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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Diabetes Info You Should Know

By Jacob Waeetane

The idea of diabetes alarms almost anyone because it such a very dangerous and scary disease.

Diabetes mellitus, abbreviated as DM, is a set of related diseases in which the body cannot regulate the amount of sugar, more specifically the glucose in the blood. This condition gives rise to different unfavourable changes in the body such as the following.

First symptom of diabetes is fatigue. In diabetes, the body is no longer capable of utilizing glucose for energy and begins to metabolize fat which requires additional energy to pull off which leads to fatigue.

One more symptom is losing weight suddenly which is related to inability to use the calories present in the food eaten. Also, they excrete much sugar and water due to excessive urination. Both of these two result to loss of weight even when much food is eaten.

A more common symptom is polydipsia or excessive thirst. This happens due to the high sugar content in the blood that signals the brain to tell the body to drink more water so that the sticky blood could be diluted. Another reason why people become extremely thirsty is due to excessive urination.

Then what follows is this constant and excessive urination or medically known as polyuria. This arises due to the body's effort to eliminate the sugar in the blood.

Another thing that's excessive with people with diabetes is eating or polyphagia. It is brought about by the increased levels of insulin that prompts the body eat more food.

One more very evident sign of DM is poor wound healing. The increase in blood sugar actually thwarts the functioning of white blood cells which are essential in protecting the human body against bacteria. So once they are not doing their job properly, bacteria can thrive in the wound, halting healing and causing infection.

Lastly are the symptoms that have a connection with the psyche or mind. Such situation happens, because too much sugar in the blood can alter the person's mental status. These mental changes that occur are agitation, unexplained irritability, inattention, extreme lethargy and confusion.

All these symptoms of diabetes are brought about by a number of diabetes causes. These include a genetic inclination, the environment, lifestyle or a medical condition that has paved the way for diabetes to emerge.

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