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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Diabetes: Its Types and Causes

By Jacob Waeetane

Hundreds of millions of people in the world is diagnosed to have diabetes but the diabetes causes of most of it are similar. Generally, diabetes has three classifications as it is understood by many medical practitioners world wide. The present three type of classification is based on the common causes of the disease or how the condition came about. You could actually find out if you are in risk of becoming diabetic by tracing the types of diabetes in your family. the following are the types of diabetes based on their function.

Type 1

Some of the names this type of diabetes was known for were insulin dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. The people with type 1 diabetes don't always look fat or unhealthy but even healthy looking at times. That's because type 1 diabetes isn't because of a person's lifestyle.

This classification of diabetes is caused by loss of beta cells in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. The glucose levels increases so there is a need to administer insulin shots. The damage is irreversible so this type of diabetes needs shots as long as the patient lives. This type of diabetes is only a small part of the diabetic patient's population.

Type 2

The body's irresponsiveness to insulin is the cause of type 2 diabetes. The so-called insulin resistance is believed to be due to over exposure of the body's cells to insulin when there is the long term high concentration of insulin in the blood stream due to constant high levels of glucose because of unhealthy lifestyle. Insulin shots are useless in this case but there are medications that can reverse the insulin resistance of cells if the condition is at its early stages.

The Gestational Type diabetes

The symptoms of diabetes in this type is just like the type 2 but this type is only found in pregnant women. It also exhibits insulin resistance but the resistance is gone at the end of pregnancy. Doctors need to keep track of the pregnant woman because the diabetes can be dangerous to her and the baby.

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