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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Techniques To Distinguish Diabetes Signs And Get Help As Soon As Possible

By Mark Spielmanz

Diabetes can lead to serious health complication if it is not detected and treated early enough. It is therefore important to know the early warning diabetes signs and obtain a medical checkup and eventual treatment before it is too late. Diabetes type 1 is more easily noticeable than type two which develops quietly over time and can only be detected using signs.

Frequent urination or urinary track infections is a very pronounced and common sign amongst patients. The body uses the urinary mechanism to get rid of the fluids extracted from the blood stream as it tries to achieve a blood sugar balance. The frequent excretion of highly concentrated fluid may cause infections in the urinary system. Excessive thirst is also experienced alongside this sign due to the rapid loss of huge amounts of fluids.

The body relies on the ingested food to supply glucose to the cells. When this is not possible because of lack of insulin or cell unresponsiveness to insulin, it results to digesting body muscles and tissues. Patients will experienced massive weight loss over a very short period of time.

Body cells are fueled with glucose from the blood stream and whenever this is not possible the cells are malnourished and cannot perform. This leads to loss of body strength and exhaustiveness whether resting or carrying out a task.

If you experience frequent tingling and or numbness on the hands or legs, you could be exhibiting a sign known as neuropathy. Neuropathy is the damage of the nervous system by the consistent high levels of glucose in the blood system. This sign occurs gradually especially in type 2. Major muscles will also experience frequent muscle cramps.

If you have a problem with your sight that has developed slowly over some time, you could be suffering from diabetes. The body's efforts to extract much water as possible will not spare the eyes leading to poor sight abilities. Eyes appear drained and sickly resting deep in their sockets. This problem is irregular; it is worst when blood sugars are extremely high and is restored when the levels stabilize.

Victims also experience a slow healing rate of injuries incurred or infections sustained. Frequent infections especially in the bladder and the vaginal area are also a common sign. Another sign is a dry, itchy and rushed skin due to dehydration. The body loses large volumes of water leaving the skin dry. The rushes could also result into opportunistic infections such as skin ulcers.

Women in the mid ages should watch out for the following signs in addition to the above; recurrent yeast infections, irregularity in their periods and vaginal rashes. Women become more prone because as they age, their insulin become in effective and is unable to maintain blood sugar at the required level.

Frequent flu like signs and infections should also be a cause of alarm especially when the probability of other causes is minimal. Symptoms such as lack of appetite, headaches, nausea are some of the minor signs that occur with the major diabetes signs. Get help as soon as you suspect that you are suffering from the condition since it is possible to get help.

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