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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The level of diabetes care in the UK

By Carl Eastman

Diabetes can affect people in a number of ways. On a daily basis it can be a very difficult condition to cope with but if not dealt with correctly it can also be very dangerous. A person has diabetes if their body cannot create enough insulin on its own. This is known as type two diabetes whereas type one diabetes is when the immune system attacks and destroys the cells which create insulin so that they cannot create it anymore. Without insulin the body's blood glucose levels rise so high that they are damaging to the body's organs.

The UK thankfully has a good amount of support and care for those who suffer from diabetes. One organisation where this support comes from is Diabetes UK. Diabetes UK is the leading diabetes charity in the UK and they do an extensive amount of work to help those with diabetes. Everything they do comes from funding through donations to the charity and fundraising which the charity does.

Diabetes UK is there to help both the people who suffer from diabetes but also those around them who help them each day. The money which the charity raises is spent on research to find better treatments and hopefully one day a cure also. A lot of the money also goes to campaigning for diabetes awareness and also lobbying the government to make sure that care for people with diabetes is constantly being improved.

Diabetes UK isn't the only organisation which offers care and support for those with diabetes either as the NHS also does its part. The NHS of course provides people with diabetes with all the medical care and medication which they need but it also does a lot more too. The NHS has a dedicated service known as NHS Diabetes which liaises with people within other diabetes organisations to help to improve diabetes care.

What NHS Diabetes also does is to moderate the level of care which is offered to those with diabetes across the UK. This is done with regular audits but to ensure that the care is sufficient they also offer a lot of advice on the most effective ways of helping people with diabetes. By far the most important thing NHS Diabetes does though is to get the input of people who have the condition to see what they think should be done.

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