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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Diabetes 101

By Derrikk Garcia

Diabetes doesn't have a lot of symptoms and can kill. Some people have no idea that they might already have it because they don't have information on the different types of diabetes. Most people have an idea of what Diabetes is. What happens is that the body can no longer produce insulin. Or if the body is capable of producing insulin, production is minimal. Different types of people can get diabetes. It can happen at any age. What people need to do is to have the signs and symptoms of diabetes explained.

So what makes diabetes something which is not good?

Diabetes is the main culprit of kidney failure and blindness. This is as well seen a factor for amputations, heart problems and stroke. Those with diabetes don't heal from cuts easily. Many people are of the idea that only old people get diabetes. This is why information on the different types of diabetes is needed.

There are 2 kinds of diabetes actually. When the body destroys the cells which produce insulin this is known as type 1. This is something people are born with. The body becoming incapable of responding to insulin is type 2. Those who get this are generally obese or in their middle age. So how can one be armed against diabetes? Having the signs and symptoms of diabetes explained to them would be the best thing to do.

So what are said signs?

The first thing one should watch out for is how often they visit the bathroom. Those with diabetes urinate more regularly than others due to the fact that this is the body way of compensating for the lack of glucose in the system. The fact that water is being drawn from blood by the kidney is the reason why the bladder is always full. Another symptom to watch out for would be always being thirsty. Since one is constantly urinating they need water to replenish the one going out of the body.

Without a doubt, people need to be aware of diabetes for their own good. So that one knows how to cope they should have information on the different types of diabetes. The reason here is that if one isn't sure of their type of diabetes then they can't act accordingly. So if one doesn't have Type 1 then there's still that chance to not acquire Type 2. The signs and symptoms of diabetes explained would really help people deal with it. This won't get rid of diabetes but it can make it easier to deal with.

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