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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Part The second part, your circulatory system and methods to look after it

By Bruce Lewis

In part 1 of this article you found out what your circulation was; it is made of your heart, blood vessels, arteries and veins which carries oxygen and nutrients all through out body. Then you found out various problems that may happen if there has been an issue with your circulatory system such as certain medical conditions such as Neuropathy in your feet a typical complaint in diabetics. In this part you'll learn some ways to help to improve your circulatory system. If you missed part 1 you can view the entire article on our website related to massage chairs.

Herbal treatments that help circulatory problems

Several herbs can help treat circulation issues. Cayenne can assist with inadequate circulation within your feet; Cayenne Pepper is amongst the most necessary herbal treatments regarding the treating of problems with the circulatory system. An alternative way to help your circulatory system is to get plenty of exercise.

The advantages of massage for circulatory problems

Massaging therapy can be very beneficial in the treating of poor circulation. Therapeutic massage can also help in reducing muscle strain and chronic pain, increase joint pliability and reduce stress and fatigue. Massaging therapy can promote quicker healing of damaged muscular tissues as well as reduce blood pressure and improve your posture.

Massage Chairs help improve circulation

With the advances lately made in the Massage Chair industry they're a superb choice for an individual to use in the aid of circulatory problems. These new chairs now make use of an extra feature called air bag care and these functions use up to 51 air bags threw out the chair to assist in improving your blood flow as well as reduce muscle strain.

So to conclude taking proper care of your circulatory system is very important to a good life style and with proper exercise and diet and the use of a top quality massage chair such as those found at OsakiMassageChairHQ.com you will be certain to live a rather more pleasurable and healthful life.

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