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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Natural Remedy For Type 2 Diabetes Through Simple Diet Changes

By Elena Finch

Type 2 Diabetes impacts hundreds of thousands of people globally and is growing and this is due to people becoming unhealthier than ever due to modern living - however millions of individuals can remedy themselves with easy diet modifications. Let's take a look at type 2 diabetes and in more detail the causes and all-natural ways to cure it.

What is it?Type 2 diabetes is brought on by the body becoming resistant to the hormone insulin - this causes an increase in glucose levels in the blood.People at risk tend to people who are overweight or generally lead unhealthy lifestyles. The condition leads to serious health problems that consist of: Heat attacks, kidney damage, blood vessel damage and blindness. Medication can cure the problem but if they fail to work then the affected person needs to inject the hormone directly to the body.

Remedy and Prevention There is increasing evidence the type 2 diabetes can be reversed and prevented, by following a balanced low glycaemic diet and following a healthy lifestyle. A diet that has proven to be effective is the Mediterranean diet which is generally seen as among the healthiest in the world. Why is it so effective?It's based on food naturally from the earth (i.e. not processed) and includes an abundance of fresh, fruit, vegetables and whole grains. It also consists of a lot of healthy fats derived from fish and olive oil.One of the above diet in terms of type 2 diabetes, is that it has a low glycaemic load. The above means that carbohydrates do not raise blood sugar levels in the way that processed foods do. The diet plan consequently will correct obesity and keeps blood sugar levels in check, by helping to lose weight naturally, making insulin more effectively.

There's an ongoing discussion over the effectiveness of the above diet plan, because of the fact that it consists of more fat than many other diets. Is fat the real enemy? Fat isn't the enemy that lots of people think it is in terms of combating type 2 diabetes. Many see fat as being a cause of diabetes - however the fats contained in the Mediterranean diet plan are "healthy fats" the body needs. We're all for all example aware, of the benefits of the fats in oily fish - a significant component of the Med Diet.

A simple Diet to Follow It is incredibly difficult for a lot of individuals and also unhealthy to adhere to a diet plan with out fat and the med diet overcomes this problem by providing a healthy diet with healthy fats that's easy to follow.Type 2 diabetes is so common due to unhealthy living and diet and it therefore makes sense to look at this area first in terms of making oneself healthy.

A DietTto Prevent and Reverse The above provides a balanced, healthy diet, that is easy to follow and provides the right balance of all food groups in a healthy way. It's no coincidence that, type 2 diabetes numbers have soared in recent years, the individuals it affects are usually: Overweight, consume bad fats and also have a high consumption of processed foods.

Think about it By cutting the above foods out and eating a healthy, all-natural balanced diet might help not just prevent, but remedy type 2 diabetes in many cases. While there is still much debate about the above (and any diet you undertake should be done in consultation with your physician) the above argument for a change to a med style diet makes total and logical sense.

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