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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Easiest Way To Be Healthy For Life

By Janice Briggs

Proper nutrition is a very important factor in being healthy for life. Eating the right foods allows the body to function in the correct way by providing it with all the vitamins and minerals that it needs. It also helps to keep body fat low, which can prevent or delay the onset of serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Eating well is also a cheap and easy way of looking your best as eating the wrong foods can have a negative effect on your appearance.

There are so many different types of fruits and vegetables that can be eaten all over the world. All have a slightly different nutritional makeup and the minerals and vitamins that they contain are very important. Plenty of these foods should be consumed each day and you should try to vary what you eat as much as possible so that you are consuming a wide range of nutrients. These foods are good for those trying to lose weight as they are mostly low in calories and fat.

From a very young age it is important for the body to receive enough calcium. Calcium is essential for the growth and strength of both teeth and bones. This is especially important in childhood. It can be found in dairy products like cheese, yogurt and milk and a couple of portions should be consumed a day for optimum effect.

Another important nutrient is iron. This is useful for the development of the brain and keeping the immune system strong. Illnesses like anemia can be developed when too little iron is consumed. This is often the case for vegetarians as much of the iron we can eat comes from meat products. If you do not eat meat you will need to take your iron from green vegetables, pulses and some cereals. Drinking a glass of orange juice when eating iron will allow it to be absorbed more effectively.

For those that struggle to eat any of these good types of foods, it could be wise to take a good dietary supplement so that you do not become deficient in any of the important vitamins and minerals. There are many different types available, however the best option would be to consume the necessary foods if at all possible.

Being healthy for life need not be boring and time consuming. Have fun trying new foods and cooking up new recipes with the family. You can have fun experimenting while safe in the knowledge that you are improving your quality of life.

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