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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Details Regarding Healthy Fast Food Options for Diabetics

By Robbie Bainer

It may seem that the words "healthy" and "fast food" are conflicting terms, but a diabetic can find healthier ways to consume fast foods if they are forced to rely on them for a meal or snack. The first thing to know about healthy fast food choices for diabetics, however, is that they cannot be a frequent food source. This is because they are not healthy for anyone, diabetic or non-diabetic alike, if they are consumed on a regular basis.

Why? A lot of fast foods are packed with cholesterol, fat, and sodium. Even if an item is shown as a "light" or a "nutritious" option on a menu, it cannot compare to a healthy meal that you can make at home.

The next thing to know about healthy fast food choices for diabetics is that there are some good options if you keep things like fiber and complex carbohydrates at the top of the list. Though you already know that food items such as potatoes and white breads are "no nos" for a diabetic, we are going to point out how even a small amount of fast food can be detrimental.

For example, did you know that, one traditional "burger meal" along with fries, soft drink as well as dessert fills you up with more saturated fat than you should eat over a two day period. Also, given that diabetics are prone to developing heart disease it demonstrates that you should really steer clear of fast foods as much as possible. Based on that information, the best and most nutritious fast food options for diabetics would probably include things like:

Items without dressing - grilled meats, undressed salads, and sides without any of the cheeses or toppings that fill them with fat and possible carbohydrates, will work well to keep you on track;

Order Whole grains - if you buy a sandwich, try to order a whole grain bread or wrap if possible. Even when the bread is whole grain, never eat more than half of your sandwich as fast food servings are notoriously overly generous. Maybe save the rest for later;

Steer clear of the refreshments - be it soft drinks, a fruit smoothie, or a juice drink high in sugar, nutritious fast food options for diabetics do not include the high sugar beverages which are sold in many fast food places. Even sweetened iced teas should be avoided due to their high sugar content; also

No buffets - food industry statistics show that penny conscious consumers favor buffets because they believe they get their money's worth, but this is incorrect because most buffets are stocked with unhealthy foods that are not appropriate to the diabetic's needs.

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