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Friday, August 26, 2011

Skin Tag Removal Using Natural Methods

By Aniston Carrey

There are various skin tag removal methods. Skin tags are medically referred to as acrochordon. They are growths on skin that look like small, soft hanging skin. Some may however become large. These tags hang from the skin by a small stalk.

Tags may appear on any section of an individual\'s body. They can however be more commonly found on underarms, eyelids and base of neck. They may also appear below the breasts especially for people with bigger breasts and on folds of groin.

Many people get skin tags at one point of their lives. They may however occur more often in overweight people, pregnant women or people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Friction caused by skin rubbing against skin many also cause tags.

Though most tags may be harmless and painless, they spoil the appearance of the sufferer. Some become red from irritation. Pain and discomfort may also occur when they are snagged by clothes.

Some of these tags drop off on their own without causing any pain and without leaving any marks on the skin. If they are bothersome their removal is inevitable. Various methods of tag removal are available. Some of these methods may be painful while others are not.

The first method is removal by a doctor. The sufferer may have to pay for this since medical insurance does not normally cover tags. A doctor may choose to remove them surgically or remove using laser or other procedures.

There are some home cures which include using a dental floss or thin thread. The thread is tied to the base of a particular tag. The supply of blood is cut and the tag gradually dries and falls off.

Some people remove them with scissors with or without anesthesia. This may be quite painful and may cause minor bleeding. Before using this method one should be sure that the growth is a tag.

Baking soda and Castor can also be used. The two are mixed to a paste and the paste is applied to the tag 3 times in a day. The tag will gradually dry up and fall off.

Organic herbal formulas for tag removal also exist. They are cheap, faster and safe. Among them is dermatend. Dermatend treats skin ailments like warts, moles and skin tags.

Many other methods of skin tag removal are available. The affected person decides if the tag is a bother or not. If he decides to remove it, a variety of methods are available to select from.

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