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Friday, March 2, 2012

A fabulous mug of chai coffee will keep sleepiness away

By John Mac

If you are doing work in a high pressure job along with extended hours then you might have understood that over time you do feel exhausted and sleepy. However, a fabulous cup of chai coffee can keep lethargy away and get you actually back on your feet as the caffeine within tea or even coffee kicks in following a few sips of these refreshing hot or cold drinks.

Both tea as well as coffee have been enjoyed by various men and women in various forms throughout the globe through centuries. However, continual innovation has brought about innovative techniques of roasting coffee beans and tea leaves to offer much better taste and different textures. While tea is manufactured out of black or even green tea leaves, coffee is manufactured out of green coffee beans as well as brown coffee beans based on if they are roasted or perhaps whether you intend to roast them in your own coffee roaster. Both tea as well as coffee contain high levels of caffeine that is the principal ingredient in providing a swift rush of invigoration upon consuming chai coffee in any style.

Tea or even chai as it is well known in many Asian countries which includes Sri Lanka as well as India can be savored in hot or cold form. Additionally it is created with as well as without milk as is coffee. On the other hand, as coffee contains a higher amount of caffeine, it is usually imparted with a somewhat bitter flavor which is usually compensated by utilizing milk, cream and sugar to come up with wonderful variants such as cappuccino, latte, etc.

Coffee beans can also be brewed inside a coffee machine to produce plain coffee or could be injected with hot steam by way of a special coffee machine to create espresso coffee. While you can perform your own chai or coffee brewing at home you can also develop into an expert barista by learning the finer nuances of brewing your own coffee or can explore coffee-houses run by specialists.

Starbucks is one such coffee house that offers a multitude of coffees and teas, and you can certainly begin an exciting experience by just checking out their numerous liquid masterpieces. However, some of their particular variations contain a lot of sugar and unhealthy calories, and if you are weight-conscious then you can certainly create your own personal low-calorie variations right in your house.

All you need are the correct flavors which could boost the flavor of your tea or coffee and take your everyday drinking experience on to a higher level. You can buy tea and coffee flavors that include chocolate, melon, amaretto, hazelnut, raspberry, vanilla and several others to blend it in your plain coffee and turn it into a coffee that is actually richer in fragrance and flavor, although lacking in calories. You will only require 2ml to provide that vibrant flavor that will totally transform the way in which you consume your own coffee.

Should you have a hectic way of life and want a break at regular durations that will not just enable you to relax but also rejuvenate your senses once again then a chai coffee break is the best solution. Now you can sip on your own preferred flavor while additionally experimenting with new and delightful flavors so as to maintain your enthusiasm in drinking tea or coffee alive as well as kicking all the time. You can easily turn any ordinary cup of tea or coffee straight into gourmet chai or gourmet coffee by simply mixing it along with the perfect flavor for that time of day.

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