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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Listen To Your Body: The Signs and Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

By Kingsley Jones

Your body can be a carrier of a disease without you even knowing it. It can house a potentially fatal disorder with virtually no drastic symptoms. Such is the case with the disease known as Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is a prevalent disorder that can be present in the body without you being aware of it. It is for this reason that it becomes extremely important to recognize the subtle and often-thought unassociated symptoms of the disorder so that you can better prepare yourself for a healthy future.

One of the most common signs that Type 2 Diabetes may be present is frequent urination. A result of a build-up of insulin in the blood which removes liquids from cells, the body becomes extremely thirsty more often. The frequency of bathroom trips increases as a result of increased liquid intake to combat this thirst. Another sign of Type 2 Diabetes is a feeling of fatigue in your body and in your muscles. With glucose in the blood not being brought to the muscles properly, there is a lack of an energy source that makes an individual feel more tired than normal. Please be aware that this symptom can be associated with Type 2 Diabetes and not just the normal wear and tear of everyday life.

In much the same way, an insulin malfunction also leads to less glucose or fuel getting to the cells of the body. The body then becomes hungry in order to combat this deficiency. Often, individuals with Type 2 Diabetes will see their hunger levels spike. However, this spike in caloric intake can also be coupled with weight loss as well. As Type 2 Diabetes demands more food, it also demands more urination and as a result, calories are often removed quickly from the body. This can result in weight loss while suffering from the disease. If you see your hunger increase, food intake grow, and weight loss occur, all at the same time, please seek a healthcare provider.

Liquids in the body are used for many things, including vision. Adequate amounts of fluid are needed in order for sight to occur normally. When there is a lack of fluid in the body, as is the case with Type 2 Diabetes, the body does not have this essential functioning component. For this reason, blurred vision can result from and should be viewed as a potential warning sign of Type 2 Diabetes.

Finally, other signs of Type 2 Diabetes include darkened areas of skin and inability to heal as quickly from body trauma or infection. All connected to the improper absorption of sugar from the blood and insulin malfunction, these signs are just as important to recognize in your fight to stay healthy. Remember, though, that though these signs are important to be aware of, they are not to be used for self-diagnosis and self-evaluation. The only way to truly know if you have Type 2 Diabetes is to get examined by a physician or healthcare provider. Doing so will put your mind at ease and give definitive answers regarding this condition.

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