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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Ice Cream Diet

By James Steele

The Ice Cream Diet sounds almost outrageous to a lot of people the first time they hear the name, even though it looks good on paper. Everybody understands that if you're trying to lose weight, then you just don't consume ice cream while you're doing it. The plan with the Ice Cream Diet most certainly is to eat delicious ice cream every day, and you follow the diet guidelines to lose weight. In this review, we will look at this claim and decide if there's any truth to it.

We all know and fully understand why exercise on a frequent basis is smart to do, and of course the Ice Cream Diet includes that as well. Also, just in case... the Ice Cream Diet doesn't mean you eat all the ice cream you want, and then something extraordinary happens and the weight starts disappearing. Furthermore, if you ever read a diet that discounts the need for regular exercise, then it's best to just quietly walk away from it. The Ice Cream Diet in a nutshell - exercise five times per week each of about half an hour; healthy eating that is low calorie, and eating a small portion of ice cream each day as a reward. We have no doubts that you'll lose weight if you follow the plan and work it.

They take advantage of human nature and psychology in this diet. Here's the thing - when we don't allow ourselves to have something, there's a tendency to desire it even more. When it comes to diets, if we don't eat anything we like, we will feel deprived. The typical experience is weight loss, sure, but then almost everyone puts it back on when they start eating the foods they were deprived of. Just being able to eat a little ice cream each day has a tremendous effect on the person's mind and feelings. The net result is to decrease the chance of chucking the diet and splurging on something good and fattening.

One thing we have to mention is that the name of the diet, Ice Cream Diet, can give people the wrong impression. Do keep in mind that this is a low-calorie based diet, even though it has the built-in daily ice cream treat factor. It is "not" accurate to think the diet is based on eating ice cream, and we've tried to make that clear.

Other possible misleading thoughts could be that it makes you gain weight from "eating only ice cream" which is untrue to begin with. The thing is a lot of people will embark on something without doing the necessary homework. The Ice Cream Diet is no different from others because you will need to do exercise and watch the calories.

This diet sounds fun and easy. Those who have tired this diet say that eating ice cream everyday has made it easier to stick with the rules. This article outlines the pros and cons of the Ice Cream Diet.

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