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Monday, September 26, 2011

Cancer Causes and the Impact of Emotion - Overview

By Darren Kenzo Ang

I listened in on a really intriguing call this weekend. Dr Patrick Kingsley (now retired) who was probably the most successful cancer doctors about gave an interview about his approaches to cancer and how he treated far more than three,000 end-stage cancer patients in his 30 years of practice.

Dr Kingsley did not use the standard remedies on his patients. He did not use chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery to treat them. Rather he applied nutrition, way of life modifications, and creating the patient think he or she could beat the cancer, to treat them. The remarkable factor is that he kept just about every single patient alive. He gave me a great insight into what precisely cancer is and how, by way of way of life selections, nutrition and obviously belief, you'll be able to obtain well being.

So what specifically is cancer?

It really is widely believed that when cancer develops, you can find 3 issues which have gone wrong. 1st, some thing has brought on stem cells in a certain tissue to quit creating into regular cells. Second, the p53 gene has stopped sending out messages to particular cells to die by apoptosis. And thirdly, some thing has damaged typical cells so badly that they've stopped operating appropriately.

Cancer develops when the level of toxins in our bodies develop into excessive, to the point exactly where they harm our cells plus the data our cells carry concerning their function in our bodies.

We create cancer cells rather often. Our immune systems are created to identify rogue cells and remove them and this takes place all of the time, except when our immune systems are more than stressed.

The medicinal business and science accept that numerous environmental aspects can trigger cancer. These accepted causes are radiation, asbestos, tobacco, viruses for instance the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and chemicals.

Nevertheless Dr Kingsley has observed other causes of cancer that are in line with my insights into cancer. Dr Kingsley has observed that tension of any sort is actually a key trigger of cancer. For the duration of his consultations with cancer patients, it was found that, '... shortly prior to the cancer was found, some type of tension occurred.'

So what does anxiety do to trigger cancer? Firstly, it impacts your immune method. Secondly, it creates a demand for much better nutrition. What frequently takes place is that when we're stressed, we often ignore our diets and snack on handy foods and drink much more tea and coffee and alcohol and usually smoke much more. This creates an atmosphere additional proper for cancer to create.

Regular cells thrive in a slightly alkaline atmosphere, though cancer cells thrive in an acid atmosphere. Tension causes our bodies to develop into additional acidic which creates an perfect atmosphere for cancer to thrive. Besides generating this perfect atmosphere for cancer to grow, if this stressful atmosphere continues for too lengthy, your physique will suffer since to be able to neutralize the excess acid inside your physique, calcium is withdrawn from your bone which creates weak bones and potentially osteoporosis.

Dr Kingsley went on to recommend that cancer could possibly be a protective mechanism. As an example: lung cancer is attempting to defend you from cigarette smoke or asbestos, and cervical cancer is attempting to shield you from the Human Papilloma Virus and so on.

This hypothesis provides you the chance to make an effort to overcome the cancer that's affecting you at present. This state of affairs is all of the a lot more most likely to happen for those who have been below a whole lot of tension, specially shortly just before your cancer showed up as a precise symptom or lump.

Dr Kingsley suggests that, '...should you can identify and get rid of the trigger of one's cancer, you do not need to have the cancer...'

Getting had cancer myself, I'm extremely conscious of the impact of my emotions on my physique. Some years prior to I was diagnosed, my life changed significantly and I did not cope with all the modifications quite nicely and on an emotional level I closed in on myself. We then suffered a really late stage miscarriage at 23 weeks in January 2006. If I had been able to hold on to the pregnancy for 1 additional week we would have been able to save the baby. This devastated us as a family members and I definitely struggled to cope with the emotional turmoil that was left within the wake of this loss.

Virtually specifically a year later I was diagnosed with cancer immediately after obtaining a lump in my breast. I can't justify pinning my diagnosis purely on the loss of a baby as cancer can be a complicated mixture of numerous factors. But coping with the emotional problems I had previously not acknowledged or accepted has produced a considerably far better atmosphere internally and externally to develop the space for me to step into my destiny and walk my path with my head held high and have the ability to face the challenges that life brings us.

For those that do not know me, I definitely just wanted to introduce myself to you. In brief; I'm a mother of two completely awesome small girls as well as a former cancer patient.

I've a loving and supportive family members and an incredible network of buddies. I've identified my calling in life and am following it with good passion and really like. I'm undoubtedly not scared of the future or angry about my illness and I undoubtedly do not really feel guilty about becoming ill anymore. I've re-engaged with life and am additional in touch with who I'm and what my purpose is in life than ever prior to. But that hasn't constantly been the case.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the time I was pregnant with my second daughter; Ruby. It is possible to picture, this compounded the expertise substantially. I spent a year undergoing operations, chemotherapy, childbirth and radiotherapy. In the finish of the procedure my physique and spirit had been battered and bruised. I had hit rock bottom. I had to locate a way out of the darkness or get away from almost everything I know and really like to spare them the fallout.

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