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Monday, January 2, 2012

Healthy Food Choices in Glycemic Index Chart

By John Dean

The glycemic index chart is basically a numerical scale of the different foods which contain carbohydrates. This food list can indicate how the different carbohydrate-rich foods increase the blood glucose levels after the food is eaten.

The glycemic index chart was developed for the different diabetics patients. But recently it has been used as a guide for those individuals who struggle to shed some pounds in that weighing scale.

Management of diabetes has never been easier for those who refer their daily foods from the glycemic index chart. Individuals who are into weight reduction programs also are aided with this chart.

Following the ingestion of carbohydrates, the glucose (the simplest form of carbohydrates) is being measured and calculated in the glycemic index. The carbohydrates in the glycemic index chart are given a value relative to glucose level and how fast it can increase or decrease the glucose count in the bloodstream.

Different starchy foods do have different effects on different individuals. Different results are expected from them. Furthermore, as compared to other carbs the glucose does have the fastest rate of absorption. The glycemic index chart does give so much assistance in those people who want to cut down their blood glucose levels, especially among diabetics.

Many unwanted medical conditions may be triggered by consuming high glycemic index foods. The energy balance of the body is disturbed because these foods make the body work hard. The glycemic index chart does give the list of these foods for these health conscious individuals.

Here is a few of the glycemic index charts' good points. It helps diabetics improve their disease's management. It helps many people shed some pounds and manageably handle their weight effectively.

The glycemic index chart also does help individuals keep their selves healthy and away from many diseases. It does keep one physical stamina high enough to engage in different physical activities. And the last advantage is it does allow carbohydrates replenishment during vigorous exercises.

High glycemic index foods are absorbed in shorter period of time than those foods in the low glycemic index list. It does prove that different foods are variable in carbohydrates amount.

So with the nature of the simple sugar within the food, the nature of starch in the food, how it is prepared, is it preserved or served fresh? Also the consideration on the other components of the foods such as its dietary fiber, fats and proteins and organic acids contents of the foods do matter too.

Low GI food are those with GI 55 or less, medium GI is 56-69 and high GI has value at least 70 or more. Foods belonging to the high GI group do make an individual feel hungry often in a day. The low GI foods, otherwise, make an individual feel fuller for extended period of time.

In some individuals, making a big change in their diet by following the lox GI diet is something which may be difficult to carry out. Shifting your diet from high GI to low GI in the glycemic index chart is just a must thing to do. The pleasure is summed up with your food choices referred from the GI list foods.

It is important to take note that the availability of the food in your locality does affect you food preferences. Taste preference of each individual does also influence on which foods a person picks.

So, the different food content does influence the food choices of different individuals and it does not solely depend on physiologic effects. Glycemic index chart do give the person the options in choosing the foods that suit their palatability.

The glycmic index chart aims to provide a proper guide to healthy eating especially to those who have uncontrollable diabetes or weight. The list of foods in the glycemic index chart is actually ranked according to their exchange list. In the GI list, you might just find your favourite food!

Low GI foods are being digested and absorbed more slowly than high GI. But the GI value and food compositions is carefully weighed when choosing meals. Foods have different fat content and this may not be healthy to some other people, that is why not all low GI food is healthy to all persons. Totally omitting high GI foods is not recommended since these foods have high nutritional contents though.

The food list found in the glycemic index chart not only gives you the options to choose foods between high, moderate and low glycemic index. Instead, it also gives you wide array of choices of food you prefer to eat.

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