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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What To Do About Your Diabetes - Causes and Treatments

By Manueel Jacky

Every day doctors and scientists learn more about diabetes and what causes it. A few decades ago we didn't know very much about what caused this disease. Now we know that environmental factors figure into it just as much as genetic and non controllable situations. So what are some of the major diabetes causes and what can you do about them? What things could you do? As this article mentions there are many causes of diabetes some in your control some not.

Does your doctor every make you aware of having high triglyceride levels in your blood? This is troubling because high levels of triglycerides are a major factor for Type 2 diabetes. Triglycerides are fats. Turning up fatty blood is an indicator that diabetes is a possibility. Do what you can to minimize the level of triglycerides that can be seen in your blood. A great way to do this is to minimize the sugary and junky foods that you consume and replace them with healthy food options.

Heavy drinking is strongly discouraged! Heavy drinking has been linked to diabetes especially in older men. All the different parts of your body are affected by the empty calories and heavy fat that alcohol contains. Liver function is not the only body part affected by alcohol. Alcohol can also raise your cholesterol levels. Long term, heavy drinking can also raise blood pressure levels and cause diabetes. A glass or two of wine throughout the week is not harmful. It can be very harmful to spend a few hours drinking every night.

In terms of Type 1 diabetes, ethnicity is definitely a factor. This disease is a lot more common in people of Northern European descent. People of Finnish and Sardinian descent are especially susceptible. After these two groups, the next most susceptible groups are African Americans and Hispanic Americans. People of Asian descent rarely develop diabetes. Unfortunately, your ethnicity is beyond your control. This is not something you can change to avoid Type 1 diabetes, unlike other factors.

Diabetes is becoming more popular every day. Almost every one knows someone who is affected by diabetes even though scientists say that only a small portion of the population is affected. Talk to your doctor regarding any concerns you about your risk for developing diabetes. By talking to your doctor you will get good advice on how to handle the specific risk factors that you may face. While not all cases of diabetes can be avoided, doing what you can to minimize your risks will also help you in dealing with the condition itself.

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