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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Essence Of A Type 1 Diabetes Diet

By Betty Dawson

A diet high and rich in fiber and carbohydrates, low in sugars and fats applies to all diets, especially a diet targeted for type 1 diabetes patients. To obtain optimal energy, avoid excess fats and sugars, just like any regular diet. This is an essential aspect to the type 1 diabetes diet.

Though this might seem boring, lacking food that is commonly considered to be tasty, this is a diet that should be followed by everyone irrespective of whether they have diabetes or not.

Fruits and vegetables provide the necessary nutrients to sustain a healthy diet. A healthy dose of fiber, minerals and vitamins are rich in both of these produce items. Fiber is lost when a fruit is blended in a blender. To avoid loss, eat fruits in whole portions.

Eating at the right time is important for a person with diabetes. A delay in food consumption will affect the level of blood glucose in one's system. Long acting insulin medication can be altered, and to avoid fluctuations in these levels, monitor the time of day you eat.

All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) should be consumed on a moderate to mildly timed eating schedule. Three meals should be eaten within a few hours of each other but, for most, eating eat 5 to 6 smaller meals helps lose weight and keep on track during this diet.

Numerous supplements can suffice as sweets craved by type 1 diabetes patients. Sweets can be eaten, but not in amounts that can ruin the progress of your diet. To prevent cravings, understand eating sweets on occasion is applicable. However, before purchasing sweets, research stores that sell products to tailor to your diet needs. You do not want to indulge in a meal that is passed off as a diabetic meal when, in fact, it is not.

The diet for a diabetes patient involves counting every calorie consumed to ensure that the disease is controlled. Constant monitoring of the blood glucose levels will ensure that the level is constant at all times.

A Type 1 diabetes diet is a healthy diet that will enhance one's energy level, allowing one to feel light as well as filled with energy and without adding to one's weight.

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