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Friday, May 18, 2012

A Hypoglycemia Diet Keeps Insulin Levels Balanced

By Joseph Yuranovich

Men and women who have low glucose levels might benefit from following a hypoglycemia diet, which can help their insulin levels even out. People who suffer from dizzy spells after eating white rice, refined foods, or soft drinks, should include more complex carbohydrates in their meals. Simple carbohydrates and refined foods can cause a spike in insulin production which can lead to dramatic glucose reduction, and thereby dizzy spells.

Avoid sodas and other soft drinks that are high in sugar and corn syrup because these carbohydrates are rapidly broken down and absorbed into the blood. The result is that the body produces excess amounts of insulin to break down the glucose and an imbalance results. Simple carbohydrates break down into glucose so fast that the body has only response and that is to produce insulin, but an insulin peak can cause medical complications, including coma.

A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is a great choice because oatmeal breaks down slowly. Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate that takes longer to absorb so there is no resulting insulin production spike. The objective is to keep insulin production levels balanced, avoiding peaks and valleys.

Foods that keep glucose levels balanced include fish, chicken, and red meats. These foods help to keep glucose levels, and insulin levels at safe levels. Eggs help keep insulin levels stable, and if one is concerned about cholesterol, one can eat egg whites.

Some people need to limit their cholesterol intake so although eggs help balance insulin levels, some people might be better off eating egg whites, eliminating the egg yoke from their meal plan. An egg white omelet is a great meal to have in the morning. Some people like to eat fruit with their breakfast, but some say to avoid tropical fruits such as bananas because bananas break down into glucose rapidly.

Not all fruits are created equal, and some people say that it is best to limit banana intake because bananas are rapidly broken down into glucose. Fruits that take longer to break down and absorb include papaya, apples, and pears, and thereby help keep insulin levels balanced.

People who have to eat a meal plan of complex carbohydrates might think that they have to avoid desserts. But, this is not the case. But, one has to consider his dessert choices carefully and forgo the slice of chocolate cake. The person can feast on apples covered in peanut butter though because these foods take time to break down and therefore there is no insulin spike.

People, who experience dramatic drops in their glucose levels because of insulin spikes after eating simple carbohydrates, have to adopt a hypoglycemia diet in order to keep their sugar levels stable. Avoid drinking soft drinks high in sugar because these drinks can cause insulin levels to spike and cause glucose levels to drop dramatically. It is important to start the day right with an adequate breakfast and a good meal to have in the morning is a bowl of oatmeal, and an egg white omelet. Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate and an egg white omelet is loaded with protein, which is an appetite suppressant.

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