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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gestational Diabetes Patients - Diet Menu

By Elena Finch

Gestational diabetes is a widespread diabetic problem happening among pregnant women. Gestational diabetes, if not managed correctly may impact both mother and child in later stages of their life. Keeping a structured diet assists in reducing the risk of gestational diabetes. High diabetic condition causes severe problems during pregnancy time. Let's be aware of the causes and more suitable diet for gestational diabetes.

Over consumption of meals rich in carbohydrate concentration is considered as the primary reason powering gestational diabetes. Potatoes, rice, fruits, sugar candies, drinks like tea, wine, dairy items like ice lotions and fruit salads are some of the food items wealthy in sugar concentration. Steer clear of over intake of theses meals in diet so as to control blood glucose level. Try to consume a well-balanced diet by consulting with your doctor.

Now we will see some of the favourable diet plan for gestational diabetic individuals. Plan a protein loaded breakfast in diet by including meals items like peanuts and whole grain products. Always make a self control over food consumption. Never try to over eat starchy food which welcomes hyperglycemic condition. Plan diet correctly so that patient will take little amounts of food in particular intervals of time. Meals could be taken two to three times each day as guided by dietitian. Keep snacks in between meals so as to preserve normal blood sugar degree.

Inclusion of fruits in diet plan helps in always keeping pregnant women healthy. Care must be taken while selecting your favorite fruit. Certain fruits like jackfruits and raisins are geared up with high sugar concentration. Nutritionists choose fruits like plums, straw berries, apple, jamun and kiwi fruits for gestational diabetic patients. These fruits with low sugar content level help in regulating blood sugar level of patients. Whenever consuming diary products, make certain that you pick only sugar less products. Take skimmed milk with less fat content level at least two times each day. Stay away from consumption of drinks like wine, tea and alcohol that increases risk of diabetes. Minimize or try to limit the intake of fast foods from hotel and prefer homely food instead. Include green leafy veggies like spinach and lettuce in meals. Get half cooked vegetable salads before or after meal. Make use of high fibre rich products like whole grain products in diet. Monitor blood glucose degree after taking meal and this could be better expressed as carbohydrate counting. Diet could be well planned by being aware of the exact carbohydrate count in diet plan and it helps to a great extent in leveling diet.

Following is a sample diet plan preferred for gestational diabetic patients. Have a breakfast snack giving priority to protein and fat rich foods. Lavish your lunch having a wealthy combination of starch, protein, milk, fat and veggies according to diet level. Also take a pleasant dinner by including starch, protein, fruit, fat and veggies. Never forget to take snacks in between diet. Include a protein cum starch snack during afternoon time and spice your diet by including protein, starch and milk as bedtime snack. Nearly all dietitians prefer addition of natural food dietary supplements in diet than artificial ones. Keeping a well controlled diet keeps away the risks of gestational diabetes.

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