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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Non Alcoholic Drinks For Diets, Diabetes And Designated Drivers

By George Napoli

I'm with a couple of buddies hanging at the bar and they totally frustrated as they order a diet coke and the other a virgin margarita. One misses the flavor and taste of dark rum that a rum and coke delivers, the other enjoys the taste of tequila. They opt for the virgin cocktail, because one has diabetes, and the other needs to lose weight. Unfortunately, this keeps both of my buddies from enjoying and consuming their favorite cocktails.

Here are the facts. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, diabetes and weight-loss alcohol doesn't mix, and it produces some genuine problems.

Who wouldn't like to end the afternoon with his or her favored alcoholic drink? Many would select a wine beverage, ale or hard liqueur. Alcohol exists in our world, and in many cases, it's the center of a lot of life's activities and festivities. You earn a big commission, and it's heading out to an evening meal to celebrate with associates along with a cocktail. You participate in a round of playing golf or tennis, and you sit in the tavern afterwards with pals to talk about the day, over your chosen alcoholic cocktail. This is a perfect case of exactly how alcoholic liquids are the center of our daily lives.

In truth, although it could be difficult to find any health organization that could advise drinking alcohol, the A.D. A. and the American Heart Association, as well as others like the American Cancer Society, all concur that taking in alcohol in very light to small amounts is ok for most people.

People with type 2 diabetes or weight watchers should restrict alcohol drinks. Here's why. Beverages that have alcohol are converted into fats and are high in unhealthy calories. Neither of the 2 is very beneficial for either diabetes or reducing your weight. So let us take yet another look at understanding alcohol and diabetes generally, and then review some options for you in alcohol free drinks that are currently available.

Research conducted recently shows that alcohol creates a large redistribution of blood circulation within the pancreas. It appears alcohol sends more blood to a region of the pancreas called the islets and attacks the beta cells. The islets include cells and the primary role of those cells is to make insulin, the vital hormone for reducing blood sugar levels. The beta cells produce insulin, and it helps turn the food you eat into fuel for your cells. Without it, you must take insulin shots every day to live. Over stimulating your beta cells by consuming alcohol is proving to be the source of the problem when you drink.

The recommendation the journal makes is a clear one. Avoid products with alcohol, especially when they are higher in sugar content, to avoid even additional complications. These drinks include hard liquor mixed with high fructose mixes, wine coolers, sweet wines, cordials and beers.

If you're experiencing other healthcare issues because of your diabetes, then it is advisable to skip alcohol entirely. Always go over these kinds of topics together with your doctor, prior to doing something different with your diet plans.

If you enjoy the flavors and tastes of your favored cocktails, cordials, or liqueurs, just what else can you do when a virgin cocktail is not your desired selection? There is certainly a fair amount of selections out there if you look for them. Non-alcohol beer can be a great example, and there really are numerous other choices out there that deliver all the flavors of alcohol with zero alcohol ingredients.

When it comes to the actual tastes of rum and soda, or an Irish coffee, just what other options do you have for non alcoholic drinks? The answer to alcoholic drinks with no alcohol is all in the flavoring. Search natural alcohol flavorings, or alcohol flavor concentrates, and you will find many of the popular alcohol flavorings with no alcohol, like cordials and liqueurs out there. Steer clear of syrup flavorings which will include sugar!

Flavor concentrates that are natural are available as flavor drops and include many of the popular alcohol free flavors: dark rum, Irish Crme, tequila, brandy, bourbon, coffee liqueurs and even amaretto to mention a few. You will have all the tastes and flavors of rum and cola, or a mojito, and none of the alcohol. Be certain to select natural flavoring concentrates without carbs or calories.

Next time you're out with friend, or celebrating a special occasion and alcohol is out of the question because you are a designated or for medical reasons, ask for your favorite cocktail and just add natural alcohol flavoring drops. You won't get the buzz, but you will swear you are drinking the real thing.

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