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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learning to Be Healthy Even with Diabetes

By Kathleen Townsend

Having blood sugar quantities which might be unchecked is common for many people who have diabetes. Though it can occur often for some, it's a factor that can result in serious health issues. The key to being a healthy diabetic is learning to control your glucose levels while getting all of the nutrients your body requires.

Keep in mind that all sugar really isn't the same and that some of it is actually healthy for you. While you should refrain from eating nearly anything that has added sugars, things that have natural sugars are not deemed dangerous to eat. This means you cannot feel free to nibble on a candy bar, but it is okay to eat reasonable amounts of fresh fruit, which includes natural sugars. Since the sugar is all natural, it will breakdown slower, meaning it doesn't cause any dramatic spikes in blood sugar levels.

Eating carbohydrates in abundance is not something you ought to be doing if you're diabetic. Carbohydrates develop into sugar the moment they start to break down, and that means you should limit your intake. Complex carbs take more time to break down, so you should eat those if you are intending to eat any whatsoever. Foods that contain complex carbs include brown bread, whole wheat crackers and brown rice. You should still limit your helpings so your glucose levels don't spike.

If you've been prescribed medicine to control your sugar levels, it is necessary that you're taking it exactly as prescribed. There might be days when you feel perfectly fine, but taking the drugs are important to maintain your all-around health. It is also best to eat and take your medicine at the same time daily so your body adapts and operates well.

If you have a cold, it's only natural to head to the local pharmacy and pick up some medicine. This is not something that is simple for a diabetic. Many cold medicines have sugar inside and they'll only succeed in taking away the cold and leaving you with a different issue. Read labels thoroughly when choosing medicine and speak to someone in the pharmacy should you be having any issues finding suitable products.

A lot of people miss meals if they are not feeling hungry, but that isn't something a diabetic person ought to do. In order for your body to operate as it should, there needs to be an effective balance of healthy eating and medication. Skipping meals prevents the medicine from doing its job effectively. If you know you have to take medicine and you are not feeling hungry, try eating something modest for instance a cup of Greek yogurt or half of a sandwich.

There is a lot more involved with leading a healthful diabetic lifestyle, but this is a great starting point. Even though it could be difficult sometimes, bear in mind it's important if you wish to feel well. The target is for you to live as well as you can so that you can live longer.

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