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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Major Contributors to Becoming Diabetic

By Valentin E. Miller

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is on the rise. Look at the people that you socialize with on a regular basis. Diabetes most likely is affecting at least on of them. Even if none of them have it themselves, chances are they know someone who does. Diabetes is really common, especially in the western world. Diabetes is broken down int two types, Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent. Type 1 diabetes can occur at any time. Type 2 diabetics are not insulin dependent; this type is generally called adult onset diabetes. The following are some of the major causes of this condition.

Stop drinking if you drink often! Older men should avoid excessive alcohol consumption as it can lead to diabetes. All the different parts of your body are affected by the empty calories and heavy fat that alcohol contains. Liver function is not the only body part affected by alcohol. Alcohol can also raise your cholesterol levels. Long term, heavy drinking can also raise blood pressure levels and cause diabetes. A glass or two of wine throughout the week is not harmful. Drinking every night for a few hours can be harmful. Treatment should be sought if you have a problem with heavy drinking.

How much do you exercise or move around? Scientists have recently discovered that leading a sedentary lifestyle can contribute heavily to whether or not a person develops diabetes. What does this mean? It means that you need to get up and move around! You should get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day. This exercise does not need to be intense. Even just an easy walk around the block at night can be enough to stave off diabetes. This is one of the diabetes causes that is the easiest to control. Why are you still sitting there? Get up and go for a walk!

Do you consume a lot of fatty foods? Quit that! Diets that contain a lot of fat are a major cause of diabetes. This is one of the many reasons your physician will direct you to eliminate the fatty food in your diet. Fatty food is bad for you, from all angles. It can increase your chances of weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and now we're aware it also causes diabetes. Snacking every once in awhile won't cause the disease. Eating poor quality meals on a regular basis, however, could be the major difference between being healthy and becoming a diabetic.

Believe it or not diabetes is one disease have almost complete control over now. We now know much more about the causes of diabetes than we did 20 years ago. We are now much more able to identify those factors that make us more likely to develop diabetes. There are now many more options for treatment available once diagnosis has been made. The mystery of diabetes has now been primarily solved. If you learn the symptoms you can avoid the diagnosis.

One thing you may find quite a surprise is the depth and breadth of all there is concerning causes of diabetes. We have covered several important points that we know will have a direct effect in many ways. But it would be a mistake to believe that is all there is to it. There are certain areas that you need to learn more about if you want real achievement with this. Plus you can gain a significant advantage if you follow the proven steps and methods in the following discussion.

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