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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Useful Information About Kuru Shoes

By Tonya Eckert

If a comfortable, yet stylish pair of orthopedic shoes is what you are after, then Kuru shoes may just be your new best friend.

Kuru shoes quite simply are some of the most comfortable shoes that you will ever wear hands down. The reason for this is because these shoes are shaped just like your foot from the every first time you put them on. How this is done is because the company uses a deep heel pocket that cradles your heel, which in turn contours to the specific shape of your feet.

Another key factor that makes these shoes as comfortable as they are is that they are equipped with a shock abosrbent pad. With each and every step, you will the shoe flexing inward which cups the pad. This cupping motion ensures that the pad remains under your heel at all times. This really is state of the art technology as no other shoe is currently using this technology.

The ability to move with your body is yet another neat feature of Kuru shoes. The comfort of these ranges from four different levels of comfort, with each level having different characteristics. Listed below you will find some general information about these different comfort levels.

Custom Molded Sockliner: This particular style uses a comfortable foam that contours to your foot and leads to great heel support and a nice arch.

Premium Support: Super comfortable cushioning and great performance and two features that this style lends its users. This is accomplished through top of the line performance grade foam.

Orthotic Grade: Comes with thermoplastic orthotic molded inside the shoe which cups the heel of your foot and gives you increased arch support.

Natural Movement: If you are looking for a shoe that gives you the feeling of walking around in your bare feet with enhanced flexibility, then this is a wise choice.

While Kuru shoes are without a doubt some of the most comfortable shoes you are likely to come across, they also have their fair share of style. The company makes many different models, each having a distinct look to them. This not only give you a lot of choices, but also makes finding a pair that looks good on you fairly simple.

These shoes are top of the line in both comfort and style. If you are sick and tired of suffering from dreaded foot pain, then consider giving these shoes a try. Kuru is a company known for having high standards when it comes to the art of orthopedic shoe crafting, and it is easily noticed when you pick up a pair of their shoes. This is a company that is sure to be crafting great shoes for a long time.

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