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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Are Good Supplements To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

By Claude Fullinfaw

Ingredients of Multivitamins for Diabetics

One of the vital ingredients of multivitamins for diabetics is ALA or alpha-lipoic acid. It's a fatty acid that is a powerful anti-oxidizing agent. It enables you to reduce the agony caused by free-radical damage and also assists in diabetic neuropathy. Every advocated multivitamins for diabetics includes ALA in the ingredients for it effectively reduces insulin resistance thereby controlling the blood sugar.

Another crucial ingredient of multi vitamins for diabetics is Chromium. This ingredient in the guise of Chromium Chloride is able to improve glucose toleration of diabetic patients. Its complication is still unknown and needs further studies so better consult with your health practitioner first before you intake a dose of Chromium.

Some pros agree that part of the reason for diabetes is Magnesium deficiency that's the reason why having Magnesium in multi vitamins for diabetics type 1 is vital. Magnesium level in the body falls when a person is diagnosed with diabetes. The best vitamins for diabetics are known for having high Magnesium dosage. A recommended Magnesium dose of 800 mg 2 times per day is required by any individual; diabetic or not.

According to a study, Vanadium increases cell insulin sensitiveness. As a consequence, it encourages the uptake of glucose from the blood going to the cells so lowering blood sugar. The best vitamins for diabetics contain Vanadium in its right dose. Selenium is also a very important ingredient in vitamins for diabetics. It can alter lipid metabolism in liver and control oxidative standing.

The next time somebody asks you the question , are there vitamins for diabetics, you already know the solution.. To be sure of the multi-vitamins you should purchase, consult your doctor about it. He's the authority when it comes to multivitamin intake. Yes, you can purchase one over the counter but it's better to have the expert's point of view about it.

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