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Monday, January 23, 2012

Octalean Reviewed

By Lisa Marie

These pills might look great on the surface as seen in Dr Oz's article. There's a host of supposed benefits to taking the main ingredient in it. This ingredient is named sea buckthorn oil.

But... Slow down a minute.

Do you actually want to leap on the bandwagon primarily based on the initial research data that they have produced?

Exactly how much do we know about the complications of this product? As seen with ephedrine, simply because a conventional medicine is safe does not always mean the concentrated version refined in the lab is.

The concept is founded upon a study of rats who were allowed to over-eat and one group was given the berries as an element of their diet.

Remember that rats have tissues like brown fat tissue that's missing in adult humans.

While metabolism has similarities in the 2 species, it is not exactly the same.

Scientists guess that Omega 7 trans-acids might tell the brain to stop storing fat. Or it may function in a completely different way, they just don't really know yet.

BUT - just because the Omega 7 helps diabetes sufferers lose weight in a purified form does not necessarily mean that taking this new fad weight control pill will do the same for the wider population.

You see, it's not without some side-effects. This non needed fat essentially can amass as is non metabolized - in the sebum (the natural oil your skin produces) where it breaks down into chemicals that release a nasty odour.

The key benefit from this oil really appears to be in topical application as a skin care cream which can reduce redness, irritation, and drying.

Our advice is generally to do nothing and see for 1 or 2 months before purchasing this new diet supplement, this will give you enough time to check out any bad reviews from real customers that have bought the product. If you do not see any of these on forums within a few months then go ahead a try them out.

In the mean time I would check out the Forza t5 products that've been proven to aid in fat burning, they seem to be the established fat burning supplement that works. The long term proven ingredients are known to work.

Why settle for "we think this blocks fat storage" when you may have "This burns excess fat and suppresses appetite to help you shed pounds"?

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