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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hybrid Alternate Fuel Cars: Cars of the Future?

By Thelma B. Mack

Because fuel prices continue to rise, people will continue looking at the benefits of alternative fuel cars. The most used type of alternative fuel car is the hybrid car but there are others, like the ethanol-fueled cars, that happen to be gaining traction. Bio-diesel automobiles are also gaining popularity, these cars are powered by used cooking oil.

You can include hybrid cars as an alternative energy resource car since it is combining electricity with gasoline to minimize pollutants and improve mileage. Though alternative fuel cars have existed since the beginning, they never got popular because the gas-powered cars always ran better, faster and cheaper. When hybrid cars first began, they could only go up to 25 miles per hour and couldn't go on for more than 10 minutes. The car industry currently is being forced to create alternative fuel cars because of pollution and rising fuel costs.

Hybrid cars can be found in many different varieties since the technology is so complex. Some hybrids take advantage of the electric part of the power to boost the car when starting or running. Other cars use the electrical energy to power the car while the car is still. Though hybrids will not have the same power as a regular gas car, newer models are becoming just as powerful. As the technology drives forward, the cars will improve in power and fuel savings.

The auto business happens to be making great advances in creating hybrid cars that not only improve in gas mileage but in power as well. Truck owners are also asking for hybrids also so car companies are creating them as well. There's a good amount of power in these hybrid trucks not to mention gas mileage is better and they can power electrical tools. It is difficult to say at this time what will happen to the hybrid car down the road. Perhaps supply and demand could win out, and higher priced fuel will be eliminated for lower costing fuels that are more available, and cleaner burning. Provided that hybrid car expertise continues to move ahead, the popularity will continue to grow.

These cars are going to continue to reduce the amount of pollution produced while improving on the engine power and gas mileage. While there is a demand for alternative fuel cars, the cost is still high because sales have not caught up with regular vehicles. The higher rate for alternative fuel costs can be offset by US government tax incentives.

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