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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here are 5 Reasons Couples Do Really Well With the HCG Diet

By Lawrence Greene, MD

Over the past decade, the HCG diet has surged in popularity. There are plenty of people, however, who find it controversial. the diet, however, continues to rise in popularity because it truly helps people lose a lot of weight. It also promotes healthy living, as it prevents dieters from taking and processed foods.

There are multiple phases associate with the hCG diet, and may entail using either hCG injections or sub lingual drops. The diet is excellent for couples to go on together, and here are 5 reasons why that is true.

1. Motivation-if you decided on a weight loss program along with your partner, there is an immediate support network involved with that choice. And this will lead to a higher chance of success if one can commiserate with your partner, empathize with your partner, and a desire to succeed. For instance, if one person starts to think about cheating, the other person can help engage that individual in an activity to take her mind off of the cheating. If one of the partnership fails to hit a desired milestone and gets down about it, the other person can give support and encouragement.

2. Accountability - the best way to go on the hCG diet is to be under the supervision of a weight loss doctor. That way you can be weighed each week, as well as receive advice on nutritional supplementation if it's necessary. In addition to the accountability to your weight loss doctor, being on the diet with a partner will provide more strenuous and daily accountability to each other or if one of the couple cheats and in effect is not make the weight loss gain for the week, not only are you letting down yourself, that also your partner. Your partner was able to stick to the diet and maintain the willpower and desire to do it, but you were not able to. So having a partner along with you on the diet will maintain accountability to yourself, to partner as well. They can add fun to dieting as well as a little competition too!

3. Cost - there is a cost to going on the hCG diet, and once the person begins a lifestyle eating more natural food, the typical grocery bill cost should decrease substantially. With the caloric restrictions placed on the diet the amount of food being eaten goes down a lot and leads to a new metabolic rate. This new metabolism rate gets locked in to the dieter and over the long term the cost of groceries can be substantially decreased on a regular basis.

4. Role modeling-with couples who have children, it can be a bit of a questionable role model if both parents are significantly overweight. Granted, people come in all sizes and shapes and it is wrong to place preconceptions on individuals who are overweight or obese. However, when a couple goes on a diet together with positive outcomes such as decreased weight, decreased blood pressure, stabilized blood sugars, it can portray an excellent message to the children.

5. Convenience-going on the hCG diet can be very strict with the foods allowed in the preparation necessary area with 2 people on the program, however, food preparation can be a dual approach and the couple can be pro active in getting the meals prepared properly and this can lower the incidence of cheating.

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