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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Be Smart about Diabetes and Diet

By Karyah Olora

Cases of people afflicted with diabetes are increasing in number but this can be prevented by embracing a healthy lifestyle. In the end it is only you who can decide how you can deal with your health. There are three factors that one should keep in mind. To begin, raw and organic foods is a must in a healthy diet; this is followed by weight check and by doing a lot of exercise.

Below are some of the important things we can look into:

Tip #1 Sweets are not totally taboo. The good news is that you can still eat sweets; however, moderation is the key to that. Small portions from time to time are acceptable slowly helping your body adjust to this kind of lifestyle. When you go out and crave for something sweet, it is always good to share it with a friend so as not to get tempted to finish the whole dessert by yourself. Do not store sweets in your kitchen because when you go out that will become a treat for you.

Tip #2 Reduce your carbohydrate intake. It is wise to go instead for foods that are low in glycemic index which will prompt your blood sugar level to go up. Go for raw and organic foods, brown rice over white and whole grains as well. Also it would be best to have a glass of water instead of sodas as these are simple sugars that contributes to hyperglycemia.

Tip #3 A good breakfast in the morning is the right way to start your day. This fuels your body and tune it all through out the day. Skipping meals is not advised as this will just make you feel hungry and snack some more. Small servings of food is always recommended to prevent getting hungry and in the end getting more to eat.

Tip #4 It is good to know the types of fat source that we get from the food that we eat. There are harmful ones such as saturated and trans fat from animal products. While those from plant sources are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the body. They can also be found in avocado, olive oils, nuts and other raw and organic substances.

Start learning and be smart about diabetes and diet. Learn how you can properly regulate your body by controlling what you eat and by getting enough exercise.

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