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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Continuous Blood sugar Checking: Can it be A good Alternative to Glucometers?

By Hester Engelbrecht

Continuous glucose monitoring systems or CGM provide a more convenient alternative to typical glucose monitoring devices that compel diabetes patients to prick their skin a couple of times every day. These use a circuit of devices that is connected to a sensor inserted under the skin to continuously gather records of blood glucose values. CGM basically records fluctuations in blood glucose levels on a constant basis to determine whether changes in the diet, medication, treatment, or physical activity are needed.

CGM provides a few parts: the sensor, the transmitter, plus a pager-like Cellular keep track of. The actual indicator is actually placed beneath the pores and skin, typically in the upper arm, near the thighs, as well as underneath the abdomen, to calculate blood sugar amount tissues fluids. Those who are utilizing insulin shots injection therapy, insulin shots pens, and insulin shots pumps don't have any problem discovering these sites because these are simply the identical. It must be observed in which devices should be placed 2 inches from the waist line and should not be placed more than bruised, enlarged, as well as Soft pores and skin. Putting the actual sensor is usually quick as well as relatively painless.

Any transmitter is actually hooked to the sensing unit and directs info every 10 just a few seconds roughly via stereo waves to some pager-sized monitor, which then exhibits blood glucose levels ideals. The transmitter of a CGM will be chargeable and may end up being recharged each and every few days. This can be waterproof as well as does not need to become removed throughout swimming, doing exercises and also floating around.

CGM posseses an home security system. This particular notifications the patient when blood glucose ranges move below or over the actual established tolerance.

CGM will be replaced each and every three to be able to seven days, depending on the logo and producer. After which it, all the information recorded in its built-in memory are usually downloaded to some PC. This article become reviewed as well as chart as well as graphs is going to be made to signify the particular tendencies inside the imbalances regarding blood glucose amounts.

Even though results documented by the CGM are accurate, these kinds of ought to be checked out with a blood glucose levels displays or perhaps glucometers from time to time for calibration.

Advantages of using CGM While CGM does not guarantee very accurate readings and is fairly expensive, many patients still opt to use this device because it allows constant monitoring of blood glucose levels without having to prick the skin to draw blood samples. Once the monitor is attached to the patient, continuous readings can be obtained.

Another advantage of using a consistent glucose monitoring method is which fluctuations in addition to developments in sugar levels are recognized much more continually. Also, this method could quite possibly document modifications in blood glucose that are simple to end up being ignored when using glucometers as well as other checks. As an example, CGM can easily discover hazardous changes in blood glucose ranges right away, between foods, each morning, in the course of as well as following exercise, after every meal, and during a 7-hour time span. Information gathered close to these kinds of hours provides medical service providers together with critical information that can help them decide whether or not there is a will need for something different within therapy, treatment and also life-style.

Disadvantages The CGM system is not yet perfected. Thus, inconsistencies with the records are very common. In order to resolve this problem, users often calibrate their CGMs with blood glucose meters.

CGM is not a replacement to glucometers. Although it can display blood glucose values continuously, glucometers still provide more accurate readings.

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