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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Metformin and Some of Its Major Side Effects

By Inge G. Clark

Usually sold by the name of Glucophage, Metformin is an oral anti-diabetic drug. In the United States solely, more than 48 million prescriptions were estimated to be filled. It is generally used to control type 2 diabetes; this drug helps in controlling the sugar level in a patient's blood. Type 1 Diabetes cannot be relieved by this medicine as compared to type 2.

For years, this drug has been used for diabetes as well as for the fact that it helps losing weight. This drug causes the glucose levels to go down and increases the activity of insulin; this helps in lowering ones hunger level and overeating is avoided through this. This drug has been prescribed quite often by obesity specialists whose target is to aid weight loss. Metformin weight loss is a popular choice now, but being the most widely used drug does not stop it from having its share of side effects.

Some of the major Metformin side effects include the following. * This drug could be harmful to those who have previously experienced allergic reactions to Metformin, or are experiencing diabetic ketoacidosis. In both these cases, you should speak to a doctor about other possible treatments. * Before getting any kinds of X-rays or CT scans that involve a dye being injected intravenously, you will be asked to stop using this drug for a short period of time.

* If you are about to go through a CT scan or an x-ray, you should not take this medicine or at least let it down temporarily. * Taking this drug while being in the state of diabetic ketoacidosis is not prescribed, talk to your doctor before doing that. * Do not take this drug if you're allergic to Metformin, of course.Intake of Metformin is prohibited if a person has a liver or a heart disease.

You need to provide your doctor with your medical history, especially if you have experienced liver or heart disease, before you can start taking this drug. By assessing your complete medical history, your doctor will tell you whether or not it is safe for you to use it.

To ensure a safe intake, inform your doctor about the medical conditions you have been through. Especially if you've had a heart disease at any point in time or a liver problem as well. If you're taking it and you get pregnant or plan to get pregnant, inform your doctor about it. Even though Metformin is not supposed to be unsafe for an unborn baby, yet consulting the doctor is the best choice. Researches haven't proved yet if this drug can be passed on to the baby through breast milk or not. It's better to not take it without talking to your doctor in the first place, specifically if you're a breast feeding mother. Last but not the least, a child less than 10 years old must not be given Metformin.

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