articles and on my website about this subject.

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