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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keep Your Eyes Open for Diabetes Symptoms

By Vania Kraft

Diabetes can present itself in a number of ways. You might show symptoms that are easily diagnosed. Correct diagnosis can be difficult to discern depending on the severity of the symptoms. Although, there are a few symptoms that are quite indicative of diabetes that you need to be aware of. A few of the major symptoms of diabetes are discussed here. If you notice any of these things happening for yourself or for one of your loved ones, contact your doctor.

This can lead to a lot of wrong diagnoses before properly identifying diabetes and an avenue of treatment is chosen. Still, being able to see the big symptoms of this illness can save you tons of time. When you realize you have one of the symptoms listed in this article, get a hold of your medical professional and request to have some testing done.

Excessive thirst is one of the diabetes symptoms that is very widely recognized. Thanks to books in which popular characters talk about their diabetes diagnosis, most people equate excessive thirst with diabetes. Every individual becomes thirsty. Excessive thirst is when, even if you are drinking tons of water - more than recommended daily amount (64 ounces) you still think you could be "dying" of thirst. Nothing can be done about this thirst. If you undergo thirst like this, you should discuss it with your medical professional. Dehydration is a possibility. Chances are that is it something that is messing with your potassium level (which is one of the most noticeable symptoms of diabetes, also.

Do you experience sudden blurred vision? This is something that you won't be able to see if it is happening to someone else. However if it does happen to you it may be a sign that your insulin levels need to be tested. Have you ever heard of the term Hyperosmolar hyperglycemia nonketotic syndrome, it's just the medical term for diabetes. It is caused when body fluid is pulled out of the tissues surrounding the lenses of your eyes. It makes your eyes work harder to focus. If you experience consistent blurred vision you probably just need to visit the eye doc for glasses. Talk to your doctor if it is only every now and then or comes and goes without warning.

Is concentration difficult for you? Do you have suddent unexplained bouts of syncope? These may signify diabetes. You may have heard by now that diabetes inhibits your body's ability to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can cause light headedness and lead to fainting. If you find that your energy level is fluctuating wildly in conjunction with these events it is time to see your doctor. You may be experiencing a condition referred to as hypoglycemia. On the other hand you may need insulin to regulate your blood. Only your doctor can tell you for sure either way. Symptoms of diabetes can and do vary from one person to the next. Because of the different types of diabetes, it will affect everyone differently. There are cases where the only reason the diabetes was discovered was the person was undergoing other tests. Even when you display all the symptoms, it is still possible to be misdiagnosed before doctors find the real cause. You can help your doctor make the right diagnosis by telling them if you are suffering with any of these symptoms.

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