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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Various Types Of Sleep Apnea

By Michael Smiles

A majority of patients suffering from sleep apnea are in most cases obese. The connection between this two is common in many cases of the disorder. The condition is brought about by constricting of the windpipe due to weak muscles. This has a negative impact on the sleeping patterns of the patient, therefore affecting their normal daily activities.

In actual sense, the condition affects the breathing passage of affected patients by constricting it. This restricts air from flowing into the windpipe, therefore reducing oxygen supply to the lungs and body in general. The brain controls this through making the person breathe again. The process repeats periodically, affecting the normal breathing process in patients.

The condition causes the persons trachea to become constricted, therefore leading to oxygen depletion in the body. This condition is dangerous since a low oxygen level and high buildup of carbon dioxide levels is detrimental to vital body organs such as the heart, brain and liver. This might cause cardiac arrest or brain damage, exposing the patient to possible death.

In some cases, the condition goes completely unnoticed unless the patient brings up the topic or a family member finds out during the patients resting hours. Doctors are also unable to diagnose the situation unless patients opens up. There are no medical tests undertaken to determine the condition.

Central apnea is another category of the ailment. It occurs when the respiratory control center of the brain malfunctions during sleep. The condition is classified as the most severe since the sufferer does not struggle to breathe whenever it hits them, this is because the brain is solely responsible in responding to breathing difficulties. Many patients simply drift in and out of inhaling and exhaling due to brain inefficiency.

Central apnea occurs when the brains central control of respiratory functions fails to performs its duties. It is more severe than the other forms because the sole controller of the respiratory system malfunctions. Patients suffering from this condition face the prospects of suffering from massive cardiac arrests or brain damage since these organs require oxygen in order to work well.

Mixed types are a mixture of two conditions. It occurs because of obstructive apnea and the use of narcotics. Treatment ranges from changing sleeping postures, changing the lifestyle such as dropping the habit of drug use and surgery. The surgical option is effective since it works by increasing the posterior airway space.

Sleep apnea has the potential of leading to other serious medical conditions if left unattended to. It is crucial to discover the ailment during its early stages to avert it from developing into a serious condition. A proper and uninterrupted rest at night is instrumental in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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