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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do You Know What The Symptoms Of Diabetes Are

By Vania Kraft

Identifying the major symptoms of diabetes can help you avoid complications with the disease. Unfortunately a great number of symptoms that present themselves outside of the body for diabetes are also signs of other illnesses.

Diabetes suffers often complain of more infections than average healthy people. The reason for the increased incidence of infection is because the immune system of a diabetic is often lowered. Urinary tract, kidney, skin and fungal infection caused by bacteria are among the most common causes of these outbreaks in diabetics. These types of infections can be indicitive of fluctuation of blood sugar levels and should prompt your physician to check pancreatic function in addition to treating the infections. A major symptom of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is that the body fails to produce potassium correctly. When the body's potassium gets messed up, this can cause an array of different physical syndromes - like dehydration, an altered mental state and sometimes even a coma can happen if the issue is not noticed in time. This messed up production of potassium is typically misdiagnosed at the start, which is why if you are feeling ill, you should demand that your physician be as comprehensive as they can in diagnosing you. You don't need the doctor to let you go with a prescription for antibiotics when the literal issue is diabetes!

Has your weight been bouncing up and down? Are you losing weight regardless of what and how much you eat? Has this been a relatively recent change? Are these weight changes happening without a change in your diet? Weight fluctuations are the easiest to spot of diabetes symptoms. This happens because diabetes affects your potassium levels then affects the amount of water in your body. It is the change in your water levels that causes your weight to fluctuate. If you notice your weight fluctuating wildly, contact your doctor immediately. Have you felt more irritable without any outside reason? If what you're experiencing is more than a normal bad mood, then it could be issues with your blood sugar levels. Fluctuating blood sugar levels is a sure sign of the possibility of diabetes. Many people find that their ability to deal with irritation goes down when they are starting to become diabetic because their body stops processing food correctly. If you cannot find another reason for your sudden mood swings, talk to your doctor about being tested for diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Is it hard to concentrate on your tasks? Do you have syncopal episodes? These symptoms too may signfy diabetes. You may have heard by now that diabetes inhibits your body's ability to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. The reason you may feel light headed or even faint is because of the fluctuation of your blood sugar levels. You may find yourself feeling like your energy levels fluctuate too much in conjunction with fainting or blurred vision, if so it is time to call your medical provider for more testing. You may have lower than normal blood glucose. On the other hand you may need insulin to regulate your blood. Your physician is the only one who can determine for sure what is happening.

Don't forget the indicators that are directly related to diabetes are not usually exhibited outwardly. Blood and pancreas test will be vital to confidently diagnose you. Once you have the correct diagnosis, you'll be more likely to discover how to feel better and get back to your usual lifestyle.

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