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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What's With Diabetic Socks, Anyway?

By Tammy Correzo

Diabetes and foot care? For those who don't have diabetes, it can be difficult to identify the connection between the two. But for diabetic patients, foot care is a crucial aspect in managing their disease. It is an established fact that diabetes can harm nerves which could result to the reduction of blood flow to the feet. Such a condition can result in foot problems that, at worst, can lead to amputation. Therefore, it is imperative one employs proper foot care to eliminate unfortunate possibilities.

Among the things you should do to care for your feet is make use of diabetic socks. At first glance, these socks are no different from regular socks. However, a closer look at their construction will reveal many features that make them helpful for those suffering from diabetes.

The socks deemed appropriate for diabetics have comfort and high absorption at the top of their concerns. Similar to Aetrex shoes that are designed to offer comfort for the feet of diabetics, these socks should render comfort to the feet. There are some that are padded for cushioning of the feet and soles. They also come looser than regular socks and have wider cuffs. These features are intended to prevent constriction on the legs to promote better blood circulation in these parts. Diabetic socks are also capable of moisture control, owing to the materials that make up the socks, like cotton, nylon or wool, which absorb moisture while at the same time allowing the feet to breathe.

There are some socks which are constructed from moisture-wicking fibers that can dry up to 4 times, compared to cotton. In addition, this kind of socks for diabetic individuals have seamless toe-closures which reduce pressure and blistering. Suffice it to say that all the features of the socks made for diabetics are aimed at eliminating the possibility of getting the foot injured or be prone to potential problems that can be difficult to handle because of diabetes.

Diabetes is an illness that entails lifestyle changes to prevent further complications. Fortunately, there are products out there in the market that can help affected people deal with this condition. If you are about to purchase your own pair of socks or shoes for the protection of your feet, think carefully about buying from http://www.3tailer.com.

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