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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mediterranean Diet and Diabetes "Does It Actually Work?

By Ray Darken

Are you wanting to keep your diabetes in check without using drugs? If you're one of the 20 million folks in the States who is a victim of this condition, you'll surely need to know how it's possible for you to efficiently manage your diabetes symptoms without turning on to medicines. Can this be possible? Let's take another look.

Maybe you know that adhering to the rules of the Mediterranean diet can help promote better cardiovascular health, forestall 2nd coronaries from taking place and lower your likelihood of several sorts of cancer, right? While these are all superb news for all of us, there's something else that you really ought to know "the Mediterranean diet can also help you manage the indicators of type 2 diabetes quite effectively. And a randomized trial conducted by expert researchers at the Second University of Naples in Italy has enough explanation to back this up. Isn't that quite fantastic? Well, it simply is!

According to the outcome of this research, which concerned following up the disposition of 215 large folk diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for 4 years, those that adhered to a low carbohydrate Mediterranean diet showed more favorable changes in their glycemic index levels. They were also less sure to want diabetes medications to manage their blood sugar levels in comparison to those who followed a fat-restricted diet prescribed by the American Heart Association.

The figures tell it all "only 44% of those in the Mediterranean diet group finally needed medications to regulate their blood sugar while 70% of those in the fat-restricted diet group required medications. The difference is really quite major. If you'd like to learn about the details of this research, you can read it in the September 2009 issue of Records of Internal Medicine.

Hence what does this tell us? This research goes on to show that by following the guidelines laid out by the traditional Mediterranean dieting regime, you can effectively manage your diabetes symptoms without having to depend on antihyperglycemic drug care. And that's just for starters. You may also get lots of healthy benefits while you are at it! Hence begin to eat healthier right now and enjoy a better standard of life before you. You fully merit it.

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