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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Does Weathering Back to School Mean?

By Alfred Tanya

The media is awash with Back To School trends and guidelines on the most recent fashions, the newest gadgets, plus the coolest locations to shop. But nobody appears to be providing their thoughts on Back to School weather suggestions.

Now, you might be questioning what weather has to do with going back to school. And you may just be surprised to come across out that the answer is, very a bit.

Dehydration: Strenuous sports, like football and soccer, are frequently physically demanding for young children... especially soon after a lengthy relaxing summer without having significantly physical activity. Based on Might Clinic, young children struggle with intense physical exercise in hot, humid weather much more than adults. The fact is, information from the Centers for Illness Manage and Prevention reveals that three,469 youngsters had been treated in emergency rooms from 2001-2009 for heat-related illnesses sustained even though participating in a sport or recreational activity.

Tip: Send 1 or two frozen bottles of water to school along with your child. By the time practice rolls about, the water is going to be prepared to drink, encouraging your child to remain hydrated just before, for the duration of and right after practice.

Headaches: A current study completed by Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics identified a surprising connection among children's headaches and inclement weather. Particularly, the study showed that 59% of kids had been most likely to knowledge headache symptoms throughout rain or snow versus 22% experiencing comparable symptoms when there was no precipitation inside the forecast. This very same pattern held accurate in the course of times of heightened humidity.

Tip: Be informed about approaching weather fronts to ensure that it is possible to proactively manage your child's headache just before it outcomes in lost days at school.

Decreased Visibility: When poor weather - like fog, rain or snow - strikes, drivers usually have a far more complicated time seeing pedestrians. Kids walking to school or to their bus quit could also be paying much less attention as they shelter themselves below an umbrella or move speedily towards their destination.

Tip: Speak to your young children about getting added cautious walking to school or to their bus quit when adverse weather strikes.

Extreme Temperatures: When the thermometer skyrockets or plummets, kids are typically unprepared for the extreme temperatures, particularly if they're not dressed appropriately.

Tip: When temperatures rise, choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes, together with sunscreen to guard your child's skin. When temperatures drop, choose a windproof and waterproof jacket together with a hat, boots and wool clothing to help keep your child warm.

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