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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Should a Diabetic Drink Green Tea

By Robbie Bainer

For those who are looking for new ways to control their blood sugar and potential damaging effects of diabetes, green tea is a simple way to support good health. Studies have shown that drinking green tea might be a way to not only regulate sugar, but also to prevent problems like cataracts, which are more likely in diabetic patients. Green tea offers help with preventing problems for those with diabetes.

Give Green Tea a Try

People with diabetes have found that they have been able to maintain proper blood sugar levels throughout their day simply be drinking green tea because it contains the ingredients necessary to help them. The best results are achieved after drinking several cups of green tea spread out during the day. While most people's drink of choice is coffee, replacing that cup of coffee with green tea is a great idea, especially for a diabetic. Begin with one cup a day and work towards three or four cups a day to achieve the best health benefits that green tea can provide.

How Drinking Green Tea Helps a Person With Diabetes

Not only will drinking green tea help prevent cataracts, but it will also help control other elements of diabetes:

Support weight loss - Since being overweight can increase your risk of diabetic troubles, or even cause Type 2 diabetes in some patients, losing weight can be helpful. With green tea, you can reduce your appetite, while also increasing fat loss, according to some case studies.

Green tea helps with blood sugar levels - People with type 2 diabetes have found that when they drink green tea on a regular basis their blood sugar levels tend to remain in a healthy range as opposed to going up and down. This is very important because too high or too low blood sugar numbers can lead to other serious health issues.

Can green tea prevent diabetes - Experts continue to study the results of people that drink green tea on a regular basis to see if it does in fact help to prevent diabetes. Some studies show that it indeed can.

Restore focus and concentration - Whether you are diabetic or not, you may have trouble with your memory or maintaining your focus. You will notice significant improvement once you begin drinking green tea.

People who drink green tea on a daily basis will experience the best results. Try your green tea without milk or sweeteners. For those that worry about drinking too much caffeine it is good to note that green tea contains less caffeine than black tea or coffee.

Although there have been some reports indicating that black tea also helps people with diabetes, it is important to note that black tea does not contain an ingredient known as EGCG. Green tea does! EGCG helps both diabetics and non-diabetics maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Even people with signs of pre-diabetes have found it helpful. Add some cups of green tea to your daily routine for a month or so and take note of how your body responds to it.

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