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Monday, January 2, 2012

The first part of your circulatory system and how to take care of it

By Bruce Lewis

What is your circulatory system?

Your circulatory system is made from your heart, blood vessels, arteries and veins which carries oxygen and nutrient elements all throughout the body, and takes waste products away for excretion by way of the kidney's and the digestive system.

Many problems can arise if the circulatory system becomes impaired.

Issues with your circulatory system arise when there's limited blood flow to the brain, legs, hands, kidney's, heart and rest of the body, including the fingers, toes and feet. Circulatory system problems can be due to certain medical conditions, approach to life factors and behaviours.

According to the Mayo Clinic - Circulatory problems in your hands may very well be the results of a considerable number of disorders, such as autoimmune infirmities, injury, structural problems, anemia and hereditary conditions, the first indicator of your blood flow difficulty could possibly be numbness, tingling, change in skin coloring or presumably a sensation that your hands are cold.

Circulatory problems in Diabetes sufferers

Circulatory problems in diabetes patients can be related to elevated sugar levels in the blood. As a consequence uncontrolled blood sugars restricts the capability of the body to heal wounds and the impaired circulation leads to much longer wound healing times and may result in wounds not to fix correctly and ends up in surgical intervention. Inflating the circulation of the blood can help speed wound recuperation times.

Another complication found from the lack of proper circulation is neuropathy which is the deadening of the nerves due to the fact that they are not getting the correct amount of circulation. Neuropathy is a typical complaint in diabetes sufferers and is mostly found in the feet and can become a big issue if not properly cared for. A typical problem in diabetics from neuropathy is sores on the feet known as decubitus ulcers these sores can develop anywhere except are very common on the feet.

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