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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Type 2 Diabetes Statistics: We Need To Be Concerened

By Claire Smyth

According to the result of type 2 diabetes statistics from different health organizations not only in the country but in the entire world too , like the National Diabetes Association, CDC, and even the WHO; has proved that this lifestyle related condition has replaced contagious diseases in being the leading cause of mortality and morbidity.

Apart from that, diabetes mellitus especially, DM Type 2, ranked at number 7 in the top factors behind death in the U. S. directly. But in terms of indirect effects to the body, type 2 diabetes statistics have shown this condition is the commonest reason for heart health issues like coronaries and blood vessel damages.

Furthermore neurological deficits like strokes, and even known as the prime cause of permanent incapacity among people because of kidney failure, amputations of the lower limbs due to non-traumatic causes, blindness and even those with gestational diabetes experience issues upon delivery.

The most recent type 2 diabetes statistics also show that currently in the United States alone, there 25.8 million people including children and adults who are suffering from this condition. This accounts for roughly 8.3% of the American population who are and will most likely be going through the long term consequences mentioned above, and this could definitely impact the efficiency and business development of the nation.

The type 2 diabetes statistics further show that only 73% or 18.8 million USA citizens are diagnosed as having diabetes mellitus type 2, about 3% of pregnant ladies are also diagnosed with gestational diabetes, while the rest of the 7 million remain not diagnosed by GP's.

This is shocking since the 7 million wouldn't receive suitable health advice and treatment until they are suffering the harsh complications of diabetes. Similarly, there are 79 million other Americans who are inclined to developing diabetes, and worse, it is determined that about 1,000,000 Americans will shortly become new cases of this condition.

The reported statistics doesn't only show individual inclusion of having the disorder, and also shows how much the country is spending on folk afflicted with such condition. In 2007 alone, the govt has used $ 174 billion on people diagnosed as having diabetes, and $ 116 billion of this is from direct medical costs.

The type 2 diabetes statistics doesn't only show the scale of diabetes, but also calls for a need to help one another and renew our life-styles to battle this condition.

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